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DuckDuckGo Grew More Than 70% Last Year, The search Engine That Doesn’t Track Its Users

DuckDuckGo is the hidden kind web search engine, keeps to rise quickly that doesn’t track its users. But it has also battled to be accepted worldwide.


Throughout whole Dec. 15, DuckDuckGo gain 3.25 billion search queries this year, consistent with its posted traffic statistics in public. That’s about 74% over the similar era previous year. Monday, Dec. 14 was its 1st day with in excess of 12 million direct search queries.


However qualified to search industry leader Google, DuckDuckGo is very small at rest. Google has possessed more than 100 billion search queries per month for a while, whereas DuckDuckGo’s direct search queries crossed 325 million very last month. (DuckDuckGo, in addition, gained a different 284 million search queries in November by means of its API and from bots.)

Look at the DuckDuckGo direct search queries per month report:


A special data point: DuckDuckGo got 3 million unique visitors on desktop computers throughout October, as reported by comScore. That represents above 100% year-over-year growth, but doesn’t point out very huge audience. (It is appeal noting the possibilities that users of a privacy-focused based search engine compose it intricate for comScore to track them perfectly.) DuckDuckGo doesn’t expose what percentage of its searches are carried on smart phone, mobile and Tablet devices, excluding Google announced in the picture that last year more than half of its searches are from smart phones.

What’s driving growth of DuckDuckGo?

It’s CEO Gabriel Weinberg, contacted through email, credits partnerships opened in 2014 in the favors of Apple & Mozilla, and word of mouth.

In addition, he passes with a Pew study from previously 2 years ago, where over 40% of American respondents reported that they thought search engines “should not keep hold of information concerning their activity.” (Google and others make use of that information, as well as your search queries, to manufacture profiles for ad targeting, along with other reasons.)

Up till now that has not transformed to act. If 40% of US search searches done by DuckDuckGo, it would be more than semi Google’s present size. It appears driving awareness should be a main concern for 2018.

“Their biggest challenge is that majority of people haven’t know about of them,” Weinberg says. “We very much desire to smash out into the mainstream.”

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Amrita Thakre is a Master of Mechanical Engineering Student and a part time Blogger and content writer.