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10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post for Search Engines

Do you optimize your blog post effectively? If you are not taking SEO seriously probably you are missing the huge amount of traffic which comes from search engines like Google or Bing.

Once you are done with writing an SEO Optimized Article your next focus has to be in giving as much visibility as possible and your main focus should be targeting the search engine traffic which is only possible through proper optimization of your blog post for search engines.

Just writing great quality content is not enough to grab the attention of search engines, you have to optimize your blog posts to maximize the reach.

Optimize Your Blog Post

Optimize Blog Posts- 10 Basic Methods

#1. Analyze & Understand Your Audience: Analyzing and understanding your audience is critical for optimizing your blog post because it will help you to choose right kind of topics and language.

Also, this understanding will help you to engage your audience to a great extent, if you are unable to connect to your readers it will be difficult to make your blog really successful.

Analyze Blog Audience

#2. Write Useful Content: Once you are aware of your audience type and what kind of articles they like, start writing some great and well-recharged blog posts, creating value for your audience is very important, they will come back to your blog again and again only if you are able to provide useful information regularly.

So, what kind of blog post does really well in the search engine?

Write Useful Content

#3. Write Attracting Title: Title plays a very crucial role in any blog post so if you want to optimize your blog post spend a little more time to write a great title which includes your keywords and makes your readers curious to read more.

Keywords in your title will provide your readers an idea about your topic. Also, it is very important from the search engine point of view as search engines pick up keywords to rank your blog post.

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#4. Optimize First Sentence: First sentence of your blog post has to be great, use your keyword in this sentence and try to maintain curiosity of your readers through this sentence.

#5. Best Use of Tags: Tags play a very important role in your process to optimize blog posts and making your blog post rank well in search engine.

  • H1 tag: H1 tag is very important part of your blog post, make the title of your post the H1 tag and carries your focus keyword, most of the ready-made themes by default makes the title H1.
  • H2 Tags: Your sub-titles or H2 tags also have a lot of value, so write your subtitles strategically.
  • Other Tags: Use can use H3, H4 tags as per the need of your blog post and other important tags like Bold, Italics, Underline are also very important; make sure they carry your focus keyword.

#6. Keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing is bad; if you think stuffing your keywords throughout the post will improve SEO for your blog post then you are wrong, because keyword stuffing is very bad for SEO and it is bad as far as user experience is concerned, use it only when it is required.

#7. Optimize your images: If you upload an image for your blog post, make sure you optimize it properly by writing keywords in the alternate tag field and a keyword rich description of the image.

#8. Outbound Links: Outbound links to the high-quality site is a good SEO practice and you should consider it as a regular practice to optimize your blog post, So if you mention any website or any other blogger in your blog post make sure to link to the information you are referring to. This may also help you to get a link back to your post and this is considered as good blogging etiquette.

#9. Share Your Post On Social Media: Once you publish your article make sure you promote your article on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Social Signals are very important from the SEO point of view, so try to get as many likes, shares, and Re-tweets as possible.

Share Your Post On Social Media

#10. Use Subscription form: Provide your readers easy option to subscribe to your blog. Put your subscription form below every blog post as well as the sidebar so that it is visible to all your users.

Let Optimize Your Blog Post go viral

Share your ideas and how you optimize your blog post using the comment form below.

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