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How To File A DMCA TakeDown Notice With Google

Do you know after filing a DMCA Complaint to Google you may end up paying a heavy fine as a punishment? Yes, if Google finds out that your claim is false and...


Top Free Plagiarism Tools – Check Copyright Content & Stop It from Happening Again

Before looking at Top Free Plagiarism Tools and How Check Copyright Content, Lets see what is Plagiarism? In the blogging industry, it basically means copying...


Fundamentals Of On-Page Search Engine Optimization 2017

Talking about search engine optimization for a new website, some SEO practices can be intimidating due to the quantity of information out there. In addition, if they do...


DuckDuckGo Grew More Than 70% Last Year, The search Engine That Doesn’t Track Its Users

What is DuckDuckGo?DuckDuckGo is the hidden kind web search engine, keeps to rise quickly that doesn’t track its users. But it has also battled to be accepted...

Content Delivery Network

How Content Delivery Network (CDN) Can Impact SEO

How Content Delivery Network (CDN) Can Impact SEO A 3 seconds interval can change someone’s life. This interval can make your startup skyrocket the revenue. Seems...