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7 Best Methods for Article Marketing Promotion

What does the term article marketing promotion refer to? It is the process of marketing and promoting your online articles. Here’s how it works. You decide to write an article to promote your website or blog. You research your keywords, write an article, give it a catchy title and submit it to one or more of the major article directories. At this point, your articles will appear in the article directory for other people to view and share with others.

Depending upon the reputation of the article directory, your article might even rank high in the search engine results, which will help generate more traffic to your article. In addition, your articles provide a backlink to your website. This can result in more traffic, more leads and more sales.

7 Best Ideas For Article Marketing Promotion

Most online marketers stop here. And I think that’s a big mistake. They simply write an article, upload it to the article directory, and wish for the best. Unfortunately, most articles don’t generate much traffic. With so many article directories and millions of online articles, it’s hard to stand above the crowd and get noticed.

That’s why you need an article marketing promotion strategy. In other words, there are a few simple things you can do help get your article noticed, and ranked higher with the search engines. Listed below, I will share some of my article marketing promotion strategies to help you succeed.


1. Tweet Your Article: Once you upload your article to the article directory, your first job is to send a tweet with your article link. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you should set one up.

2. Post a Link on Your Facebook Fan Page: Once you’ve sent out your Tweet, your next step is to post a link to your article on Facebook. If you have a Fan Page on your website, you could post the link there. Otherwise, you could simply post the link on your wall.

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3. Create a YouTube Video about Your Article: Your next step is to create a 1-2 minute video about the same subject as your article. Once you do that, put the link to your article in the description, so it appears as a link, below the video. People who watch your video might click on the link to read your article.

4. Share Your Link on Your LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is another great resource to build links and build a following. You could post the link to your article in your LinkedIn account.

5. Email Marketing: If you have an auto-responder, you can send out an email message to your subscribers to tell them about your new article. Provide a link to your article in the email.

6. Get Someone to Link to Your Article: If you have good relationships with other online marketers, ask one of them to link to your article in one of their blog posts.

7. Link New Articles to Older Articles: If you write lots of articles, you should consider linking some articles to other articles, rather than sending someone to your website. This is another great way to get more links for your article.


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These seven steps will definitely help you get more traffic to your articles. Depending upon the keywords you choose, some of your articles will need lots of incoming links to rank high with the search engines. That’s why you need to spend some time on article marketing promotion to build these links.

I use these marketing promotion strategies myself. Best of all, it is free to do and only takes a little bit of time. When you create links to your article(s), you will improve the search engine rankings for your article, which means more people will find your article, read it, and hopefully click on the link to visit your website. And this is what you want! So take a few minutes each day to follow this strategy and watch your website traffic increase.

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