How Content Delivery Network (CDN) Can Impact SEO in 2022

Last Updated on September 17, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

How Content Delivery Network (CDN) Can Impact SEO A 3 seconds interval can change someone’s life. This interval can make your startup skyrocket in revenue. Seems awesome. Isn’t it? But, on the other end, this interval might get your whole business a significant loss of customers.

Content Delivery Networks

I’m talking about nothing else but the page loading time.

Today, I’m going to explain several things about “CDN Content Delivery Network” and Page Speed with their impact on SEO.

Page Speed & SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is having such importance for online businesses as water has for fish. SEO as a source of organic visitors is getting huge day by day and keeps creating its scope in the world of 7 billion people.

After all, the question arises, How CDN Works does page speed affect SEO? Before saying anything, let me mention the point of the famous link builder, Brian Dean:

CDN Page Speed

Website speed matters. The page on fast-loading Blog rank significantly higher than pages on slow-loading websites.

Back in 2010, Google announced that Page Speed shall be considered directly in one of 250+ ranking factors. To that day, you can say the web giant has been affecting the SERP while including the loading time as a factor.

It means Google (a.k.a web giant) is officially presenting the importance of page speed. But, the story does not end here. In 2015, they released an update with the name “mobile add-on” which aimed to provide a better search experience to mobile users. After this update, they started making several changes in the algorithm for device-specific users. They have been working on ranking mobile-friendly pages higher while considering loading time as a factor.

This means, like on the desktop, mobile search users will get page speed optimized pages ranked higher as compared to the slower pages. Gary Illyas also tweeted that this process is in a planning phase. But, it’s soon going to be completed.

That’s enough for showing the importance of speed regarding SEO. Now, let’s continue our subject.

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The scene behind CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN stands for ‘Content Delivery Network’.
Let me explain the whole work in simple wording. Suppose, you have a site, and your hosting server is in California. 2 Users, 1 is from California (near to the server), and the second one is from India (far away). When both would visit the site, the first one would get the site the faster-loaded while, the second one would have to wait a few seconds to get the site loaded.


This would risk your business because most of your customers shall be sitting far away from your hosting provider.

Now, the solution is CDN. Think of a big network on the server, each shall be having your site’s files. When the customer is visiting your site, CDN Providers will fetch the data from the nearest data center.


In this way, your site will be loaded faster in every region of the world.

This would have a positive impact on both SEO & User Experience. My simple explanation tells the concept of CDNs in a child-like way. Isn’t? 😛

  • Benefits of using the CDN:
    Here are the luxuries that you would get when you would be using a “”Content Delivery Network“”.
  • Save the Resources: Less bandwidth will be used because your site will be loaded from the nearest server. Some real CDNs provide a facility of the caching system.
  • User Experience: Your visitors shall be loving while visiting your site because nobody wants to waste their time waiting. Hence, you will decrease your bounce rate and improve your user experience. UX also impacts SEO.
  • Site Traffic: Most users bounce back because the location doesn’t loads, and they don’t want to wait anymore. But, if you will be using a CDN Tire, then definitely! You will experience the joy of low-bounce-rate and a significant increase in traffic.
  • Revenue: There comes the interesting part. A faster loading site always catches the fish. Oh! I mean, the customers.

How Do They Both Affect SEO?

Basically, CDN Free doesn’t have a direct relation to SEO. But, it has page loading time. And, page loading time impacts the SEO. In this way, CDN indirectly affects your ranking on search engine.

So, technically, it’s concluded that CDN can affect your site’s speed, user experience, revenue, bounce rate, and last but not least which is search engine ranking.

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