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12 Most Commonly Made AdWords Mistakes To Avoid them

Google AdWords tool is the official way to get more traffic to your website. But is possible when you work on it in a proper way. However, if your AdWords account is not well designed and managed it can also be costly. The trick is to manage your campaigns so that you get the highest possible return on investment (ROI). That speaks for itself. An account that is poorly managed produces nothing or too little and cost you money because each click will be charged.

How can you make sure that Google AdWords keywords planner gives you something instead of living? Therefore, you should pay special attention towards frequently made mistakes to avoid them in future for the better traffic and rankings.


AdWords Mistakes:

1) Measurable goals not set:

Imagine you’ve created a Google Adwords campaign and it runs pretty well. But you have really no idea what you want to achieve. How do you know where to optimize? In general, it can be divided into four categories:

  • Brand awareness
  • Adwords conversion rate
  • Cost per conversion (CPC)
  • A combination of the above objectives


Think about setting realistic goals, but keep in mind that maximizing Adwords conversion rate is not a goal. 23 conversions after one month is a goal. Setting goals gives security because you know where to put the focus. It also makes clear whether a campaign is going well or needs to be improved.

2) You do not group keywords:


One of the most common mistakes that have the greatest impact is not grouping your keywords. The AdWords editor interface is designed so that you can target ad groups in a fairly easy way to manage different campaigns. Each campaign can be divided into ads and ad groups.

One of the most serious mistakes being made is not using ad groups, instead of dividing the campaigns into multiple ad groups, keywords are all thrown into one ad group, which is the wrong way.

3) Relevance:

The problem with this strategy is that ads must be relevant to the keyword that is associated with it. If all the keywords are added to the same ad, Of course, this is the wrong way to move with. This results in low-Quality Score, poor CTR and little or even no conversion. The more relevant your ad text to the keyword, the greater will be the chance that people will click on your Google ads.

A good example is Apple. They sell laptops, iPads, iPhones, and desktops. When they would not share their products in different ad groups, they would never be able to show specific ads based on different products.

4) AdWords editor Mistakes like All keywords in one ad site:

All keywords in one ad site make it impossible to write targeted ads. The ads do not fit in with the keyword performance and therefore, the results get worse for you. The more ad groups you create, the better you can manage and optimize your campaign.


5) Way too complicated ads writing:

Your prospective customer makes within half a second his choice whether he or she may or may not go to click your ads. Keep your Google ad so simple and make it easy to understand. This improves your conversions and click-through rate.

6) No keywords in your ads:

Another very biggest and common mistake is not using a keyword in your ads. Always place one or more keywords in your ads. Google place ads based on relevance to the search query. Better relevance to the keyword ensures a higher ranking and traffic.

7) Why too many keywords in one ad group:

The more relevant your ad to the search, the better it will perform. Try to keep the number of keywords per ad group between 5 and 20 words. When you use more than 20 keywords, your ads are expensive and not really focused.

8) Promise and Irrelevance:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to write copied ad that promises everything but nothing honor. When you go through all the steps to put the perfect account, then it is rather a shame for you if it refers to the wrong landing page. When you offer a specific product, make sure that you refer to that specific landing page. This increases your conversions because people plan to make a purchase.

9) No A / B testing:

Shit! You never think that the ad text you have written is perfect. The power of Google AdWords tool is that you can constantly adjust and improve. This gives you the opportunity to make the most of your budget, use this as well.

You should use A / B tests in:

  • Headers
  • Description Rules
  • CTA
  • Pictures
  • Landing Pages
  • Display URLs

Make sure you have two ads per ad group that are quite similar. For example, two advertisements with the same description, but another header. Let the ads gather data for a few days and then see which ad performs best. Then you can pause or delete the ad that performs worse.


10) No budget set:


Another mistake many people made is not setting a budget. Think that you know what you want to spend per day. Determine which ad groups are important and allocate your budgets accordingly. It makes no difference whether you are a sole proprietor or an online marketer who works for a large company. Make sure you know what your AdWords budget and stick to that.


11) Do not advertise own brand name:

Many people make the mistake not to advertise their own brand name. The thought is often: “I rank well in the organic search results, so there is no single need to advertise your owned brand.”

If you will advertise your own ad, and even you are so good in the organic search results, So, your competition is always just a few places above you.


12) The test is not perfect ad placement:

When your goal is branding, you’ll do well to realize the highest possible ad position. If you want to get the best results it is sometimes better to focus on the positions 3-5.

People often use to click on the first and second advertisement, they click whether they plan to buy something or not.  People should look at the side of their screen, they usually do so only when they have not found what they are looking for. The consequence is that people are a lot more serious and more interested in the products you are offering.


To get good profit as you can through following these AdWords support to avoid loss. You can also get AdWords help from their help services for better performance result.

If you have any question related to this Google AdWords post any post feel free to leave your query in the comment box. We will try our best level to answer it.

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