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5 Online Business That You Can Run From Home

online businessThere are many ways to start an online business or to start the internet business from home.

In fact, you are not limited by choice but limited by an idea. I will give you five major money making ideas. You can make money online with online business


Online Business Ideas:

  • You can earn money, by selling your own products on the internet, using a blog.
  • You can make money through writing – such as blogging or writing articles and papers.
  • You can earn money, selling other people’s products –such as drop shipping.
  • You may earn money promoting other people’s products or websites- this is referred to as affiliate programs or partnership.
  • You can make money through turnkey – readymade websites.

Overview of online Business Ideas:

What about marketing your own Products?

I am sure you are aware that there are lots of processes and investments involved in selling your own products. I am sure you have thought about online business, home based business opportunities and you know as well as I do that making profits and breaking even with your small business involves a lot of brain work. I say ‘Kudos’ to all those who have succeeded in this way.

What about writing for money (Article Writing for a blog or website)?

It is home based work. If you love writing, and you have the expertise, the patience, and the time, then writing for money will not be a problem to you. However, many people won’t be looking for other people’s articles and content to enrich their websites.

What about Drop shipping?

Drop shipping or drop-shipping is an interesting and somewhat easy way to make money, in that you sell other people’s products by promoting the products using your address and information. But there are some technicalities involved, such as contacting the customer and the supplier, ensuring that the product is delivered. But you don’t have any control over their quality, or the delivery of the product. Other issues such as the type of support that is being offered to customers and refund policies are issues that need serious consideration.

What about Affiliate programs?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.’ Source

The major difference between affiliate programs and drop shipping is that for affiliate programs, your only job is to get people to go to your affiliate website, and you make money. It is very lucrative to do. The business is entire between the supplier and the customer; if a business contract is made between the two of them, you get paid. If there is a problem afterward it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Less often, a customer may decide to return goods or products. In most cases there is a waiting time policy. If the customer does not return the goods or product after a specified time you get paid. Some types of affiliate programs do not involve tangible products. All you have to do may be to get users to register for a service and your job is done.


What about a turnkey website?

Turnkey websites are ‘readymade’ fully functional websites. If you don’t have time to build your own website or business from the scratch then this is for you! The turnkey website has all the necessary functions of an e-commerce website. These include shopping carts (plus products to sell), interactive customer-business owner systems such as emailing, feedback and contact forms, user accounts and the like. A typical turnkey website is more than often ‘affiliate links and adverts’ friendly.
There are two major types of turnkey websites:

  • One you get for a fee
  • One you get for free

One you get for a fee:

Ordinarily, these websites are built and designed by some online companies who ask for a moderate selling price for them. I have seen some sold as low as £60 (around $120). If you have the money you can search the web for a quality turnkey website you can buy and start off your business almost immediately. All you have to do then is promote your website. If you don’t have the money, then the second type of turnkey website discussed below is for you.

One you get for free:

In this case, you get a turnkey website complete with affiliate products. All you have to do is insert your affiliate ID(s) and you are ready to do business. Most affiliate programs pay you as much as 75% commission on one sale.

What do you have to Invest?

  • I will tell you what you don’t have to invest or do first.
  • You don’t need to invest a huge amount of capital in building your business
  • You don’t need to spend time thinking for how to set up a business and what business to setup
  • You don’t need a website or a web hosting company to whom you pay some monthly fee
  • You don’t need to maintain and monitor a website
    You don’t need to do any customer support

What then do you need to do?

You will have to invest a little money and as much time as you can. All businesses no matter the size need to be promoted – that is if you want to make a living out of the business. This, however, is way better than investing a huge amount of money and time to build a business from the scratch and at the end of the day, you lose money and gain nothing. It is important to note here that there are many ways to promote your business online for free. However for your online business to start off immediately you may need to invest some money in pay-per-click advertising.

What about the online scam and online business?

In any business you engage in online, you should be careful of fraudulent ‘faceless people’ who are ready to steal whatever little money you have from you. However proven affiliate marketers such as Clickbank are still available. Registering with them as an affiliate is free and fast. You can get lots of products to promote from these marketers. There are also some websites that do internet business reviews to separate the scams from the programs that really work. A great site is “1stbusinessreview” they review online business opportunities and post the ones that work on their site.

You can directly visit on Clickbank homepage that is world best affiliate program Network.

Final Words about online business:

Online business is one of the greatest lucrative. According to a most successful person, Mr. Bill gets online marketing is the best job than others. If need to ask a question related to this post or any other, feel free to leave your valuable question in the comment box. We will try our level best to answer your queries. Thank you very much, for visiting our blog. That is also an example of online business.

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