Top 14 Website Traffic Misconceptions Every Blog Owner Should Know

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There have always been some Website traffic misconceptions about generating traffic on a website. SEO has always been through ups and downs because of all these misconceptions. In this article, we will try to discuss some of the common things that are miss-understood by some and hence it resulted in spreading the wrong message among people.


We will discuss all these common misconceptions one by one so you can avoid them in future.

  1. Search Engine Submission for Website traffic:

In the era of 90’s it was a part of SEO to submit a website to the search engine, but in many cases it resulted into spamming the sites. So it was misinterpreted among the people that it was a wrong way.

  1. Meta Tags Equal Google Gold:

It was acknowledged that Meta tags no longer play a role in the SEO and website traffic generation. But it was just a misconception being spread, experienced and well-known SEO experts still use this technique and considers it to be one important technique.

  1. Links, Links, Links:

It is critical to have different sites connection with your site. But we know that quality trumps the amount. One connection from a conclusive site is superior to anything that joins from five online blogs, you should better consider this technique as well, and it will be definitely beneficial.

Linking your websites together is bad because Google may consider them as a link network. This is a misconception that is going around for a number of years making website owners believe that they cannot link their own websites together. In a recent video (April, 2013) Matt Cutts explained that there is nothing wrong with linking your websites together provided that they are related and that they are less than five. So, if you own less than 5 websites and linking them together offers value to the reader, you can go ahead and link them without taking any risks. Source 



  1. Keyword Stuffing is Effective:

You have to concentrate on the keywords and catchphrase that attracts your visitors and guests. There is no new conception regarding this fact but the abuse of the keyword can distract your visitor. So keyword stuffing is important and it plays an important role in increasing your visitors and website traffic.

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  1. Social Media Guarantee:

Social media does not guarantee you the high rankings and there is some truth in this fact. But we also should keep in mind that social media can increase our website visitors and generate website traffic onto the site. So it takes a great part in the ranking and generating website traffic.

  1. Links and Words:

This is more effective in SEO to use right keywords with right links. We all know that SEO is always evolving industry that is why if we want to keep website relevant, then we should keep on using this technique in a better way.

  1. One and Done:

As we know that SEO is a never finishing process, it keeps on evolving. Therefore staying on the top of the search engines results is like a constant battle, you have to win it to retain your desire rankings. It is not like going to the top of the search engine and that’s it, but you have to compete hard with your competitors to retain your position.

  1. SEO Takes a Professional:

It is another misconception that SEO needs a professional, but there is a way to tackle with this situation too. If you want to acknowledge, what’s better option for you? than simply Google to see, if the site owner offering you services are able to boost their own rankings or not? If not then you probably will have the answer to your question.

  1. You Can’t Start Now

The answer is why not? You can reveal a successful SEO methodology anytime. Does some examination, make an arrangement, and portray it. Indeed, even the most overpowering undertaking can be proficient with extra special care. Think to sort out your storage room.

  1. I Don’t Have Time for SEOMisconceptions+of+website+traffic+like+pinterest+addiction

Do you have time for Facebook posts and Pinterest? Quit considering witty answers to your companion’s announcement, and begin your SEO training. All it takes is some refreshment and a free evening to start your SEO.

  1. Startups Don’t Need SEO

Well Begun is half Success.

SEO is EXTREMELY valuable for new businesses. Do you want to hold your costs down? Then learn SEO, apply it viable, and start directing people to your site.

  1. Exact Match Domains Rank Higher

In the event that you are offering something special then there is no more guarantee of high rankings. Spammers began utilizing space names for promotions, and in this manner, solid rankings never come that is commonly based on the domain names.

  1. AdWords Equals Google Gold

You have a guarantee of nothing in life. Providing so, utilizing Google AdWords can surely help you with apparatuses to confirm your battle, however, it never promises achievement. But even though learn SEO and put the distinction into developing your business.

  1. Keyword Positioning Guarantees Success

It can be anything but difficult to concentrate exclusively on keywords that have high pursuit volumes. Using it in titles and headers of your site won’t ensure results. Fruitful SEO is about consolidating effective techniques, not on one defined arrangement.


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