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7 Unique Ways Ordinary Places to Promote Your Blog

Taking time to Promote Blog is arguably one of the most important things that contribute to a blog’s success.

Let’s face it, life would be great if we could solely rely on search engine optimization and word of mouth to grow our traffic – but sadly, Google’s algorithm seems to change its coat every day, and we certainly can’t count on Bing for our traffic 🙂

So then, where could we possibly get ourselves some traffic?? Promotion!

Chances are, you probably already promote blog via a variety of different social media sites.

And while Twitter, Facebook, Triberr, The Warrior Forum, and other communities are great, let’s face it – sometimes we’re all looking for something that’s unique and different and will give us some traffic from places and ways that few people use, but a lot of readers reside.

So then, what follows are 7 absolutely out-of-the-ordinary ways to promote blog on the internet.

And get me straight: just because I mean “out of the ordinary” does NOT mean this is in any way “spamming” your content to the world.

The great irony of spam is that often (*note I say often) the content that is being spammed frequently contains very valuable information if actually read by the receiver.

However, a constant reminder of something that a person doesn’t want to be reminded about is a quick way to get that person to avoid your content altogether –even if they might enjoy it.

Nonetheless, diversifying your promotional queue is an excellent way to spread your content out to the world without getting labeled a spammer.

7 Unique Places to Promote Blog Online

Promote blog

1.Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is an awesome place to promote the content of your blog. Thousands of people post questions that (some of which) your blog probably has answers for. As such, occasionally monitoring the questions asked in your niche (and then responding to them) is an awesome way to promote.

Likewise, sharing what you know and then linking back to your blog is a great way to grow your traffic. Not to mention get some awesome backlinks 🙂


Craigslist, oh how I love Craigslist.

Some people frown on using Craigslist for blog promotion, and I honestly don’t know why. Sure this site is primarily used to sell local items, but it also has numerous discussion forums and places to advertise services you offer.

I’d wager that you know a fair amount about blogging, and maybe you could write an awesome post on “how to blog” and offer it as a service for people on craigslist!

Boom: Both traffic and money 🙂

And To be honest, I’ve already sold several copies of my eBook on Craigslist by simply advertising it in their “Job Opportunities” section.

Maybe you can do that too?

3. PRWeb

PRWeb is an awesome site that I just came across. Say you have a product, an eBook, or anything that you are trying to promote on your blog but aren’t finding as much success with the traditional methods of promoting.

PRWeb offers a fantastic way to give your product some PR (hence the name) by sending your product information to a host of bloggers and other newsworthy sites. Many of these sites are always looking for more content to write about – so if you’re content comes across them at the right time, you’ll get some awesome PR (and maybe Building backlinks).

Feel free to go create an account and mess around with it a bit.

4. Google Alerts

Google Alerts isn’t exactly a “website” to promote your content on. What it is, however, is an awesome way for you to track content and questions that others may have regarding topics in your niche.

As such, you can set Google Alerts to email you based on when keywords you target are found on sites in the web. This is a great way for you to swoop down and save the day (getting the sale, the traffic, etc) for your blog.

5. FeedShark

Feedshark is a great way to alert the world of the newest content you have created. This site is awesome because it will “ping” your content to a LARGE number of services that accept blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds (not to mention you get to choose what sites you want a ping sent to). This can help spread your content to the deepest corners of the web instantaneously – and it’s free ” 🙂

6. Blog Communities

Many of you probably use blog communities (which makes this entry less out of the ordinary), but if you don’t, you will definitely want to start. The ones I’ve found the most success using our BizSugarKingged and basicblogtalk. It’s super easy to post your content into a category, and watch as others rate your content and then check out your site.

This is also a great way to get some free HPR free backlinks. BizSugar is a PR5 site and gets indexed by Google FAST.

7. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites offer a very fast an effective way to promote blog on more minor (yet still actively used) social media sites. KingKong Social Marker is my personal favorite, as it makes it easy to quickly submit your new article to 17 of the best social media sites in under 15 minutes.

Try it out, it’s free, easy, and an awesome tool.


Concluding Thoughts

While that’s definitely a short list of ways to promote your blog, those are some unique methods that I’ve found to be incredibly time-saving and rewarding.

I’m certain that there are a variety of other effective strategies for uniquely promoting your blog across the web. If you personally use another way, feel free to share it with us below.

What other unique ways do you promote your blog?


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Mohammad Tabish is an addicted Blogger and a Professional web developer. He is from Pakistan. He started his first blog (SEO Tech) in 2012 and then, he never look back. He is managing lots of blogs.

13 thoughts on “7 Unique Ways Ordinary Places to Promote Your Blog

  1. Lorraine Reguly

    Wow. You have listed some excellent resources here!

    You have also given me some new ideas.

    Thanks, Muhammad.

    I am actually AWFUL at blog promotion.
    I will need to try some of these!

    1. Muhammad Tabish Post author

      It is very lovely feedback from you that it helps you.
      I’ll try my level best to do that again and again.

  2. Kimsea Sok

    Muhammad, that’s a nice article regarding blog promotion.

    The websites like Yahoo answer and quora are working amazing for expose the new business. However, never tried Craigslist and could share more detail tips about it.

    What’s more, the blogging community is the best platform for a blogger to connect with others. You know? Wether your business is offline or online, the relationship is always adding value to your successful.

    Thanks for sharing….

    1. Muhammad Tabish Post author

      I’m completely in agreement with you in your story.
      The relationship between author and readers always matter.

  3. Philip V. Ariel (@PVAriel)

    Hi Tabish
    Happy to be here again.
    These are some of the good ideas you brought in.
    Though I know about Yahoo answers, I seldom tried, but instead I used Quora some what similar one yet more powerful than yahoo answers,
    Another wonderful strategy I follow is blog commenting, a powerful one to promote and get more engagements. Recently I wrote a post on this subject and it pulled more traffic comments and engagement.
    Nice to be here today
    I am bookmarking this since some of them are new to me and want me to give a try,
    Keep sharing
    Have a great week ahead.
    _~ Philip

    1. Muhammad Tabish Post author

      Woah! What a moment.
      Yeah, quora is in trend now but we can’t ignore the power of Yahoo answer.
      In fact trend of quora is the best, because it reduces competition.

  4. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Muhammad,

    You have some real gems here bro! I like Phillip use Quora more every few days because I nab tons of traffic passively through there by helping folks new to blogging. I took 2 weeks off from doing anything on Quora a few weeks back and still got a few thousand page views on my responses. Not bad! Not bad at all for a lazy guy like me LOL. Now I need to get on Yahoo Answers more. Thanks for sharing!


    1. SY Abuzar

      Lol! It self proves here that you are very good in your business. It is not lazyness, it is called smartness……
      I am very happy to have your impressive story here to explain how newbie can generate massive traffic through Quora and other sites I mentioned them here..

  5. ravichahar

    Hey Tabish,

    I haven’t used the Google alerts or communities yet. But it seems that people are meeting new bloggers there.
    I would like to give it a try for sure.
    Great post indeed.

    1. SY Abuzar

      Hi ravichahar,
      Nice to have your such a useful feedback again here. Yes, Google alerts or communities are the best ways to meet other same mind and other readers for your blog.
      you should give it a try for sure.

  6. Adeel Sami

    Hello, Tabish!

    Excellent resources!

    I really had forgotten many of the sites which I saw on SocialMarker. 🙂

    I am gonna check many of the resources to get me going with the promotion.

    Thanks for putting these up for us!

    Oh and I am the big fan of BizSugar and Klinkk! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

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