Super CPA Affiliate Marketing Guide – Basic To Advance Step-By-Step

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Super CPA Affiliate Marketing Guide – Basic To Advance Step-By-Step

I’m back with another Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide, “Super CPA Affiliate Marketing Guide” which is not similar to other guide that you may read on the Internet about blog/website monetization.

From the beginning of my internet marketing career, I always like to do split testing for different monetization methods to know that, what works and not to earn online money.

Yes, I also used Google Adsense which is quite popular among blogging communities, and end up with the result that Google Adsense is good for earning money but not better than Affiliate Marketing.


Notable Facts:

  1. Google Adsense isn’t a bad choice; you don’t need to afraid with Adsense’s low CPCsas you can easily increase Google Adsense CPC by the Ultimate Guides for Increasing Google Adsense CPC Very Fast.
  2. Did you know you can ​make 3 figures with Event Blogging using Google Adsense within 2-5 days as it is base on a specific event or festival (Event Blogging)?

Then I promoted Clickbank products (still promote some)…but initially I couldn’t get the targeted traffic to convert; this is all beginners problem (Now I have the best solution for targeted traffic).

Finally, I built an email list…but that time, it was too hard for me to convince my subscribers to buy from me. I was also completely away from how to pitch products without losing subscribers.

Then one of my friends told me about CPA marketing, actually CPA affiliate marketing…and rapidly recognized that it’s one of the best ways for affiliates to monetize their sites.

Unlike promoting products on different affiliate networks such as or Amazon where you rewarded with an income share as a commission, CPA marketing (CPA affiliate marketing) is very easier and calls for less work.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about CPA marketing very deeply.



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CPA stands for “Cost Per Action”.

CPA marketing is a very popular type of affiliate marketing in which you get a handsome commission by promoting offers that simply need a specific action to give you a commission, thus “Cost Per Action“.

Well, the “action” may be regarding anything, although generally consists of:

  • Opt-in or Filling out a details form (name, email id, zip code, and other contact information)
  • Downloading a tool-bar or game
  • Getting an estimate or quote
  • Signing up to a dating site (it’s very effective in the USA, UK, Canada, etc.)
  • Signing up for a free trial (tools, Software, Membership, etc.)
  • Buying something at very low cost (mostly negligible cost)
  • Creating a free/paid account for an online game (usually free accounts)

  Let’s Openly Explore Why You Get Paid For Such Tiny Actions In   This CPA Affiliate Marketing Guide:


I am going to explain it in a very simple and totally clear manner… 🙂

There are huge numbers of big companies ready to pay us as affiliates a cut (or say commission) for bringing mentioned actions on top/leads for them. We get profit with no trouble because we don’t have to actually generate a sale to get paid.

On the other side, the companies will also advantage as they have their own back-end line of attack where they monetize their leads and while their lead upgrades or turn out to be a paid member, companies keep 100% of the commission. Is this makes sense now?

Two Main Reasons to Use CPA Ads over Any Other Ad Network:

1- Top Position on the Value Chain:

To generate the higher amount of revenue from your earning system, you must have to get as high top position on the value chain as you can.

Here is a visual example of what the value chain looks like for any digital products (here we will take a $47 ebook as an example):


As the Value Chain clearly indicates, Adsense ads, banner ads, and CPC/CPM models place you at the lower of the value chain.

Alternatively, selling your own product like an eBook, video training, a software, etc. and promoting targeted affiliate products such as web hosting, competitor stealing tools, etc. (these products pay more commissions) and CPA offers have a tendency to position you at the top on the Value Chain.

(Note: the values in the figure don’t reach equal to $47 since there are several clicks and leads that don’t convert).

    Online Business Truth

Always remember that objective products have 2-10x more hands in the vessel (i.e. distributors, warehouses, suppliers etc.). That’s the only reason behind why Amazon Associates/Amazon Affiliates only get $100 while somebody purchases a $2500 laptop.

2. Integrated Advertising:

On the other side profit about CPA ads is that you don’t have to spoil your website with ugly Adsense blocks or banner ads (Hey.. will Google block my Adsense account as I told this 😉 ).


I told ugly to “The Google Adsense Ads”… I’m Sorry!

Aren't some of ads ugly?

 I’m so Sorry the Google Adsense… I’m Really Sorry (just kidding! 😉 Actually, we don’t have full control over the Adsense ads and that’s how I think it’s ugly when we can’t deliver right ads to website visitors)

Seamlessly, CPA offers are quite targeted to your niche. That indicates your website visitors will land on a professional & clean layout, and you can keep brand standard up of your website at the same time as advantaging from out-of-this-world CTR, CPCs, and RPMs…

Step #1: Getting Accepted Into Top CPA Ads Networks:

First things first, you require getting approval into the Best CPA Ads Networks with the purpose of promoting their offers. Not like where you only need to create a free Clickbank account without going through an approval process (but this isn’t means that If Clickbank does not have strict approval rule so it’s low quality affiliate network. Clickbank is one the top Affiliate Networks.).

Top CPA Affiliate Networks are a little bit stricter…


That’s because some time ago there have been the lot of cases of frauds and fake leads which cost the network and advertisers a large number of cash.


Consider, if the payout is $1 for each opt-in (an action or task) then for 1,000,000 opt-ins (generating a lead); payout will be $1,000,000.00.

That’s Crazy, right?

How simple do you sense it is for scammers to make use of bots and fake leads to make money online from these offers?

Let’s move to the next point,

There are countless CPA networks that are very welcoming when it comes to accepting new affiliates members although getting accepted into the Top CPA Ads Network is a little bit difficult and I already told why it is. Please study this complete step by step guide on how to get accepted into Top CPA Networks quickly.

Once your account has been approved into the best CPA networks, the next footstep is to come across for the best CPA offer to promote.

Step #2: Finding the Best CPA Offer to Promote:

You can use one of these two methods to find a CPA offer...

Before you learn what offer to look for, I always recommend for picking a niche and stick to it until you get the results. The motive why I recommend this is only because I notice a large number of new affiliates jumping from gaming offer to dating offers after that return to biz op offers and all that.

This actually gets you nowhere and unless you can advantage in a particular vertical, there’s no end in jumping around.

Method #1: Affiliate Manager’s trending CPA Offers Report:

1st Step: Once you have selected a niche, say gaming as an example, after that ask your affiliate manager for what gaming offers are converting better at the present time.

2nd Step: Affiliate Managers have plenty of statistics and they are there to help you make more money so don’t be afraid to join with them and request for help. Generally, they will mail you a well-converting record list of gaming offers within 24 hours or 48 hours max.

For instance, Here's a list of Top CPA offers my Adcombo - CPA Network Affiliate Manager has provided me:

Click on Image to Zoom


You can also join "Adcombo - CPA Network", it's the best and newbie friendly!

3rd Step: At this time, you have to go through the offer pages and make a decision manually for what offer is correct to promote. Remember that several kinds of traffic sources convert better for particular offers.

An extra excellent metric to select an offer is the network’s “Earnings Per Click (EPC)”. EPC of networks is not always correct but it gives you an idea of how healthy the possible incomes are for a particular offer.

In addition, several traffic sources such as “Pay Per View (PPV or Pop Up)” don’t permit certain download offers, thus you need to take care your offer goes fine with the traffic source of your selection.

Method #2: CPA Search Engine:

There is numerous of CPA networks — each one with hundreds of offers — how you will get the correct and niche fit offer for your Traffic source/blog/website?

That’s simple: make use of oDigger and

They are similar to the Google of CPA: they show offers from of good reputation CPA networks.

And it gives you the capability to search based on commission, keyword, category, and network.

Let’s consider that your website’s niche is the education (in my case, my blog is in the "make money" niche).

Open the Offer Vault and just type a keyword “Education” or “Degrees” into the search box (and I’ll type blogging):


And you’ll get a list of offers from different CPA Networks, like this:


Here are the common terms you must know while searching for offers there:

Click on Image To Zoom


Once you found a CPA offer that looks perfect for your the traffic source or blog niche, click on that offer’s listing:


After that, read properly the whole details of your Best CPA offer. The listing is only to give you all basic information regarding the selected CPA offer, for example; what the visitor needs to do and what type of traffic is permitted to promote CPA offers you have selected:

After observing description, permissions and restrictions if you feel it looks good, click on the “landing page preview” button. It is the CPA Landing Page that visitors will redirect when they hit your affiliate link:

To see complete Landing Page (LP) click on the image...

You might think:

  • Why should you check CPA landing page?
  • What are the important things should be on a CPA landing page?


First and foremost, you must have to make sure that the offer landing page should be clean enough and professional. And, this landing page is completely professional and more attractive due to good graphic the $1,000 Scholarship offer.

For the reason that, if the landing page looks ugly or not user-friendly to you, it won’t convert, as it’ll seem shady to your traffic also.

Also, keep in mind,

The additional fields a page has, the lower your conversion rate (CR or CVR) is going to be.

Luckily, more fields also give higher commissions… 😉

…so don’t always consider a page bad like this with a lot of fields:


When the traffic is enthusiastic enough (for instance, if they searched in Google for “best online degrees” or "high Scholarship), I am pretty sure that visitors will fill out just about anything. 😉

What If You Can’t Find a Perfect Niche CPA Offer?

It totally depends on your niche; sometimes you may not be able to get an exact CPA offer that is related to your traffic source or website’s topic.

Don’t Worry!

In this case, you have to search for CPA offers that fascinate your traffic’s demographic.

For example,

During my 1st year of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, my two close Class fellow used to run a "dating" website/blog that was approx. driving 650-800 visitors per day to them.

I am taking “dating website” as an example here because it is not easy to monetize like other websites.

Regardless of the reality that they tested about 3 various fast loading and responsive best Website Themes  and High CTR Ad placements, they wasn’t good money with Google Adsense and the other hand Google Adsense has strict restriction that was making them feel unsafe but in each and every one case Infolinks ads was doing very well (Infolinks ads are highly attractive, demographic targeted and user-friendly).

Thanks to Indian Blogger community where there were getting every possible help!

Recommended to read:

7 Advance techniques to increase Infolinks earning without getting more visitors

As soon as I checked the ads their website, Infolinks & Adsense was displaying then, I recognized that majority them weren’t any sort of dating ads in any way…those ads were just targeted based on demographics (especially Infolinks Ads).

That was enough for me to understand the situation!... Hey, look I’m very smart blogger 🙂

That’s when I came to a solution for them to switch out Google Adsense Ads for the male enhancement and other dating offers.

And after that they were generating much more than they were making money with Google Adsense ad network & infolinks.

Final Step:

Finally, you find the offer that looks fits to above criteria; it’s time to connect with the CPA Advertising Network that runs the offer. You can apply by clicking on a link on the offer page:


When you click to join, an application forum will appear like this:



Every CPA Network has different format but some fields are always same as name, email, password, etc.

You must have to fill your phone number and Skype id…by which they will contact you.

This is a massive awkward obstacle for the majority of affiliate marketers. As affiliates, most of us habituated to making money online with no discussion with someone.

But the truth is,

Having conversation is mandatory to CPA network’s staff on the phone call to join a CPA network. You may perhaps even have to fill some real paperwork… It is not a big deal.

Ultimate Actions to Get Approval in these CPA Network:

Keep in mind that any CPA network isn’t trying to make things complex for you. They just would like to take care that you’re a legit person that will drive them authentic leads (which you are).

So it’s just a subject of being clear with them.

At this point follow these essential tips to you get in:
  • Call Them Before They Call You: This quote is very famous among affiliate marketing community that “Shady affiliates try to fly under the radar screen.” Contact CPA network right after you apply for an account and it can be possible by the their Skype, email or live chat support that is much popular nowadays and sometimes networks share their contact details with you in the e-mail that they’ll send you after your account request. I have been got CPA networks approval literally 5-minutes or sometimes a day after applying just by picking up the Skype message or a phone call.
  • Use website email id: Some networks may check email id that you used to apply for an account is matching with your website's mailing address likewise Shareasale (an affiliate network do).
  • Be Honest With Them: Majority of CPA application forum has a field that asks about your affiliate earning and marketing experience. 😉 Let me confess something, the first time I apply to a network I filled my earning as $56K/month to impress them while I was earning $100-$150 Google Adsense 😉 and that’s what generally people do.
    Believe me, you don’t have to do this, they’ll also approve your account even if you’re not making $100 a day. But if you’ll show off them you may have to give proof.

So if you are fresh to affiliate marketing and not making a single penny, it’s OK to tell them that. It doesn't matter you're not making a single Dollar but you can tell them about your plans for promoting the offer to what traffic source or on your own blog by targeting a specific GEO where your blog getting most of the traffic.

How to Promote CPA Offer on Blog/Website?

When you get approval of that CPA network you want to want promote offer from like G4Offers that we saw in the example above and Adcombo, then go grab the affiliate link of the offer that you searched at oDigger or or you can choose other offers as well from that CPA Network of same kind.

Where to Get the Offer Link?

Every CPA Network has different dashboard but there all are easy and similar in someways. You can the offer link in the offer menu. Just search for the offer or use filters to find the other offers according to your vertical (category/niche/offer type), Country/GEO, etc. same like shown in the screenshot.

When you find offer click on it and there you can find your affiliate link also called as Tracking URL. Some offers need approval before you start promoting it. Just click on Request Approval button and fill the information about traffic source you want to use to promote this offer.such as write there you want to promote that offer through your personal blog/website or paid traffic like native ads, pop traffic, CPC traffic, etc.

And, if they are asking where (country/GEO) you want to promote the offer then just write the country name (the offer itself has the country name it is allowed to promote in). 


Now, you can write an article about the offer using targeted country name in blog post title, headings, a few times in the article as per need.

For Example:

Blog Post Title: Top 25 Scholarships in USA for International Students

Heading: How to apply for the Scholarships in USA?

Note: You see, How I used USA in the blog post and heading because the country allowed is only USA. If offer is allowed for all country then you do not need to use country name.

Yes, you can also add banners in the WordPress Sidebar Widget to promote affiliate offers like I'm using a banner in the footer to promote Bluehost web hosting that I'm using for this blog as well.


If you don't know to add an image in WordPress Sidebar Widget then click on the below link to read the post of how to add an image in WordPress Sidebar Widget Step-By-Step?

Let me know any problem you faced or question in the comment box. And, If you like the post please share with others.


Sharing is Sexy!

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CPA marketing is a very popular way to earn money online. CPA is the short form of cost per action. Learn CPA affiliate marketing basic to advance Step-By-Step very deeply with screenshots. This CPA marketing for beginners guide is 100% proved.

CPA marketing is a very popular way to earn money online. CPA is the short form of cost per action. Learn CPA affiliate marketing basic to advance Step-By-Step very deeply with screenshots. This CPA marketing for beginners guide is 100% proved.

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