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15 Things to Do Before Applying To Google AdSense

Finally, you want to make money from your blog that’s why you are here, right? Every blogger when enters Into this Industry definitely he will be aware of ‘Google Adsense Support’ and his target is to get fully approved Adsense Account. Newbies try every time for applying to Google AdSense program and get failed initially.

I know why you prefer Google Adsense rather than other Monetization networks because Google Adsense is a Cost-Per-Click network (CPC) and High paying CPC provider.

Am I right? (If you don’t make sure, update your brain!)

Have you Applied for Google Adsense Sign Up and got Approved (Congratulations Mate).

If not

Got rid of Google Adsense Sign in rejections. It’s not that much easy as you think.

The company you are applying for is GOOGLE. It is not any Local or Like Other MNC Company, It has Its own brand, Man.


Many bloggers applying to Google AdSense and they are Fed up with this program.

In this article, we will discuss Google Adsense approval Trick with some mandatory things which you have to keep In mind before applying to Google AdSense program.

You Might Have Typed In Google As Like Below Before Applying To Google AdSense:

a. How to get my Full Google Adsense approval process 2016?

b. Why my Google Adsense application has Rejected?

c. Whether my blog Is Fit for Google Adsense Program?

d. Google Adsense approval Black-Hat tricks?

15 Things to Do Before Applying To Google AdSense Program:

If you are bothering with above statements then you came at right place folk…

Types of Google Adsense Account:

There are two types of Google Adsense Account.

1- Hosted Google Adsense

2- Non-Hosted Google Adsense or Fully Approved Adsense


Hosted Google Adsense Login Is for Vlogging (video blogging). I mean you can monetize Hosted Google Adsense only On youtube but you can’t monetize It on any Blog. It is only dedicated to YOUTUBE(VLOGGING).

But, NonHosted Google Adsense account is useful for both Vlogging + Blogging.

In this Article, we have discussed how to get Non-hosted or Fully hosted Google Adsense account Approval tricks.

Again I say Read More something special is waiting for you


Q. Why People Prefer to monetize their blogs with Google Adsense?

A. The first point you can’t compare Google Adsense program with any other CPC Networks because as I said already above it is a high paying CPC (Cost per click ) provider.


Most of the bloggers are satisfied with this Google service (Google Adsense revenue) and they are making some handsome money.

Did You know How Bloggers are Making 3-6 Figure In Just 5 Days By Event Blogging? (soon I’ll write about it.)

Some of them are not happy with this Google Adsense Program because they are not getting High CPC or Click (I am sorry now I did not write about it in my previous posts! But Sure I’ll write the reasons of low CPC and how to get Adsense High CPC)


How To Increase My Adsense Earnings By Getting High CPC?

If you think I should write about how to increase Adsense earning, do Comment it (It is specially designed for you guys).

Now direct to the point…

Q.> Why Google Adsense Rejected your Application (Rejection Reasons)?

A.> Having no Privacy Policy, About Us or Contact Us page is one of a reason for your Google Adsense application rejection.

Google Adsense program has some algorithm to follow with some mandatory pages. So you must create Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us page on your blog before applying to Google AdSense Program. While you applying to “Google AdSense Contact” next time make sure you have these 3 Mandatory pages.

1- Page Type/Design Of Your Blog:

For Example, you have visited a blog which consists of some Wierd colors with the unmatched combination theme color and text.


What is your feeling?

Ya, I know what going on your mind! You will never come back to that site to visit again.

So what I mean to say is, if you applying to Google AdSense Program with poor design theme, definitely you will be rejected.

You no need to wait to get a reply from google.

Avoid this reason and before re-applying Adsense install a responsive theme.

If you are using WordPress then you should highly optimize themes from MyThemeShop.

2- Site Doesn’t Comply With Google AdSense policies:

The way you write the article with cheap quality, not unique (Copied Content), without organic traffic (poor traffic), lead to Google Adsense Rejection.


Before applying to Google AdSense also make sure to avoid this mistake again.


3- Having Insufficient Content While Applying to Google AdSense:

Do you know “Content Is King” for a blog? If you don’t have rich content and with poor quality writing even though don’t think for applying to Google AdSense approval request. 🙁 I am really Sorry!


But you don’t need to wait, start writing some sufficient content and yes now try for applying to Google AdSense program.

Some Very Important Things to Keep In Mind Before Applying To Google AdSense Program:

4- Responsive Blog Design:

As I said above Theme matters a lot. Choose the best SEO, Adsense Optimized template. As like Google wants to give best results to their users with best answers.

If a user visits a site and he/she notices whether theme or template is professionally designed with good content then he/she will stay on your blog so that you get good bounce rate (bounce rate decreases). Did you know what is Bounce rate and how it harms your blog ranking?


If he/she exists after just visiting your blog, you’ll not get Good Bounce Rate (your blog’s bounce rate will increase).

You have to use the SEO optimized templates or themes in case you are using WordPress platform then use themes from MyThemeShop.

Mega Offer Alert: BlueHost Coupon Code: Hosting at a killer rate of $2.95/month for one year + One Free Domain [Hurry Up It’ll Expire on 17th Aug]

Note: I’m also using Bluehost web hosting because it is top faster hosting.

5- Domain Age:

You know most of the bloggers like, If he/she is new to blogging field then he/ she just set up the blog and next step of his/her is applying to Google AdSense (Actually, I also have done this shit initially) 😉

So don’t do it. 🙂

Post some good quality articles (Rich) and get some Domain authority (by building some high-quality backlinks to your blog) then apply for Google Adsense Program (Minimum 45 days) you should wait.

Note: In some countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. your blog domain should 6-months old.

So make Sure before applying to Google AdSense Program.

6- Write High-Quality Content:

As said “Content Is King ” maintain some good quality content stuff. It also helps to drive organic visits from search engines.

One more thing you should keep in mind is “PLEASE DONT COPY CONTENT”.

Waste of time (Time Is Precious) You’ll get return Result as “No TRAFFIC”.


Before applying to Google AdSense maintain at least 10 -14 posts minimum otherwise your application will be rejected (Rejection reason as insufficient content as said above).

My recommendation: First publish 50-60 Highly SEO optimized articles minimum and then request for Google Adsense Program (Not necessary but, it increase the chance of approval).

Also read: How To Write SEO Optimized Articles To Rank in Search Engine

7- Create Privacy Page, About, Contact Us Page for Your Blog:

These 3 pages “Privacy Policy page, About page, Contact Us page” are mandatory to create and publish on your blog.

Do you know:

1.> How to write About us page that makes readers go crazy?

2.> How to write Contact us page that will simple for readers so that everyone can use it to contact you?

3.> How to write Privacy Policy page with a free Privacy Policy page generator?

Google has its robots called spiders and Crawler that crawls each and every and finally, they understand this blog so and so. (^^^)


8- What is Privacy Policy page:

Most of the bloggers do fail to create this page before applying to Google AdSense Program and the application will get rejected they will be rounding around the bush Re-applying…..

So what is this page?

  • Under privacy policy page It consists of what type of blog Is this.
  • What type of Information you are gathering from users.
  • Is this Blog or Website Is Scam or Legit?


So, how to get Privacy policy page?

Now you might have got doubt should we type each every word whatever we are doing on our blog.


Do you know one thing, Some of them copy this privacy policy page from other related blogs (LOL) 😉

Really, I can’t stop laughing (Sorry If you did).

Please If you did, don’t repeat It first go and delete that page.

Then, how can you create Privacy policy page?

There some Online Privacy Policy Generators where you can take help from that site. Just enter whatever they ask you and finally, you will get your Privacy policy page to your Email address.

Nice trick ya!!! 😉

9- The Best About Us Page:

About us/me page is similar to Privacy policy page that whenever Google Crawl’s your site, these pages tell that he/she is a real person and your blog will not be considered a scam. 😉

Try to write some High-quality About us/me page for reference check some Authority blogs and Follow them.


Through this page, you can build some good relationship with some Pro Blogger like me 😉 by impressing them

with your past things using this About Page.

Note: About us/me page should be entertaining. I’ll also write soon that how to write the best entertaining About us/me page.

This page also helps to get full Google Adsense Account approved that you are not fake. Hence, you are the real person and your best Blog website.

10- What is Contact Page: 😉

If we ask an 8th class Boy/Girl that what is Contact Us they’ll reply as like definition that the world follows.

Really, just while writing this post I ask my brother (Sayed Zeeshan) and he was right.

So, create Contact Us page really helps to Get Approved Google Adsense Account.

Das It…


11- An Effective XML Sitemap:

If you submit your sitemap to google your site will be Indexed soon. So that Google understands like trusted site without any spammy.

Try to submit your Sitemap which Set Up of you blog At initial stage.

If you are using WordPress then you can easily Generate Sitemap using Yoast plugin and submit In Google Webmaster Tools.

If you are Using Blogger or Some other Platform use this Link to generate a Sitemap.

12- Remove Other Ad Networks Before Applying To Google AdSense:

You might have placed or promoted some Affiliate products in the form of banners on your blog (Because of not having Adsense).

Ya, you are doing a Good Job.


But before applying to Google AdSense Program try to (No). Definitely, you have to remove all the other Ads Networks whatever you are using (You can use them after approval).

If you don’t then you are on the WRONG PATH.

13- Having A Custom Domain Name With A Specific Email:

Most of the blog from free WordPress/Blogger packages and apply for Google Adsense but Google employees give importance to Custom Domain Names and Approved It. You can buy your custom domain name from

Nowadays, domain names worth is over cheap ($.099) approx. Try to buy TLD (Top Level Domains) before applying to Google AdSense.

After purchasing the Domain hosting provider (I’m using BlueHost which is a top hosting provider) offers you to create an Email Id related to your specific Domain.

For Example :

[email protected]

After getting an Email Id, just like the above Example now apply for Google Adsense Program, the chance of Getting Approved is high.

14- Google Analytics Code:

If you place this Analytics code then this will become a more trustable factor for Google that you are Interested In tracking your users’ Behaviour.

Trust Is More than Enough.

More Chances of getting Google Adsense Program Approved.


15- Quick checklist for Applying to Google AdSense:

  • Your blog should be Minimum 45 days old.
  • Unique, Rich Content Makes Google Adsense Approval
  • No Adult Contents
  • Minimum 10-14 post should be Maintained before Applying
  • You must be 18 years old.
  • Responsive Web Desing Template
  • Include Mandatory Pages (Privacy Policy, About, Contact Us)
  • Don’t Use Copyright Images (Use Free Images Only).
  • More Organic Traffic Requires
  • Good Navigation System

You have just Read ” How To Get Adsense Approve Trick ” and this is the end of the article. Try to implement each and every point that I have overtaken in this article.

Don’t ignore any point or don’t take Lite.

Share your view about this article on comment section It Is specially Designed for you Guys.

Only For You.

So, This is another Boring Author Box Below Each and Every post, Where I have to write about Myself that I am a Blogger and all that. Lets make it simple, Visit About ME page to know About Me. Circle me on Google+

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      Indeed, Google adsense program is a really popular among bloggers specially in the newbies to earn money. Google adsense program is very strict in its policies and approval requirements so that there are some mandatory things those are necessary for applying to google adsense program on the blog.

  3. Saurabh tiwari

    This is a good post on Adsense approval. I think it is important to just follow their guidelines and have quality content on your page. I have not applied adsense account on my new blog. Going to apply now.

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      Glad to know you like it.
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    Thanks for sharing.

    Wow. It was a nice article and useful regarding Adsense applying.

    I love what you said related to the important pages of blog. You know? You aren’t to going to get approval without these three important pages (About, Contact, and Policies).

    What’s more, make sure you mentioned about cookies policies in the policy page as it’s required by Google.

    Actually, no need much worry about number of content, but the quality. I got approval after publish 4th article. The quality is much important than quantity of the article.

    Have a nice day.

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      Congratulation for you Google AdSense approval after publish just 4 article.
      Indeed, as I said, the quality has its own impact over the quantity of the articles.
      About, Contact, and Policies pages are mandatory of Google AdSense program for the blog monetization.
      Glad to know you liked it.

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