What Does The Term Direct Sales Marketing Refer To?

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What does the term direct sales marketing refer to? I define it as the process of marketing your direct sales business. If you are like most direct sales business owners, you probably struggle in this arena. Most people involved with direct sales are absolutely clueless about small business online marketing. They don’t know how to generate leads and don’t know how to effectively market their business. As a result, they don’t make much money.

Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location. Peddling is the oldest form of direct selling.[1] Modern direct selling includes sales made through the party plan, Source Wikipedia

What is Marketing

What is marketing?

Marketing your direct sales business is actually quite easy to do. I define Internet Network Marketing as the process of meeting someone, getting them to like you, trust you and respect you, getting them to purchase your products, and telling their friends and family about you. Please know that marketing is a process, not a single activity. Everything you do is marketing. How you answer your phone is marketing. How you set up your website is marketing.

If you want to become a top earner in direct sales, or just get better results, you need to improve your marketing skills. You need to learn how to generate leads, follow up with them, and convert leads to paying customers. I’ve found that you can do this offline or online. The best strategy is to use a combination of online and offline Email Marketing Best Practices.

Marketing is a widely used term to describe the communication between a company and the consumer audience that aims to increase the value of the company or its merchandise or, at its simplest, raises the profile of the company and its products in the public mind. Source Wikipedia

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How to Improve Your Direct Sales Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills

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The first step in the process is to identify your target market. In your direct sales business, you have two target markets. The first target market is potential customers. These are people who want and need your products or service. For example, if you are selling a weight loss product, your target market isn’t overweight people. Instead, your target market is overweight people who want to lose weight, and have the money to purchase your weight loss product. If you focus on this group of people you will get more sales. If you focus on the first group, you will waste your time.

Your second target market is potential business owners. These are people you would recruit into your business growth. For this category, your target market is people who want to start their own direct sales business and have the money to do so. That means you don’t waste your time on unemployed folks or disgruntled employees. Instead, you market to your target market.

Develop a Direct Sales Marketing Strategy

Develop a Marketing Starategy

Once you know your target market, you need to develop an Article Marketing Strategy. This means you need to find creative and effective ways to reach your target market. You should find out what websites they visit, what magazines they read, what newsletters they subscribe to, and any other important information. Once you have this information, you can advertise and reach your target market.

As you generate leads with your direct sales marketing campaign, you simply need to follow-up with your MLM Leads. Whenever people respond to your ad, you need to collect their contact information and give them a call. You can make your sales to people who want to buy your products right away and sponsor the people who want to join your business. More importantly, you need to keep in touch with the 90% of the people who don’t do either of these two things right away.

Most people will need to go through an incubation period before they buy. That’s why you need to keep in touch with them via email, direct mail and by phone on a regular basis. At a minimum, I recommend you send out a weekly email and a monthly newsletter. You can also send postcards and call them. Whatever you decide to do, you need to constantly streamline and improve your direct sales marketing skills, to find out what produces the best results.

Final Thoughts For Direct Sales Marketing

By following the advice in this article, you will get better results with your direct sales marketing efforts. Your key to success is to identify your target market, advertise to your target market, generate leads, and follow-up with people until they are ready to buy. This is what I do in my businesses, and it works well for me.

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