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To Help you get in touch with affiliate managers quickly to get a great chance of affiliate network approval I've created Affiliate Network Skype Directory.

Affiliate Network Skype Directory Note:

Even if you have these affiliate Managers’ contacts accessible you still need to go through the standard affiliate application procedures and after that try to get in touch with via Skype or simply phone call the affiliate network/contact subsequently. Adding affiliate managers on Skype and asking “please let me into your network” while not submitting an application is unprofessional and your details must be submitted for a cause – no business with any logic would work in an Affiliate Marketing relationship with a such unprofessional.

This following order of the contacts is just based on the moment in time the affiliate networks shared their info with us it clearly does not show their rank of Greatness.

Make Use of Sort Cut Keys “Ctrl+F” to find a particular network…

AdCombo – Contact: Nina Skype: ninelguyen

Glispa – Contact: Jeet Thakkar.  Skype: [email protected]

F5 Media – Contact: Henry Whitfield.  Skype: HenryF5Media.

A4D – Contact: Jason Atakiff.  Skype: live:jasona_33

CPATrend – Contact: Philip Shapiro.  Skype: Phillychzsteak

G4Offers – Contact: Mark.  Skype: g4offers.mark Get Offers

Get Offers Direct – Contact: Ian Usher.  Skype: ian.ush

Mobvista – Contact: Sarah/Swim/Amei.  Skype: muyufei1990 Brus

FurtherMobi – Contact: James Murray. Skype: jamesm.furthermobi

BryghtAds – Contact: Chris Gildrie, Skype: bryghtadschris

Ads2Leads- Contact: Jay Oxenham, Skype: oxenham15

Advidi – Contact: Fabrizio Manese. Skype: adivid.fabrizio

CPAFuel – Contact: Emin. Skype: cpafuelemin

Reflexcash – Contact: Romain Cabarat, Skype: romain-reflexcash

YeahMobi – Contact: Captain Wang. Skype: captainyeahmobi

affiliaXe – Contact: Guy Goldberg. Skype: affiliaxeguy. email:[email protected]

Almobi – Contact: Andreatang, skype:[email protected]

Direct Focus Online – Contact: Pascal. Skype: pascal_directfocus

Matomy – Contact: GEric Famoso Skype: ericfamoso_matomy

ClickDealer – Contact: michael khaletsky. Skype: leadsbox

Moomediagroup – Contact: Amit Sharma – Skype: mooamit

Kingmobi – Contact: Tony. Skype: tonyhou101

HyperTarget Marketing – Contact: Eric Evans – Skype: ericevans310

GlobalWide Media (Previously Neverblue) – Contact: Chad Wilton. Skype: chad.wilton.

Kimia – Contact: Marina López. Skype: mlopezarranz

Stealth Media – Contact: Shaun Groomes. Skype: sgroomes

Avazu – Contact: Guus Esbir. Skype: guus.esbir

Cashed Out Media – Contact: Mike Pacheco. Skype: mikepceo

Glispa – Contact: Jeet Thakkar. Skype: [email protected]

Avazu – Contact: Guus Esbir. Skype: guus.esbir

Leadnomics – Contact: Nick Sclafani. Skype: nick.sclafani.lnx Ad

Exchange Group – Contact: Arthur Lee. Skype: arthura4d

InterG Media – Contact: Greg Wasik. Skype: Greg.Wasik101

Together Networks – Contact: Alex Liman. Skype:

Magic8Media – Contact: Oded Abbou. Skype: affilippc Together

Oasis Ads Media – Contact: Matthew Top. Skype: matthewtopa

BitterStrawberry – Contact: Tommy Johnson. Skype: tommyjohnson88

RingPartner – Contact: Mike Williams. Skype: RingPartnerMike

ProfitKingsMedia – Contact: Yousif Yalda. Skype: PKMYousif

MUNDOmedia – Contact: Arjun Sharma. Skype: mundoarjun

Above All Offers – Contact:Eli Aloisi. Skype: eli_abovealloffers

Ad Attraction – Contact: Andrew Eltorkey. Skype: Eltorkeyy

Adsimilis – Contact: Vladimir Rusyayev Skype vladimir.rusyayev

Mobifreak – Contact:Tommy Johnson. Skype: tommyjohnson88

RevenueWire/AffiliateWire – Contact: Chad Wilton. Skype: chad.wilton

Adzone Media Group – Contact: Soker. Skype: dan_soker

Addiliate – Contact:Christoph Brughmans. Skype: christoph_brughmans1

Linking Networks – Contact: Ivan Pereverzev. Skype: ivan.pereverzev89

Wuzzon – Contact: Ahilya Elbers. Skype: ahilyaelbers

Aoo – Contact: Aola Sahidin. Skype: mr.online2402

Linking Networks – Contact: Ivan Pereverzev. Skype: ivan.pereverzev89

Brus Meida – Contact: Captain Wang. Skype: captainbrusmedia

AppThis – Contact: Josh Krogh. Skype: krashkrogh

Jumbleberry – Contact: Billy Stout. Skype: billy.stout1

Ad Exchange Group – Contact: Arthur Lee. Skype: arthura4d

Leadsbox – Contact: Michael Khaletsky. Skype: leadsbox

Wuzzon – Contact: Ahilya Elbers. STM Username: Wuzzon. Skype: ahilyaelbers

ChineseAN – Contact: Ryan. Skype: skype.rsue

OfferGrind – Contact: Scott Conley Skype: scott.offergrind

offerconversion – Contact: Daniel Cole Skype: live:daniel_a_cole

ExpertMobi – Contact : Jody Walsh. Skype: supportexpertmobi,

AdVolve – Contact : Matt Walters. Skype: advolvematt

Appflood- Contact: Cherry Wu, Skype: cherry_wujing

Affiliate Network Skype Directory Conclusion:

To Help you get in touch with affiliate managers quickly to get a great chance of affiliate network approval. This does not mean you don’t need to follow the conventional procedure to get in a CPA Network…Please let me know in the comment box if you have any of affiliate program’s managers’ Skype or any other medium to contact so that I can add it here newcomers.

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