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Top 10 Winter Wedding Ideas on a Budget

A winter wedding is a magical fantasy waiting to happen. For brides who have dreamed of an elaborate fantasy wedding since their childhood, a winter wedding is an ideal thing to do. But if it is this elaborate, it can only mean that it is expensive. With the right mindset and a lot of resourcefulness, you can have the best winter wedding with these ideas that will help you budget your money for other important use.

1. Winter Wedding By The Fire

Winter Wedding By The Fire

You can gather all members of the family from both sides and proceed with having a wedding by the fire or near a gorgeous stone fireplace. This is a very intimate as well as an elegant winter wedding ceremony. A simple but very comfortable ambiance of the fireplace makes your wedding a very cozy place.

2. Snowflakes For Invitations

Snowflakes For Invitations

Try to mix things up with your invitation cards by adorning them with a shining snowflake and a simple white ribbon wrapping around the card. It is a very subtle yet elegant presentation of an invitation card. Plus, it is also very cheap.

3. Skip The Flowers

Skip The Flowers

The winter can bring about a harsh temperature for plants to grow so there is no need for you to decorate the entire place with flowers. To have, at the very least, a beautiful ambiance for your winter wedding, try having winter vegetation instead. These are very thematic to the winter wedding theme.

4. Do Not Forget The White Sheets

Forget The White Sheets

This is one of the most important aspects of a winter wedding that you should not miss. White sheets and anything colored white is truly spectacular as well as an elegant theme to a simple winter wedding. Additionally, white sheets are very cheap and they are very popular.

5. Winter Theme

Winter Theme

Obviously, you should go for the winter theme for your winter wedding ideas. And what better way to have a winter theme than to have snow, a fireplace, a few vegetation and decorations riddled with items that are found only during the winter. You can fill huge transparent vases with snow and acorn and place them as centerpieces on tables. You can even try to put a lot of candles all over the place just make sure that no one is playing with them to avoid disasters.

6. Do Not Overdo The Color

Red and green is surely the color of the season but tries not to overdo the colors or your wedding might have a holiday theme rather than the quiet magical snowy winter theme that you have in mind. You can add a few holly and some snowmen but try not to fill everything with bright lights and green and red colors. Skip the Christmas tree as well.

7. Consider Playing Classical Music

Music should never be forgotten during the wedding and the reception. Contemplate on playing classical music rather than contemporary ones. They blend well with the theme and the ambiance of your winter wedding. They also come in cheap as you can buy CDs at your local music bar.

8. Serve Drinks During The Cocktail Hour

A winter wedding calls for a good reason to drink warm beverages. And what better way to save money on booze and other expensive drinks than to serve hot chocolate drinks spiked with brandy. Just make sure that you are not serving them to the kids or you might have a problem there.

9. Simple Wedding Cake

The winter wedding theme is the best alibi for you to have a simple wedding cake with white frosting. Your guests will not wonder why you have such a simple wedding cake. In fact, your guests will most likely appreciate the way you present your simple, yet elegant looking cake since it is in correlation with the theme.

10. A Sleigh Ride

For transportation, how about a cheap ride on a sleigh driven by a moose or an elk? Winter is around so why not take full advantage of it. These carriages are very simple to decorate and since it is in the season, it is a very cheap ride.

A winter wedding can be a very expensive event to do but with the right budget and good sense of resourcefulness, you will be able to pull it off without having any glitch.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Winter Wedding Ideas on a Budget

  1. Sue Bride

    A winter wedding like this sounds very romantic and cosy. I particularly like the idea of a sleigh ride.

    1. Muhammad Tabish Post author

      @Sue Bride,
      Yes, of course! While winter naturally we feel romance in ourself so making it more amazing by a nice and humble relation is so good….. sleigh ride will be so cool!

    1. Muhammad Tabish Post author

      @Elise Cohen Ho

      O! WOW!
      It was in July… great!….. I’m happy about you ❤
      Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow!

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