Should You Purchase MLM Leads For Your Business

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Should you purchase MLM leads? In most cases, it is a wise decision.

I have studied top earners who swear by “Buy leads.” And, I’ve met other networkers that have never purchased leads.

It really is an individual decision based on your budget, goals, and skill-set. What you say?

Don’t Worry!


Before you invest your money in any lead source, you should evaluate your options. Your ultimate goal is to get the biggest return on your investment.

Don’t you want?

You want best targeted MLM lead who are open-minded about new money making opportunities and are receptive to network marketing.

Let’s learn more about purchasing MLM lead, starting with disadvantages because when we are familiar with disadvantages of something then we can go away from it…

Disadvantages of Buying Leads:

Before we get into too much detail, please know that purchasing MLM leads does have some disadvantages too.

I’ll cover them real briefly.

The major disadvantage is that you don’t know how many times the leads have been sold to other distributors!!! 🙁

Many lead companies sell the same lead 5-10 times.

What!……. Yes, it is true.

That means the lead has been contacted by several other distributors. By the time you call the person, they might have already found a business opportunity. Or, they are so sick of being called that they are no longer receptive to new money-making ideas.

That’s damn shit!..!  🙁 🙁 🙁

⇒ Another disadvantage is that you don’t know how the lead company generated the lead.

⇒ You don’t know what advertisement the lead responded to.

⇒ You don’t know if the lead is an “opportunity seeker” or someone looking to get involved in network marketing. Simply put, you don’t know how qualified or targeted the lead is.

Advantages of Buying Leads:

These were the major disadvantages of purchasing leads. However, there are also several advantages.  🙂

⇒ The biggest advantage is that they are easy to purchase and reasonably priced.

⇒ You can expect to pay from $1 to $3 per lead, depending upon the quality.

⇒ Also, you will instantaneously have people to share your business opportunity with.

⇒ You will also know their name, telephone number, email and other pertinent contact information.

⇒ If you are willing to follow up with each lead, you will sponsor some new distributors and find some new customers.

That’s a good thing…

⇒ Plus, purchasing leads is very duplicable with your downline distributors.

Yup! You can share your lead source with your downline and help them get started.


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So, Should You Buy MLM Leads Now?

Things to Consider Before You Buy Leads

Here are some other factors you should consider before you purchase MLM leads:

1) Your budget:

What are your monthly marketing and advertising budget?

If you are working on a limited budget (anything less than $500 per month) you should purchase MLM leads.

I say this because generating leads online or offline are difficult for most people.

When I first started generating leads online, each lead would cost $5 to $10. On the other hand, you can purchase MLM leads from a lead company for $1 to $3 each…

Sometimes you can get a package deal and purchase 300-500 leads for less than $1 each…..  🙂

If you have a bigger budget, I recommend purchasing some leads and spending the rest of your time and money to generate your own leads.

The best leads are the ones you create yourself. However, if you purchase a lot of leads and you are good at following-up, you will achieve some success.

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2) Your available time:

You’ve probably heard the cliché that time is money.

Yes, it is.


⇒ If you work a regular 9-to-5 job full-time and have a family, you won’t have too much free time to build your business and generate leads.

If this is the case, I think you should purchase MLM leads…


By doing so, you will always have someone to call and share your business opportunity with. On the other hand, if you are working your MLM business full-time, I think it’s better to spend 50% of your time generating leads and the rest of your time following up with your leads.

3) Your marketing expertise:

If you are a novice to our industry, you should purchase MLM leads until you develop sufficient marketing skills.

♥ The lifeblood of this business is new leads…!!

⇒ If you don’t have someone to share your business opportunity with, you will be out of business.


While you are new to the industry, you should devote an hour or day to develop your marketing skills. You should read books and take courses on pay-per-click advertising, social media, and other advertising techniques.

4) Your phone skills:

Don’t purchase MLM leads if you aren’t going to follow up with each lead…

Yes, that would be a waste of money. $$$

⇒ One of the most important networking skills is the follow-up.

⇒ And, the best way to follow-up with leads is either face-to-face or via telephone.


Before you purchase a large quantity of MLM leads, you should hone your phone skills.

You can do this by working directly with your sponsor. He or she can teach you what to say; provide scripts and even coach you in the beginning.



5) Your other lead sources:

As I mentioned earlier, there are many different ways to get leads. Before you use any lead source, you should evaluate your alternatives…

⇒ What is the best way to get the best results?

⇒ What makes sense to you personally?

♥ My favorite lead source is Google PPC.

I also like to generate my own leads from my website. When I purchase MLM leads, I use a reputable lead company.


6) Your MLM commissions:

⇒ How much do you earn when you sign up a new distributor?

If you only earn $25 to $100, it’s probably not wise to purchase leads…

I say this because you would have a difficult time recouping your money. But if your company pays $200 or more per new distributor, you should purchase MLM leads.

If your company doesn’t pay much up front, don’t fret. You will just need to find inexpensive lead sources.

These six factors should influence your decision to purchase MLM leads, or not.

In addition, you should shop around before you purchase MLM leads…

Comparison shopping lets you get the best buy for your money. However, please keep in mind that the cheapest leads aren’t always the best leads.

Your key to success is to “test” each lead source until you find the company that consistently produces the best results. Once you are happy with the lead source, feel free to purchase MLM leads often.

Another key to success is to keep every lead. Even if they aren’t interested in your opportunity right now, they might be six months or a year from now. You should take notes when you talk to each person, so you have a reference when you call them back.

Final Thoughts buying MLM Leads:

In conclusion, leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing business. Most people should purchase MLM leads at some point in their business.

Before you invest too much money with anyone lead company, you should test several different lead companies to see which company provides the best results.

Once you are happy with the company, you can invest more money.

The biggest advantage to purchased leads is that you have someone to talk to immediately.

Although the leads that you generate yourself are the best leads, it’s better to purchase MLM leads than having no leads at all…


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6 thoughts on “Should You Purchase MLM Leads For Your Business”

  1. Hello ..
    I’m going to say no unless you know they are good leads. So many are junk and a waste of money. There are leads everywhere and I really don’t believe you have to buy them. Just some good’ole fashioned “talking” to build relationships, or the opt-ins you get – those are people who want to hear from you. Great post as usual.. 🙂

    • @Federici
      Of course! we have to don’t believe buy leads from anywhere. And, That is way We are Recommending our loyal readers this.
      Thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us as ever.
      Take care….! aNd stay tuned 🙂

  2. Hi Muhammad,
    You can buy leads, but like you said it’s up to the person and the skills as well.
    If you have no idea how everything works is going to be a waste for sure.
    But you can target your prospects and use any PPC platform.
    That way you will be connecting with people who are looking for you.

    • @Emi
      Of course, it’s all depends on a person skill and knowledge.
      Thank you very much for your great feedback.
      Thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us as ever.
      Take care….! aNd stay tuned

  3. Depends on the source. Depends on the product. Good leads can bring a long revenue but bad leads can generate aversion for product or business. Did you consider a remarketing?

    • @Rachel
      Yes, I consider remarketing.
      This is what I said that you should be very patient with it.
      You have good knowledge of selecting leads. As you said Good leads can bring a long revenue but bad leads can generate aversion for product or business.


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