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Bounce rate in terms of Search engine optimization is when a searcher uses a specific word to find your site, after google shows the search result he/she enters the site but immediately or after some seconds clicks the back button to return back to the google listings. The time spent by a searcher on your website after he enters it is called the bounce rate. If a searcher spends less time on your website and leaves it, then this increases your this rate, which affects your website negatively. I hope you will get your answer. What are bounce rate effects on SEO?

Basically, when you think like Google, you’re translating the activities of clients on a huge scale. Google has billions of searches each day. With that measure of information, it can make certain doubts about clients and sites that you won’t accept. As a sample, Google realizes that blades are connected to swords. For people that are a simple conclusion to make, yet for a robot that is an unbelievably troublesome conclusion to make. On account of Google, however, it has been seen that a huge number of website pages with the keyword “cuts”  will also have the keyword “swords” that can be seen on a number of those site pages. So according to Google, blades and swords go as one.

Why Does Bounce Rate Matter?

You have to stick to the thinking like google, look at a site that Google positions on the first page for a watchword look. Everybody needs to be on the first page of Google. Presently, how about we visualize the site positioning on the first page of Google getting a considerable measure of activity, however, the greater part of the movement leaves the site in 5 seconds or less. A sensible conclusion would be that the site isn’t a decent site since a large number of individuals snap on the site and 95% of those individuals leave in 5 seconds or less. Google tracks this and screens the activity of a site and how clients respond to the site. In the event that the clients are leaving the website promptly, Google isn’t going to leave that query item on the first page for a long period of time.

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

How do you ensure that landing pages are as relevant as possible? If a visitor via Google enters a shop, the visitor wants to see the article which was sought. The major players in e-commerce have an army of SEO specialists who try to achieve their desired results.

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Visitors must immediately find what they are looking for. If not, chances are that the visitor bounces, or goes abroad. Incidentally, it is not entirely surprising that the rate is so high, because if the assortment (a group of different types of something like an assortment of vegetables) of your shop frequently switches because you have a large collection, then it is also difficult for Google to have you indexed.



A Few Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate:

  • Meet the expectations you create in Google AdWords.
  • Show clear call-to-action.
  • Shorten the loading of the page (Page loading time).
  • Ensure high usability.
  • Test your assumptions with A / B tests.



As a high bounce rate is regarded as a measure of your site’s ineffectualness, so you have to enhance the content quality and usability of your destination pages. If you can bring down this rate through quality and relevant content, then that probably will improve the conversion rate and visitors to your site. Also, try to reduce your page loading time because it makes bores to people. Which will automatically improve your website visibility in search engines? Google and all other web search tools’ goal are to give the guests as exact and appropriate data as possible. That’s why when your website will have relevant and high-quality content, then it will bring your site in the top searches and improve its Page Result (PR).


There is every need to reduce the site bounce rate and improve its conversion. But this process starts from the website planning process and is carried through the development and marketing stage. When you will successfully decrease this rate, it will automatically increase your site’s conversion rate and will take part in the website’s online success.


Is 70% a Good Bounce Rate?

A high bounce rate such as 70% may indicate a problem.

Why is Bounce Rate High?

There can be a variety of reasons why a website’s bounce rate may be high. Some common causes may include a poorly designed website, slow loading times, irrelevant or low-quality content, or a lack of clear calls to action.

How do I reduce ecommerce bounce rate?

To reduce an ecommerce website’s bounce rate, try optimizing the site’s loading speed, improving the design and user experience, and offering relevant and high-quality products.

How much bounce rate is OK?

The appropriate bounce rate will depend on the specific goals and content of a website. A bounce rate of around 40-60% is generally considered to be average.


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