Article Marketing Help: 5 Proven Necessary Steps

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Do you need article marketing help? Are you confused about how to get started or how to succeed with article marketing? If so, I can offer you some suggestions. I’ve been using article marketing strategies for several years now. And I have made plenty of mistakes along the way, and I have also learned a few pointers. And when it comes to article marketing success, I can offer you a few practical solutions.


5 Proven Steps Of An Article Marketing Help:

In the paragraphs below, I will share five simple tips to give you the article marketing help that you need. I hope it helps.

# 1 Develop a Plan: All successful website owners and online marketers understand the imthink-big-with article marketing helpportance of having agame plan. Before you start with article marketing Promotion you need some type of ghost strategy. In other words, you must determine what you are trying to accomplish. I think it’s the best to spend a couple hours and develop a strategy. In other words, which keywords are you focusing on? On which directories will you submit articles too? Who will write your articles? How many articles or entries will you write each day? These are just a few questions to help you get started.


# 2 Picking Good Keywords Is Very Important According to Ghost SEO Of An Article Marketing Help: Choosing the right keywords is crucial. You want a bunch keywords that are in demand but aren’t overly competitive. I always forcedly teach people to focus on the long tail keyword. For instance, if you have a Blog or website about rabbits, it’s a lot easier to rank high for “buying white rabbits” than it is to rank high for the word “rabbits.” I hope that makes sense. You should use a tool, such as Google Keyword Tool, SEMrush, Word Tracker to help you find some good keywords. Did you read our last post on 5 Killer and proven Article Marketing strategy?

# 3 Working with the Best Directories Is Charm Part Of An  Article Marketing Help: Not all article directories are created equal. I’d make a list of 20-30 of the best article directories you can find and then research each directory.

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Find out their Alexa Score and Google Page Rank. Do a search for a variety of keywords and find out which article directories show up on the first page of your search results. Also, look for article directories with “do follow” links as well as no-follow backlinks.

Because according to Google’s new update minting balance between high-quality dofollow backlinks and no-follow backlinks is very necessary.

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Bonus Tip: You can use a top one article submitter tool called IMWishList. This IMWishList tool is the best article submitter to Submit your article to Top 210 article directories with just ONE click of your mouse! And then go golfing while IT does the work!

It will not only submit to top 210 article directories but also, more blast your entries(articles) by an additional great popular 165 article directories Which is almost not easy for you. Because  it makes total 374 article directories. You just have to focus on your golden time to create more money-making things. The IMWishList tool is 97x faster than any article submitters tool. So, hurry up for a limited discount.

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# 4 Be Consistent: You must be very consistent. You must write SEO optimize articles/post every day, and do it for a couple years to get big results. You can’t expect to write one or two articles and then have a flood wave of traffic to your website. It takes a time to build momentum. You need to be consistent and never stop, right?

# 5 If You Have the Money, Delegate: If you have a sufficient budget, I would encourage you to outsource this task. It’s much more important to create content for your own website. You can hire someone for a very reasonable price. There are many different companies that offer their services for hire. This will free up your time to focus on creating content and marketing your website. Do not underestimate with this article marketing help.

Conclusion of article marketing help:

These five tips are some of the best article marketing help I can give you. My best advice to you is to get started and never quit. Do something every day and track your results. Find someone who has achieved success with article marketing (like me. Lol! I’m just a Mechanical Engineer who loves Online business) and pick their brain. Have them help you develop a strategy or game plan. It will save you time and money in the long run.

As always thank you for visiting, I really appreciate you! for giving me your thoughts in the comments below. If you think this could be helpful for someone, please share. And, Always remember one thing that is sharing is sexy!

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