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7 Proven techniques to avoid WordPress Comment Spam

As we all know that it is always fun to have online discussions but sometimes it can also become troublesome (causing a lot of problems for someone) to manage. As we know every function that has positive aspects also have some negative ones as well. Because positives always come along some negatives, it is a realized fact in this world. Here in this article of Spam blocker, we will discuss a negative aspect of WordPress Comment Spam. The hijacked and irritating comments which are called WordPress Spam Comments takes your WordPress site rankings down. Almost everyone who gets started with WordPress faces this problem. The number of spam comments may rise so much that it becomes virtually impossible to get the real actions (Spam blocker) to deal with this problem. That’s why if you want to overcome this issue then you have to take immediate steps, so the problem can’t reach beyond that you can’t even fight back against it.

wordpress comment spam

In this article, we will try to discuss the reasons behind the spam reactions, their effects and solutions so that you can overcome this problem.

What is WordPress Comment Spam and what are the reasons we get them?

The has been for some years the one of the most popular CMS (Content management system) to experience a website. The strength lies in its simplicity but the popularity also has its downside. Not only should you make sure you secure your website properly, you have to deal with spam comments.

Spammers try this method to get generally inferior websites links. So do not click these types of links before you know that it will not get you a virus into the bargain (at a lower price). WordPress sites provide the opportunity to place a comment. Spammers abuse this function in an automated way Therefore, we will discuss some better techniques to remove WordPress Comment Spam.

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Some Techniques to remove WordPress Comment Spam:


1) Enabling Comment Moderation:

Word press has a built-in function that enables a user to control all comments, so they are always queued up until you approve them. They are not published until user approves them.

2) Turning off Comments on Old Posts:

Another way of avoiding spam robots is turning off the comments on older posts, so you can avoid the spamming robots. They usually search for the WordPress websites that contain comment box. You can reduce the chances of being identified by robots through this technique, which will benefit you more.

3) Activate Akismet (the spam blocker plugin):

Here at YoastSEO, we use an effective plugin called Akismet plugin for WordPress Spam filter. The most obvious solution to tackle this problem is by the use of the Akismet plugin. This is a standard tool for WordPress Comment. However, Akismet is free to use and is for personal use only but for commercial websites you need pay for it.

Once you activate the plugin you will be asked to enter an activation key. Click on the Account Akismet Activate button. You can now enter an existing key or create a new one. It catches any spam comment and put it in a queue for you to allow it on your site or block it. Avoiding this is very helpful in getting Google Adsense Account.

 4) Stop Spam Using Spam Honeypot Plugin:

Spam+comment+robotSpam honey pot plugin also helps you to reduce the spam comments by a large number. You can install this plugin and simply activate it to get benefits of it. This plugin is more beneficial in a way that when a robot sneaks into your site, it shows a form field to fill that is invisible to the human WordPress user. So when a robot fills that form then this plugin directly marks the comment as spam.

5) Stop Spam through CAPTCHA and Quizzes:


If the above-mentioned techniques are not helping you in overcoming the spam load. Then you definitely need to implement CAPTCHA for the human verification. It is a very common technique used nowadays. Beside this, you can also ask a simple quiz to verify whether the user is human or a robot.

This technique may irritate and discourage your visitors but still if you need this to avoid spam comments. Then you will have to install a WP-Spam Fighter plugin to WordPress. It contains various tools that will help you to avoid spam comments.

6) Turn off comments on Media Attachments:

You can also avoid and overcome the spam comment via disabling comments on your media attachments. For this purpose, you need to install Disable Comments plugin, which will enable you to block commenting over media posts.

7) Dealing Comment Spammers Manually:

You can avoid robot spam comments through the techniques mentioned above. But nowadays you also find various freelancing sites that offer manual spam commenting to a website. They submit genuine comments but they are also spam as they are submitted through fake email addresses and same IP address. You can identify them manually because they will change name and email address, but you can clearly see that they are linking the same website. You can manually check them and mark them as spam.


We all know that comments have always been a great way of interacting with visitors of the website. It lets the audience write reviews about our site and product. But spammer always irritates you and diverts your focus and main objectives. The techniques mentioned above will surely help you avoid WordPress Comment Spam.

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3 thoughts on “7 Proven techniques to avoid WordPress Comment Spam

  1. Vashishtha K. Kapoor

    Hi Abuzar for sharing tips with us.
    I use a single plugin names easy comment spam shield and it does all the work for me.
    BTW, really nice post about helping newbies to get rid of spam and bot comments.

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      Glad to know you enjoy reading this article. 😀
      Yes! There are a number of plugins to prevent spammers.
      Thank you for here and commenting. Keep visiting.

  2. Kimsea Sok

    Sy, thanks for sharing.

    The comment damaged lots of our reputation so to care the spammer and comment on your blog is so important.

    Yeah. I’m using Akismet plugin for dialing with spam comment.

    However, I’d love to manual review for all comment on my blog. That’s a nice diea.

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