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How to Add Lovely GIFs from Giphy in WordPress Using Giphypress Plugin and Why

Nowadays, it is one of the blogging trends to add animated GIFs in the blog/website because it helps to improve reader engagement. Giphy makes it trouble-free to search, find out, and add animated Gifs on the web, in text messages, and on social media. In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the process of how you can easily add animated GIFs from Giphy in WordPress using Giphypress.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Animated GIFs in WordPress:


Advantages by Add Animated GIFs:

Did you notice that the popular websites like BuzzFeed, Reddit, List25, etc. are using animated GIFs images like a crazy?


Because, GIFs format permits you to add animated gifs effects/reactions, entertaining stories, and pop culture references to your articles.

This is the main reason why free animated GIFs are so popular among bloggers. Because, bloggers know that they are fun, Attractive, and highly engaging. With just an add animated GIFs in WordPress blog you can boost the time users spend on your website.

It is proved experiment that, a blog post with animated Gifs is also more possibly to be shared on the social media and become viral (and that’s what we want).

Disadvantages by Add Animated GIFs:

  • The animated GIFs leads to increase the load time of page (or say… worse page loading time) that hated by both search engine and visitors.
  • Creating your own can take plenty of time as it is a work of detailing.
  • Special Skills required for creating.

That’s when Giphy comes in.

The Giphy is a very famous images hub that let you find out the best GIFs images and share animated GIFs easily. It has thousands of latest trending GIF pictures stored in categories and sorted by # hashtags.

Important: I was experimenting on the various images formats from last 3 month. I really love exploring new techniques a lot (A/b Testing). I used PNG images for complete 2 weeks continuously with gifs images and found that gifs images are not only better in view, but also it helps to boost sale by 35.56% insanely.

If you are using shared WordPress hosting like of Bluehost which is offer mega discount, then adding GIFs images via Giphy will save you bandwidth and ton of time. It also reduces a bad impact on the website Page Speed and user experience.

How to easily add animated GIFs from Giphy in WordPress using Giphypress Step by Step:

The very first step you have to take is to install and activate the Giphypress plugin. For further details, watch step by step tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin quickly and safely.

Now it’s 50% done. After activation, you are able to add directly from the post editor. It will add  a new button labeled ‘GIPHY GIF Search’ (shown in the below screenshot).


When you will click on it then a pop up of Giphy search will appear where you can see the current trending GIFs and hashtags along with menu and search bar at the bottom for adding lovely animated GIFs images in your WordPress blog now as shown in the below screenshot.

Now you are able to browse more trending images or search for GIFs to find out the suitable/perfect GIF for the moment.


For a larger view of an image, click on it. Now by clicking on the Embed into Post button you can embed the GIF into your blog articles (see screenshot below).


Done… Pretty cool!

Giphypress embedded your selected GIF as an iframe format into your blog post. You can save to update your blog post and Preview the GIFs in action.

I hope you like this tutorial on how to easily add animated GIFs from Giphy in WordPress using Giphypress plugin. Read also: how to find High-Quality free images for your WordPress blog posts.

I’m waiting for your question regarding this tutorial such as “if you removed Giphypress plugin then will it remove your previous added images?

And, share this article (how to add animated GIFs from Giphy in WordPress using Giphypress plugin.) with your blogging fellow.

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