10 Useless Blogging Techniques in 2023

Last Updated on January 7, 2023 by Muhammad Tabish

I Will Share Fantastic Information Top 10 Useless Blogging Techniques in 2023 | Let’s face it, the Internet is full of Blogging “Gurus” who teach you about Blogging without knowing anything! Isn’t it the case? Everyone is trying to be the next pro-blogger or Darren Rowse and in the process, recommending what they think “should work” and not what “works“.

Top 10 Useless Blogging Techniques in 2023

Many Blogging techniques they recommend are completely useless. Here are 10 such recommendations you should never follow!

10 Best Useless Blogging Techniques

1. Keyword Names: This is widely seen across the blogosphere and to be honest, it irritates me. Who wants to read a post comment by Daily _____ Blog or Niche_____ or worst, Blogging With Success. What does this technique achieve? Two things:

  • Makes You Look Link-Hungry and Greedy!
  • Makes the blog owner less interested in your comment.

Personally, my chances of replying are much more when I see something as a name that resembles a name. No problem if you have ‘ABC @this blog’, at least, the name is there but ‘My Blog’ is just irritating!

2. Automatic Systems: Saw the ads about “Automatic” systems (you will never ever find those on this blog!) that promise to take your blog on auto-pilot and make you rich quickly? They even promise you “unique” content! Have you ever thought about where this “unique” content comes from? Answer: RSS feeds and article directories. Is it unique?

How can you expect people to come to your blog to read something that’s already on 100 other blogs?

3. Comment on Own Posts: This one sets me laughing whenever I read it somewhere. The recommended Blogging technique is simple: “Comment on Your Own Posts with Different Names and Continue until you reach there”. This is the ultimate time waster! You better spend time on something more useful like writing good content. Please Read I Mention WordPress Comment Spam

4. Offer Partial Feeds: Offer partial feeds with a ‘ read more’ link and readers will have to come to your blog! More bad advice! Instead, readers will unsubscribe!

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5. Use This/That Service/Theme to Boost Traffic: Ever read, “This System will boost Traffic”, “Use this theme and your profits will increase”! If you ever encounter such advice, I can bet you will find affiliate links around!

No system, service, or theme can boost your traffic. The content is the core of any blog and ultimately, it will attract visitors, not themes and systems!

6. Traffic Exchanges: Another time killer, traffic exchanges are good for nothing. Why? Because such visitors never come to read the content! They are on your blog to earn credits for their own site. They have a fixed time for which they will visit and will leave. They will not comment, subscribe, or do anything!

7. Buying Traffic: One step ahead of traffic exchanges, buying traffic is another useless piece of advice. Most of these services promise to send thousands of visitors to your blog for just a few dollars. What kind of traffic do you receive? Well, your website is sent to traffic exchanges, loaded in iFrames, and many more deceptive Blogging techniques that send anything but “targeted traffic

8. Keep Submitting: “Submit Your Blog to Search Engines Every Three Months” I do not remember where I read it but a guru did recommend it. This is a time-waster because once your blog is indexed, search engines will automatically crawl it periodically. You do not need to submit it again and again. It’s OK to submit your blog at the start but submitting again is just the time waster.

9. Reciprocal Link Directories: Submitting to all directories is another “recommended” thing. While it does not hurt to submit to free directories, submitting to reciprocal link directories is good for nothing. Why? Because reciprocal directories require you to add a link to them. The link is usually placed in the sidebar and the sidebar is present on all pages. So, you are linking to them from all your blog posts, and in return, you are getting linked from only one page? Who benefits? You or the directory?

10. Read Articles about Your Niche: Reading articles is the next good thing to nothing! You can read hundreds of articles about becoming a better blogger but in the end, you will not remember even the titles of most of them, let alone the content. Do not waste time reading articles. Learn from them! Follow the Steps! Do the things mentioned in the article instead of just reading it!

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This is not the final list of such useless advice and you will find more of these on other experts’ blogs. If you have read any, feel free to share them in the comments section!

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