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How To Buy and Sell Apmex Gold Online 2017

If you are interested in buying Apmex gold online, the process is really uncomplicated. There is an increasing popularity of color and there are more and more people that are getting interested in them. When you want to invest in gold then here are the steps that you need to know.

APMEX, Inc., based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the world’s largest online retailer of precious metals,with over $6.5 billion in transactions since its founding in 1999. The company offers more than 10,000 gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, bars, bullion, collectibles and other numismatics products from various mints. Source: Wikipedia

Apmex Gold

Know The Methods to Purchase Apmex Gold

There are so many ways that you can buy gold through the internet. Know that they come with different advantages and disadvantages as well. Among the options that you can go for include purchasing gold from an online gold dealer or even from eBay. It is also possible to buy gold from the brokerage account just similar to how you are buying a stock.

Know the factors affecting the value

Be aware that there are many factors that impact the prices of gold. When there is more gold contained, for example in a coin or jewelry, the price is much higher. Also, the values vary with the supply and demand. You can compare costs from different sources so that you will be able to save some money but you have to make sure that you find one that you can truly depend on.

Determine your limit

Before spending your money, you have to know how much you are going to allocate for what you want to buy. Avoid spending beyond what you had intended so that you can avoid financial worries later on.

Be cautious when making a purchase

There are Apmex gold dealers out there who want to make huge profits by cheating their customers. It is important that you are able to find a seller that you can trust so that you won’t be wasting your money. Be careful with the investment that you are going to make because you don’t want to lose your hard-earned cash. It is a great idea that you purchase Apmex gold in small amounts first rather than purchasing big amounts right away. Also, you have to try to establish a good relationship with the gold vendor.

Buying gold online will help you avoid the hassle of purchasing gold from a physical store. With this, you can enjoy convenient shopping for the amount of gold that you want to buy so that you will have a lucrative investment. However, there are dangers about buying gold online and because of this, you should be aware of them and ensure that you shop carefully and wisely.

How to Buy and Sell Gold

Gold has been the symbol of a nation’s power since it first became a common form of currency several thousand years ago. In fact, the market came to exist through buying and selling not only gold but Apmex silver Price, bronze and precious stone.

In this 21st century, we have been using a fiat currency in buying goods but not selling, simply because money is just a mere way established by the government as a decree. Gold, unlike with money, is itself a commodity. It can be bought. It can be sold.

So, if wanting to be in service of gold, the first thing you have to learn is how to buy and sell gold.

The following below are various ideas to teach you to absorb the concept of buying and selling gold.

Let’s start with buying…

Not all that glitters is gold

In buying a gold, you yourself should be sophisticated not on how does it look but how to identify it. Having and bringing equipment is far wiser than sensation. The essential equipment for buying gold are acid and scale. This is to avoid buying fake ones.

The karat value

Karat gold is stamped by the manufacturer. It is important to know them for you to differentiate value.

Know that pure gold is said to have a purity of .999, also called 24 karat gold, and is not used in jewelry because it’s too soft.  Alloys such as copper, silver, nickel, and palladium are used to alloy gold making it harder and more durable for use in jewelry. To understand what 14K means, view it as a fraction:

Gold Rate today! 14/24=.585, this means that 14K gold should have 58.5% of gold and the other 41.7% are Alloys such as copper and Price Of Silver

Weighing gold

You’ll need a digital pocket scale to weigh your scrap gold. These are very reasonably priced but you need to make sure it weighs pennyweights and grams. The weight and karat are very fundamental since this is the basis of pricing.

Legal concerns

Make sure that as you do your bidding of buying gold, the company or the supplier is legitimate and all the processes go permissible. This is to avoid fraud or buying stolen products.

Now that you have the basic knowledge, let’s go through the process of:

Selling gold – Apmex review


This can be done through online ads, brochures, having appointments with target buyer or businesses or newspaper ads. Make sure to publicize your contact number and a photo.

Gold party

If you receive the bids, throw a simple party for those potential buyers and costumer. It could be done at home. Like a jewelry shop, have a display and presentation of gold. Women absolutely love to attend gold parties because it’s like a Tupperware party where they all get PAID!

Offer discounts and options for paying

For you to easily earn, offer your customers choices on paying. Some of them don’t have enough cash but are capable of paying. Building rapport is essential to business.

How to Buy Gold Bars

Gold bars are a great investment as its Apmex Gold price continues to rise and knowing how to buy some might be necessary. These shiny objects are a compact way to carry a huge amount of money and cost thousands of dollars depending on their weight.

If you are not confident on stacking money inside a little room because of its tendency to be torn down by rats or be destroyed eventually due to natural occurrences, better stick with gold. Here are the steps on how to buy gold bars to that you can start on investing:

Know the amount of money to use

Decide and set aside the amount of money that you will use in buying gold bars. Do not invest all your money in gold. It is recommendable to only figure out the percentage of money that you will use when it comes to investing in gold bars. You can also make a choice between settling for gold coins and gold bars as the first one is much flexible than the latter.

Figure out where you can stack the gold

Have you bought a treasure chest already? You can try to contact your bank to see if they can store gold bars on their branch. Inquire about the cost of purchasing insurance and the maximum weight of gold that they can keep on their end. You can also try to purchase a vault or a fire safe for your home and carefully choose a spot where you can hide it.

Search for a dealer

You can search online or in the white pages for authorized gold dealers. There are some dealers that try to cheat their gold buyers so you would need to choose them carefully. It is much better to make a business with a gold dealer that has good reputation and history.

Research about gold

Know the price of gold on the day that you will purchase. The value changes every day so you need to make sure that you know this before making a negotiation.


Visit your chosen gold dealer and order the amount of gold that you want. You can try to shop for discounts to save more money. Once it has been made, inspect the gold bars and make sure that they are flawless in appearance. It is important that you know how to inspect gold before making a purchase or you can also bring someone who knows much about gold.

Storing the bars

Ship the gold bars to a safety box at your bank if you want to keep it there. If you have a secret place at home, store it personally and safely.

Gold attracts different kinds of the thief so it is advisable that you make this deal a secret as much as possible. Remember your own safety on time of purchase and when you bring the gold bars with you. Keep in mind that your safety is more important than the gold bars.

How to Buy Gold Coins

Buying Apmex gold coins is not as easy as purchasing the right clothes to wear for a formal event. You must know all the details about the product and the process of purchasing because this is a very important commodity. In this article, you will find the different things you need to know before deciding to buy gold coins from the trusted distributors.

Know the types

There are two different types of gold coins that are purchased by two different types of people. Before knowing the other information about this product, you must know the difference between the two sets of coins first.

  • Bullion coins are the ones purchased by gold investors. They prefer this type of gold coin because its price can be monitored basing it on the market price of physical investment grade gold.
  • Numismatic gold coins are those that a collector purchases. The gold coin collectors who buy this type of gold coins are called numismatists. These people spent many years collecting different coins and adding them to their collections.

With the enumerated types of gold coins, you can now easily choose depending on your objective in buying it.

Determine the distributors

You will find different dealers and distributors of gold coins just by checking the Internet. However, you must make sure that you purchase from those that are already known for their legitimacy. Here are the 2 legitimate sites where you can buy the product:

  • eBay
  • Apmex

Other people buy from the distributors within their town. If you want a face-to-face deal with the person who is selling the item, you can look for the nearest distributor within your area.

Choose wisely

It may be easy to buy gold coins from online dealers, but there are also disadvantages including the different charges that the dealer might deduct from your credit card. So before deciding to buy, you must first check the reputation of the company.

There are forums where you will find a discussion among the different gold coin buyers. You can check if the name of the dealer’s company is mentioned. Determine if there are any issues concerning the payment method and the charges. If you really want to be sure about the dealer, you can ask someone you know who is also in the same field for a long time already.

Ways to pay

There are different payment options available for the gold buyers. With the aid of technology and fast money transfer, it is now easier to purchase gold coins from your chosen distributor. You do not really have to travel and spend so much time giving your payment personally. You can choose from cash, bank wire transfer, postal money orders, credit card, checks or you can use PayPal.

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