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#1 Rated Backlinks Indexer Review – How to Get 100% Backlinks Indexed

Did You Know Over 75% Of Your Backlinks Are Worthless?

Yes, this is true, because the Google only index over 25% of your backlinks and Over 75% Of Your Backlinks remains non-indexed.

You can't just build links and stop there...

Google Needs To Make a Decision that Your Links Are Valuable Or Not...

And, this can be only done through ensuring Your Backlinks Get Indexed & Powered Up properly!

Building Quality Backlinks takes a lot of time and even extra effort. But, when your backlinks aren’t getting index in Google then the value of links is totally Zero. That means there is no return on your precious spent time and hard effort for link building.

And, that is totally frustrating! 🙁


No matter how much backlinks you created because, if they are not indexed then they are just numbers.

If you do not know how to Index Backlinks Quickly, then I’m sure you will love to know how I personally index backlinks very fast in very short period of time by making use of #1 rated backlinks indexer.

You know what this backlinks indexer not only Google safe but Penguin 3.0 likes it 7x more also in the way it works as compared to other backlinks indexer.

That’s why Google rated it best backlinks indexer of all time.

Keep reading Backlinks Indexer Review, and I will explain in front of you a trouble-free yet verified way to rank your page higher with no difficulty by indexing all of your backlinks.

 Backlinks Indexer is a cloud based service to give you controls over link building, not only to index backlinks but also power up them by building extra backlinks to your links (Yes, there no backlinks indexer like this one).

And the best part is,

It is very effortless to use, you just need to add the list of URLs directly and submit them.

Backlinks Indexer will automatically index your backlinks and create high-quality backlinks to your links to power up them.

Yes, you read absolutely correct!

Now, you find out why I’m in love with this backlinks indexer just like other Top SEOs because this powerful Backlinks Indexer can do more than just indexing backlinks.

Backlinks Indexer Vs. Other Backlinks Indexing Tools:

Alright, there are thousands of other backlinks indexing tools and services available in the market but there is no doubt that this is the first ever created backlinks indexing tool which is rated #1 Best Backlinks indexer since more than 4 years.

Did you Find Backlinks Indexer Review & Official Site on Page #1 of Google?

     Because backlinks Indexing Service’s official site is Ranked on Page #1 for Every one of their Target Keywords because they Indexed & Boosted Their Backlinks to Make Them 100x More Powerful.

Yep, By means of Building Quality Backlinks and adding Social Signals to their Backlinks using their own link indexer...

Backlinks Indexing Tool Comparison Case Study:

According to the Case Study conducted by ZontSEO we can clearly observe the following recorded data:

The intention of this particular comparison is to analysis the robotic solution indexing services whereby you don’t need to do anything by hand, excluding submit your backlinks. I forever make an effort to find out the most cost effective way to use my cash so I considered this test was in line; not to talk about that countless people are paying for different services which they aren’t actually confident are worth the money. I am not arguing that this is the ultimate examination to go by. I’m only distributing the statistics recorded throughout testing.

Well, my next case study on this blog (BlogRankSEO) may perhaps details on the enhancement in SERPs from getting backlinks indexed (while this is a small difficult). SO join to my Free Private VIP Membership by just clicking here…

Comparison Between Following Services & Tools:

1. BacklinksIndexer

2. Control Group

3. One Hour Indexing

4. Linklicious

5. InstantLinksIndexer

6. Indexification

7. LinkJuiceMaximizer

8. Nuclear-Link-Indexer

9. Indexbear

10. Backlinkindexing

11. SenukeX Xindexer

12. Xindexer Full

13. Xindexer Regular


"We can simply guess that whatever backlinks they generated has been given additional authority after the previous update, it is a very big jump and demonstrates that whatever they’re doing is obviously dissimilar to the other backlinks indexing services..."


Does Backlink Indexer Still Work After 2018 Google Updates?

With no doubt! Yes, it still works. It’s penguin safe.

If to increase your website authority and indexing rate you are building web 2.0s blogs and social media accounts, you know how complicated this can be.

You perhaps trying to build a network including Tumbler, Facebook fan pages, twitter accounts, Delicious and different managing can become challenging. The IFTTT Network was made to make this task trouble-free. Though, it can be hard to get each and every one of your pages indexed unless by means of a service like Backlinks Indexer.

Why I should try it?


1) Google Safe:

Believe me, Backlinks Indexer doesn’t make use of any black hats that break Google’s rules. Also, I’ve been utilizing Backlinks Indexer tool for about 1.5 years, and I’m absolutely happy to stand behind it. And the more I utilize it, the more I realized that it’s far great tool than indexer, it’s backlinks booster.

2) Cloud Based System (user-friendly):

For using backlinks indexer there is no need to be a tech-savvy person. The interface is pretty simple to use and this characteristic has in point of fact high value. The motive behind cloud-based Backlinks Indexer is that no one can turn it into an illegal bomb by edit any code easily. And, of course! With Backlinks Indexer, I simply require a device and Internet connection to do my work.

3) Verified Result:

Oh! Yes!

The first action Backlinks Indexer takes is to make sure all links are crawled by pinging every link.  After that, it empowers them by means of the high DA blogs, Web 2.0s, Micro niche blogs, RSS Aggregators and social bookmarking. And, in the end, you links turn into 10x powerful.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Backlink Indexer:

With no doubt Backlinks, Indexer gives one of the best link indexing services available. On the other hand, it’s a little bit costly service comparatively that’s fair because it provides way far good result than any other link indexer.

With the basic plane of Backlinks Indexing service of $15/month, you can submit over 1,500 URLs for indexing and this will promote your backlinks.

Then Enterprise plan comes with $97/month cost. If you’re an SEO company, then grab it because it’s specially made for you. One more thing to say, the basic plan can be upgraded to enterprise plan anytime. The client services they give are fast and well-organized.

After using Backlink Indexer If you don’t like it or the results aren’t as stated then your money will be refunded to you with no bothers in a time of 30 days.

Yes, they’ve 30 days money back certification.


How to Use Backlinks Indexer?

It’s so effortless!

Just follow the following 4 steps to index backlinks:

Step #1:

Log in to your account and Enter all URLs you want to index.

Step #2:

Now click on the Add Button

Step #3:

Then all your links will be syndicated across a great system of Unique C Class IP Blogs, Micro Blogs, Web 2.0 Blogs, RSS Aggregators, and Social Bookmarking Sites, where each and every URL will be paired by means of the content of favorite websites for crawling in without the bad spam aftertaste.

Step #4:

You can check their progress status anytime as well like what links are pending to be processed through the system and those are completed.

What Number of Backlinks I Can Expect? - Backlinks Indexer Review:

As mentioned basic plan you the power to submit 1500 URLs at a time but It’ll provide 20k extra backlinks to the submitted URLs, isn’t it awesome?

Well well! Can you image extra backlinks for enterprise plan then?

It’ll get added 2,10,000 backlinks. Can picture the class of boost your site will catch?


This not ends here; the user acquires 15-20 links per month that will generate a SERP movement to formulate it an extremely authoritative network of backlinks. That is how Backlinks Indexer works.

Final Words in Backlinks Indexer Review:

In brief, Backlinks Indexer performed ahead of my hope of a tool that professionally indexes the links. It’s really crazy; Backlinks Indexer gives exceedingly high-quality indexing services.

If you are searching for a high-quality indexing service, I believe that Backlinks Indexer is the best choice for you. And in addition don’t forget that you don’t need to make tiers to your backlinks since Backlinks Indexer will do that for you, so you’ll have further time for yourself/business.

I advise trying the trial of their basic plan of $15/month value, which you can also upgrade if you like the service it provides (and, I am sure you will be).

I hope you like Backlinks Indexer review! If you have any question just leave it in the comment box below, please feel free to contact me.

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Review of: Backlink Indexer

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On December 31, 2017
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