6 Essential Ecommerce SEO Tips 2022 For The Modern Marketer

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Digital marketing is changing and that goes not only for Ecommerce SEO Tips but those in ecommerce as well.  If you want to drive quality traffic then you’re going to have to start getting a little bit more creative than the standard on-page optimization and content.

This post should highlight some of the more prevalent modern marketing tools that many in SEO can utilize to bring qualified traffic and ensure your website will rank.

Ecommerce SEO Tips For The Modern Marketer

Ecommerce SEO Tips For The Modern Marketer

1. Social Media Developments

Most people would expect this one to be on the list while maybe others think this is old news.  However, no one can deny that social media is evolving.  Not only is it changing in the specific channels you can utilize but the platforms themselves are changing.  With new channels such as Pinterest and even Vine (a short video platform that’s great for product descriptions), there is no excuse for a lack of creativity, especially so in ecommerce.

With social media now having a strong correlation with some web rankings, there is no reason for it to not be an integral part of your SEO efforts. This doesn’t mean you should go out and spam but to incentivize people to share, it will not only get your product shared but give you a chance to give the search engines relevancy signals. 🙂

2. Responsive Design

Some may not see the direct benefit of having the responsive design but this recent video by Matt Cutts really does demonstrate the benefits of responsive design. With over 30% of most ecommerce business owner’s web traffic, it’s so vital you can be found both online and have a converting website. If you have a separate domain for your mobile website you could be hindering your SEO efforts by showing two different URLs to Google and hence diluting your link building efforts.

The other way to get around this is to canonicalize the page or to redirect, but responsive design is quickly becoming the standard.

3. Rich Snippets

Rich snippets might not directly influence rankings, but they sure do influence click through rates.

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There are three ways to get traffic through the search results, you can either utilize pay per click, increase your search result organically or increase your click through rate.  Notably using rich snippets you can show your audience (before they’ve even landed on your website) that you have social proof with all of the reviews you have and that your listing is one worthy of clicking through to.  Many ecommerce owners will be likely to see a slight increase in conversions as well which makes it an, even more, justified reason to use it.

4. Video Integration

While rich snippets might make your search listing more attractive, video integration makes your product page more attractive.

If you’ve ever been on Zappos.com you may find that video integration is a large feature of theirs.  Besides the fact that you’ll also have a video snippet, which we did cover slightly on the previous point.

5. Conversion Tracking for Ecommerce SEO

For some people, this point might be a bit strange but it’s highly effective.  Even with the rise of ‘not provided‘ data in Google analytics, there are still ways to get around this and get great SEO results.  Firstly you’re going to have to see which pages have the highest conversion rates and what the title tag of that page is.  Simply if you don’t get access to the keyword data then you’ll have to make the best guesses you can with the title tag.

The best case scenario for this is for you to find a term that is converting very well… but doesn’t rank on the first page for its key term.  What you can do from this data is realize that you’re missing out on some vital traffic for your business.  In the modern world, the Ecommerce SEO that effectively uses analytical data to their advantage is going to heaps and bounds above their competition.

6. Creative Link Building

Nowadays Ecommerce SEO isn’t just about changing the title tag, meta descriptions and bombarding your site with anchor text.  Instead, it’s about being seen as unique and becoming an authority in your industry.  There are now literally thousands of ways you can go out and promote your website and still get SEO benefit. 🙂

For example running a competition (which is often utilized by offline businesses) has the potential to attract hundreds of links if done right.  As well as that you don’t just have to do the standard link building or outreach, you have the potential to do an amazing infographic that really resonates with your audience and attracts links naturally that way.

Utilize only some of these ecommerce SEO tips, and you can stay miles ahead of the competition.  If you can just do something a little different to what everyone else is doing it serves you a great chance to get search engine visibility.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the tips above, please leave me a comment below. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “6 Essential Ecommerce SEO Tips 2022 For The Modern Marketer”

  1. Great post and helpful. I’m still learning .. so when you suggest using “rich snippits” where do you use them? Are you talking about headlines? Which are important too … informative, thanks!

    • @Lesly
      Glad to know this from you (loyal reader). 🙂
      Yes, headlines are very important. You can use a plugin for headlines optimization. personally, I recommended you to use it.

      Keep visiting and dropping your facts here as ever,…. Have nice day 🙂

  2. Thanks for this – I too have a lot to learn about SEO. I’ve tended just to write “content for readers” but know I should pay some attention to SEO too.

    Could you explain a little more about “canonicalize the page or to redirect”, please.

    I understand that’s NOT better than having a responsive design. Google has given us plenty of warning about the need for a responsive design – even if we haven’t spotted the trend in our own stats.

    • @Joy
      Most welcome brother!
      Google updating its style to show up the best result. If a blogger like rank on 1st page this is not possible without Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

      In short: Canonicalization is the way of picking up the best link or URL when there are some choices, and it mostly refers to the main page of blog or website(home-pages). Lest’s take an example, lots of people would consider these the same URLs: http://www.example.com. example.com/

      A canonical link element is a Hyper-Text Markup Language(HTML) element that really helps webmasters avoid duplicate content issues (copyright content) by specifying the “canonical”, or “preferred”, version of a web page as part of search engine optimization.

      Keep visiting brother,…. Have nice day 🙂


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