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Does Your Blog Need More Love From Readers?

Without comments, will a blog survive? Of course it will. Unless the delete button is pressed, blog will stay that way. But then, will it have any real value? A blog relies heavily on traffic and also comments. Interaction with readers on a comment form is the most valuable thing a blog can have. It will make your blog more lively, trust me. Also, the number of comments posted on a blog would affect advertisers since they will prefer to post their ad on a blog that has 20 rather than 5 comments per post.


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But, first of all, you need to encourage people to leave a comment on your post. To encourage comments, like the old saying goes…. do remember that content is a king! With good content, you can attract visitors, and this will be the basis of your future plan. But on many occasions, good content alone isn’t enough. The majority of the visitors to a blog will just read your thread, switch to another page and go away. If it happens this way, it’s not like your content is bad, though, so don’t feel bad. Try to find out the way to solve it.

So, how to encourage people to comment on your blog? There are a few easy steps.

How to Increase Your Blog Readers

1. Visit other blogs and leave a nice comment there, try to befriend them. However, don’t leave junk comments or drop your link only, add something that is useful for that post. Leave an honest and friendly comment so that they will be enticed to click your profile and go to your blog. If you’ve succeeded in getting this, you’re one step closer to getting a reaction to your posts. When you’ve become friends, they will visit your blog regularly and comment there as well, it’s inevitable. You might want to do the same thing when someone leaves a comment on your post. Try to visit their blog and leave a ‘reciprocal’ comment there. You can focus on your blog ups and down from a  tool called RankWatch.

2. Encourage readers to leave a comment on your blog by asking a question at the end of the post. Usually, when they read the last line of your post that contains a question, they will leave a comment.

3. Reply to your readers’ comments. Even if you just say ‘Thanks for visiting!’ that will make readers know you do read and appreciate their comments and thus, they will come back to post more.

4. Check out their profile or the ‘about‘ page on their blog to find out where you can leave a shoutout or message.

5. The old way ‘join bloggers community’ would do too. Again, BlogCatalog is a good place to start. You can then start a discussion about your post. People there are nice enough to leave a comment on your site after that.

Now, after you have loyal commenters, what advantages do you and your readers get? If you have loyal readers that leave comments often, they gain something from your post and the interactions on your comment forms, meanwhile, you get what you want, comments and interactions. These two, along with traffic and good content, will make your blog grow, something that all bloggers want.

And oh, you surely have your own methods to get comments for your blog, care to share them with us?

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Muhammad Tabish

Mohammad Tabish is an addicted Blogger and a Professional web developer. He is from Pakistan. He started his first blog (SEO Tech) in 2012 and then, he never look back. He is managing lots of blogs.

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