What Should You Know About Email Leads for Sale? – 2022 Update

Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

What should you know about email leads for sale? Let me begin by telling you that lots of lead companies sell email leads. In many cases, you can buy somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000 email addresses for less than $100. The lead company tells you that these folks gave their permission for people to contact them with product and service offers. In return, all you have to do is upload these email leads into a bulk auto-responder and start sending them email messages. When you do this, you will generate sales and make money.

What should you know about email leads for sale?

Email Leads For Sale

#Don’t Buy Leads

My advice to you is “Don’t do this!” unless you want to piss a lot of people off, violate the CAN-SPAM Act and potentially pay huge fines for spamming people. You see, lead companies with email leads for sale are really misleading you. First and foremost, you do not have permission to email these leads. The leads don’t know you and never responded to your particular offer. They might have given the lead company permission to contact them, but they didn’t give you permission to contact them. Does that make sense?

In addition, most of the leads are not qualified prospects. You don’t know which type of offer they responded to, how many times they have been sold to other marketers, how long ago they “opted-in” or if they were enticed to provide their name and email. That means that 99% of your leads will not respond to the email you send them. Actually, many of the folks will respond with “remove me from your list” or “stop spamming me” emails.

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When you see email leads for sale, you should ignore the offer. Even if the sales copy is persuasive, and promises you overnight success, or huge profits, don’t do it. Rather than purchase leads from a lead company, do yourself a favor and learn how to generate your own leads. Personally, I’d rather have 100 email leads I generate myself than try to work with 10,000 purchased leads from a lead company.

#Why You Should Generate Your Own Leads

When you generate your own leads, you know which type of offer they responded to. You know how “fresh” the leads are. Most importantly, the leads gave you permission to keep in touch with them often. I believe you will get much better results sending emails to your own leads than sending emails to purchased leads. Trust me, I’ve done both methods. And sending emails to your own leads is much more effective.

While it might be difficult to learn how to generate your own leads in the beginning of your online marketing efforts, it’s worth taking the time to learn the ropes. It might take you a year or two to get good at generating leads. In my first year in business with this website, I generated 581 leads. I now generate more than that each month, and in the future, I hope to generate that many leads each week. But, it didn’t happen overnight.

#Final Thoughts

In summary, email leads for sale from lead companies are a waste of money. Buying leads from a lead company is not good business. You cannot just send random emails to folks who did not give you permission to do so. After all, how many emails do you get each day from people you don’t know? And how receptive are you to their offers? How much does it annoy you when people spam you? Well, that’s how other people feel, too. That’s why it is much wiser to take the time to learn how to generate your own leads. It might be difficult at first, but it is a good long-term business strategy.

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6 thoughts on “What Should You Know About Email Leads for Sale? – 2022 Update”

    • @Erika

      Thank you very much for appreciating. Usually, people do not have enough knowledge of purchasing leads or other information. Buying leads without buying points mean advantages and disadvantages may be subjected to a big loss of money, time, etc.

      P.S. I’m not completely urging to avoid buying leads, but if you have a good sense of buying points of leads, then you can buy leads without any risk.

  1. Hi Muhammad,
    Buying leads for a small time will hurt the traffic of the website later. But making our own leads is much better.

    • @ Robin
      Oh! hi,
      There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of Buying leads those I already wrote in detail in my previous article.

  2. Been trying that years ago. Not working. Thats because the list is not build from your target audience but from databases with filters on it. Yes you are right building your own leads are the best way.

    • @Rachel

      Thanks a lot for dropping your personal experience here.
      The big reason for avoiding purchasing of email leads is just because we don’t know behaviour customer(email owner).
      Keep visiting and See you soon 🙂


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