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[Case Study] How I Earned $330 With just 1 Video And FREE Traffic!

Alright! 🙂 So I'm very excited to tell my no investment $$ case study here and how I earned $330 from 100% free traffic!!!

Is it looks like familiar to you?

Well, I know there are lots of blogger and Affiliate Marketers posting similar case studies, even if some of them are real stories and some are just a lie.


This is going to be a long a $$ case study article, so kindly tolerate with me as I'm going to reveal every single step of the procedure in such a way that I use…


Foremost, I feel to be frank with all of you to say that it's just because of my laziness occasionally that I do not follow through till the end, but it does work if you set up properly.

Honestly, I earned this cash over the course of 2 months as I did not follow through it continuously. I basically set all things and forgot about it (…actually, I wasn’t interested that much in this method first time as it was my Engineering exam time and this method takes little bit more focus for result, although, no investment).

But hey, look, it is awesome to catch small affiliate commissions with no more continue effort huh!

Step-1: Pick an Evergreen Affiliate Offer:

Remember, picking an evergreen affiliate offer is the first and foremost step of A.C.V.H.P. Method.


For the reason that the majority of WSO launches nowadays shut their offers once the launch enthusiasm is over. So I strong-willed to choose a more evergreen offer that can give me commission month in and month out. I make my mind to promote a Web hosting service (…well fitted in my niche).

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Key takeaways:

Promoting an evergreen affiliate offer is the base of this method.

In this A.C.V.H.P. Method, affiliate offers such as:

Energy Drink, Sports shoes, Sports T-shirts and other accessories, Mobile Phones, etc works very well all over the world…

Step 2: Sign Up for the Service or Test a Review Copy:

This step is really important for the reason that if you are not familiar with the product/service how can you know that is it good enough to ask people to buy it?

I mean, how can you promote an unknown affiliate offer?

The greatest investment you can do while promoting an affiliate product/service is to actually test the product/service for yourself first.

Now, you may oppose, but that's just me. This is how I like to do my jobs…

I have admirable affairs (that I have constructed over the years) with a number of the most remarkable product creators out there and that has permitted me to always get a review copy at whatever time they launched a new service/product.

However, that time of trying this method the first time, I attempt to buy the web hosting service to test it for myself.

Note down: This web hosting is not Bluehost web hosting as I’m already using Bluehost from a long time.

Key takeaways:

This step is not always necessary when promoting a popular affiliate product/service. Because you can easily find trustful reviews of trustworthy bloggers and affiliate marketers and save your money as you can trust them that they already tried it, and this product is worth to promote.

Step 3: Make a Sincere and True Review of the Product/Service:

In my case, I created an animated video to slowly and carefully explain everything about the web hosting service like its benefits, how to set it up properly, the CPanel etc.

I illustrated the features and advantages of the hosting service and tried with my level best to be as detailed as I could in a video.

Honestly, I do not have excellent skills for creating videos but trust me when you put your level best you always build awesome…

Check Out this video to know how Whiteboard Videos can help you get More Money?

Key takeaways:

I generally prefer combination of whiteboard video and mixture of different screen explaining with my own voice (…Yes, you can also use IVONA – text to speech convertor that I also use sometimes).

For creating whiteboard videos, the majority of whiteboard video creator use a software called VideoScribe.

Try VideoScribe for 7 days free..

Well, instead of creating a video by yourself, you can also hire someone or order a gig on Fiverr for individual video.

Step 4: Getting Free Traffic:

Well… well!

So finally we are talking about getting free traffic via Video marketing…


Video marketing can be one of the best profitable revenue sources if you done it accurately. It is a subject on its own since there are lots of things to study, although here I’m going to share only what I have done to boost the ranking of my video on the first page of YouTube.

So, now you have a video and you are going to upload it to YouTube

Wait... wait!

There are some very important steps to take BEFORE uploading it to YouTube:

Keyword Research:


Once more, a long topic, however you only require to get the right keyword for your video. You can make use of Free Google Keyword Planner to begin with. There are lots of Best Tools for Keyword Research like Long Tail Pro, SEMrush, KeywordSpy, etc. those make keyword research very simple like eating your breakfast, but I strong-willed to stick with Long Tail Pro as it is #1 Keyword Research Tool powered by Google and YouTube is owned by Google anyway.

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What I Type to Find Keywords?

Oh! Yes, of course!

What I always use is a combination of product name + review, such as if I’m looking for “WiFi Router” keywords then I’ll type like “wifi router review” in Long Tail Pro search field.


Because this is a consumer intent keyword.

When people type "review" after the specific product/service keyword, they principally are looking to purchase that service or product.

In my case, I think the search amount was about 438 searches/month.

This search volume is a bit low. Isn’t it?

I know that, but the fact is it still ended me profit 🙂

Rename the Video:

After the selection what keyword you are going to make use of, you have to first rename the video with your long tail keyword.

Here is how I act:

Check Out this short video to know how I do it...

Trust me this small course of actions will help you with on-page SEO. It only takes a few minutes to set this all, and this all effort will without a single doubt pay off.

Okay! You did it...

Well done! 😉

Don’t Forget to Upload it on YouTube

There are lots of video platforms but even kids know YouTube is the best...

Important Settings to do After uploading the Video:

1- YouTube Video Title:

You should use video targeted keyword twice if you can in the title.

What! You mean Keyword Stuffing!

Yes, you’re guessing absolutely correct!

I must say, you are pretty smart… LOL!

P.S. Yes, keyword stuffing is still working for YouTube and don’t worry, if Google changes its mind, YouTube won’t ban your account or remove your video.

P.P.S. Yes, you’ll get a notice first because YouTube also knows that you burned a lot of your butt fat to create this video. 😉 LoL!

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For instance, if my video targeted keyword is "Samsung Galaxy", I would use it as: "Samsung Galaxy | Samsung Galaxy Review", and something more along the line to create perfect sense.

2- Video Description:

Add your affiliate link in the beginning of video description or after a few lines.

Keep in mind,

affiliate links are ugly 😀 in look, it is always better to use a cloaking plugin to make it looks beautiful and professional.

Personally, I use ThirstyAffiliate cloaking plugin which makes my affiliate links looks better than ever before by adding the term “recommends” after my domain name.

For instance,

If you don't like to use a cloaking plugin, then you can also use an absolutely free link shortener such as Bitly - URL Shortener and Google URL Shortener.“ custom product or service name”/

Write an undersized review concerning the product/service you are reviewing and make use of focus keyword a couple of times. In reality, nobody really reads the video description usually 😉 , but it's just SEO food.

3- Video Tags:

Make use of related tags to your main keyword (Samsung Galaxy).

Some examples of tags are:

Samsung galaxy price, Samsung galaxy Cover, Samsung galaxy earphones, etc.

4- Pinging:

Ping your video URL in websites such as Pingler (it's free) to get index faster in Google and boost ranking.

5- Viral the Video:

Share the video on the every social media that you can. Even, if no one follows you there. It’s at rest a high PR backlink.

6- Put In your Video Link:

Insert the url of your video in the end of description. It is an additional backlink from YouTube itself. 😉

Trust me, I’m not kidding

Stay monitoring your video position for a couple of days by using a free tool like ProRankTraker. It's normal to get ranked on the first page of Google or YouTube straight away and after a few days drop of ranking.

Remember, this isn’t something you should be nervous on because it's common. Just continue observing it every day and sharing it on social media as you can.

If its ranking still falling, you can also buy high quality backlinks from a faithful source if you can (not necessary because you can also build free high quality backlinks very easily and very quickly).

NOTE: Kindly keep in mind, don't purchase fake views/video comments, you will only injure your YouTube channel and its ranking.

As I said before, there are lots of tactics and strategies of video marketing than the above, but these are the all things which I used to rank videos and earned nearly effortless affiliate commissions.

Oh, I almost forgot 😉 here is my affiliate commissions report’s screenshot:


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Conclusion of $$ Case Study:

Do not underestimate the power of video marketing. Choosing an evergreen affiliate offer is very important and we can promote it very easily by making a short review video. To rank review vides, use of focus and relevant keywords are very important. Social media is a very good place share review videos to boost their ranking and get more exposure.

I hope this case study show you how it is easy to earn money with affiliate marketing by use of video marketing effortlessly 🙂 Go ahead and try this and let me inform how it worked out for you!

Check your domain ranking

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    In the past, as an affiliate, I would send out the email and share on social media once or twice, but not create a video and post it on YouTube. In fact, I have not used YouTube correctly. Often I have unlisted videos for a particular virtual summit I am hosting but not for affiliate products. My goal this year is to do much more affiliate marketing. Thank you for all the suggestions on how to do it and how to improve the reach of the YouTube Videos.

    Dr. Erica

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