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7 Ways to Boost Infolinks Earnings Without Growing Traffic

The majority of new bloggers who are just beginning look to believe that the only way to increase earnings from a particular Ads Network like Google Adsense and Infolinks is through getting more traffic to their website or blog.

This might not be more wrong!

More over and over again than not, here I will prove that you can get a large amount profit increase rate (by 7 smart ways to boost infolinks earnings) from just making a few modification to your Website/Blog, Ads place or your Ads type, instead of getting more visitors to your blog or website.

7 Ways to Boost Infolinks Earnings without More Website Traffic:

Follow these 7 Ways to Boost Infolinks Earnings, without hustling for the conventional approach of increasing website traffic:

1- Max Out Your Ad Units:

Different Ads Networks (like Adsense and Infolinks) have different boundaries in terms of what number of ads you permitted to display on a post/page.


Well, these decisions and limits are made by their expert staff…

Of course to make more money online! Because using a right number of user-friendly ads helps them to generate the as high amount of revenue as possible for the ad network, which means that you will also get more money out of it.

In the case of Infolinks, take care you experiment out each and every one of the ad types:


  1. InText
  2. InFrame
  3. InArticle
  4. InFold
  5. InScreen
  6. InTag

Most of these types of ads units you can display all at once and it would be stupid not to try them out… Keep testing them on your website one-by-one with keeping a small gap of time between them and in the case of a particular type of ad makes your income fall or damages the user experience of your website – do away with it and try a different combination of ads unit.

2- Don’t Go beyond It!

This possibly sounds a little opposing to my earlier some of an advice, but it is completely right.

Although I push you for trying and using each and every one of the advertising choices you have got access to, you must have to do it within limitations and reason.


When you make a whole post or web page with filled with ads, pop-ups, and your blog content turns out to be an unreadable blog post, then your website visitors will not at all return and it may seriously affect the traffic of your website especially that comes from search engines(organic traffic).


Non- disturbing ads are okay with the greater part of readers so place manually in your readers’ shoes and analyze your website. Where would you be possibly like to come across at an ad and click on it?

Nowadays, finding for your blog visitor choice of clicking an ad is trouble-free; you can make use of Internet Marketing Tools like heat maps and video recorders. Personally, I like two of the best tools for tracking visitor’s behavior on my blog are as follows:

  • MouseFlow
  • SumoMe WordPress plugin

These tools help marketers in recording their website from the user’s perspective; it will show you how your website visitors move their mouse, where they like to click and so on.

MouseFlow tool is at no cost (free) up to 100 recordings per month and also has premium versions. You can in fact, apply the coupon code “MonetizePros” to obtain 750 free recordings with them.

 3- The Best Working Ads Above the Fold Area:

Placing your best ad on top of Fold Area is absolutely one of the efficient techniques to optimize your ads for getting more clicks on it.

If a specific ad or ad unit is generating good amount money for you, then you should put it where it gets more exposure and that area of your website is above the fold area.


Attractive ads always perform 2x better than other ads.

This is a perfect example of attractive ads: 😉 😉 😉

Above the fold area is the part of your blog or website which is visible without the need to scroll down…for instance, the website header, sidebar’s top section, your menu, etc.

According to a study conducted by “WPOO”, a large number of visitors don’t scroll through your whole page so a lot of ad units may be receiving fewer impressions than they deserve.


It is a very important point to keep in mind while changing the place of a particular ad or ad unit that sometimes ads achieve well since of their position and moving them on top of the fold area possibly will decrease earnings – for all time memorize to calculate the impact of your changes.


In wide-ranging, this research tends to pay off and boost profits up to 35%.

4- Sexy Website Theme:

This isn’t straightly gives speed to profits but it’s most likely the very important point in this guide.

It’s better to Invest in website theme that looks professional than using cheap or free WordPress themes.


Head over at these two websites’ theme, which one do you trust more? Which one’s ads are attracting you to click on (without the fear of some kind malware)?

A BlogSpot niche blog will not at all seem as high-quality as a professionally created blog on a correct blogging platform (WordPress).


Here’s a first-class law to follow: pretend you’re bigger than you are.


Even in the case of your website niche is about guilds on taking care of cats, perform like you are running the largest cat magazine on the planet and your magazine (website) readers will experience the same.


Making website reliable or hosting it to the correct platform like WordPress also provides you new opportunities for A/B split-testing ad layouts, different website designs and all that.

If you are still not an Infolinks user or want to apply it to another website, go through here…


5- The Shades of Your Ad Units:

The most common mistake bloggers do is they try to display suitable advertising by making ad units matching the design of their website theme. Definitely, by using match colors ads unit makes your blog looks beautiful but no one will notice your ads (because it’ll not look like ads content).


Find a balancing color that crafts your ad units be noticeable from the rest of your website design. For example, if your website theme color largely is an orange, then a blue color will fit in your blog design completely but stand out from all of the rest.


Try different colors and once more, calculate the impact. After plenty of tests that we have made over at BlogRankSEO, the ugliest colors our team could discover had the most excellent click-through rates!


Although it’s creepy to make your blog look “ugly” – your blog readers will not go away because of it. Advertising is an element of our life and your readers know it very well.


6- Don’t Forget Mobile Traffic:

According to a Google’s recent report on the internet user’s operating devices are mobiles more than desktop amounts! Internet users spending their large period of time on their smartphones and tablets than a desktop user, but the majority of new bloggers ignore their mobile readers.

On BlogRankSEO as a case in point, almost 67% of our website traffic gets from smartphones and tablets! That’s over 10,069 visitors a month!


Whichever ad network you are with to display ads on your website, take care that they have mobile-friendly ads too.

And, when it comes to Infolinks and Google Adsense, they have amazing mobile-friendly ads..


Through a small quantity of help from a developer make you capable to arranged different ad layouts for both desktop and mobile, which means now you can do better split-testing for the locations one by one.

Because the visitor experience is entirely different, the ad placements must have to be special.


7- Boost Page Views:

Getting more and more traffic overall is awesome but you must have to try to obtain extra page views per user also.


When I might not click on an ad directly at the time of landing on the first blog post for reading from your blog, generally the next page view will display me totally dissimilar ads that I possibly will click on it.

Bottom line:

Always keep in mind to interlink the other related articles in your website articles as much as possible to maintain the relationship between your website and readers!


The most excellent example for this is any big news outlet. You have definitely seen posts such as “10 Movies from 2015 That Every Entrepreneur Should Watch”.

Hidden myth:

What do you think the majority of a popular website makes use of those slideshows and galleries, do you think they’re annoying?

To get a massive number of page views, more ad impressions and of course! more clicks…


While I don’t recommend killing your user experience with the doing this kind of stuff like spam.

Instance,, Is a perfect example of what is possible.


What tests of these have you tried, which boosts your advertising revenue in the majority?

Check your domain ranking

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  1. Sumair Hisbani

    Excellent work Abuzar.

    Website design matters a lot and you are right, we should not add too many ads on our blog. People visit our blog to read our content, not because they want to see advertisements.

    Thanks brother for sharing such a useful post.

    – Sumair

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      @Sumair Hisbani,
      Indeed, Website design matters!
      And our visitors don’t want to see irrelevant ads if ads are relevant then good…. adding too much ads are very harmful to both advertiser and publisher.
      According to marketer if you can make your ads more relevant and look like no ad then clicking chances are more and more so, trying to change color is an amazing way.

  2. Deepak Negi

    Hey SY ABUZAR, Thanks for sharing this article. This article is very informative thanks again.

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