What Should You Know About An Email Marketing List Rental in 2022

Last Updated on September 17, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

Email Marketing List RentalWhat should you know about an email marketing list rental? Let me start by telling you that email marketing is a very effective way to share your message with others. Just about everyone I know has email, and most people check their email regularly.

The email marketing list rental business is therefore big business. If it’s not already a multi-billion dollar industry, it will be soon. More and more companies and small businesses are looking for creative ways to reach new customers. And email marketing is very effective and very affordable.

As a small business owner, you can make money renting other people’s list. You can also rent out your own list to others. This can create multiple streams of income in your business and increase your bottom line. So, if you aren’t currently building an email list, start doing so immediately. In my opinion, it is the single biggest asset of any business.

Listed below, I want to share a few tips of advice before you eat started with your email marketing list rental. This information should give you a basic understanding of how things work and what to expect.

How to Develop An Email Marketing List Rental?


Renting Out Your Own List;

Renting Out Your Own ListIf you have a decent sized email list (5,000+ subscribers), you could consider renting out your list. In other words, someone else would pay you a certain dollar amount to send an email to your list. They would provide the email and you would upload it into your auto-responder. You would send out their message for them. 🙂

Price lists vary by industry, depending upon supply, demand and profitability potential. Industries such as make money online, internet marketing, network marketing, and home based business normally demand the most amount of money. But, you can find lists for everything from dog breeding to rental properties in Tahiti. The more targeted your list, the more valuable it is. Read also Aweber Rental Email Lists

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Rent Someone Else’s Email Marketing List

Rent Email Marketing ListIf you do an internet search to find a list for rent, I caution you to be skeptical. You will find plenty of companies offering to send your email to their five million subscribers for $500-$1500. They will take your money faster than you can shake a stick at it, without guaranteeing you any type of results.

That’s why I always think it’s a better idea to form a joint venture, rather than spending a lot of money to rent a list. For example, if you have a $40 eBook for sale, you could offer the list owner $20 profit per eBook from any sales made to her list. In return, she wouldn’t charge you a list rental fee. I think this is the ultimate win-win situation. I love joint ventures.

Tips for Success Email Marketing List Rental 

Quality always trumps quantity. The more specific and targeted the list, the better. This applies to renters and sells of lead lists.

Tips For Success Email Marketing ListIf you own your own email list, you should nurture it like a child. Be protective of who you let email your list. Make sure the offers are similar and relevant to your list. In other words, don’t send an offer about making money online to people who requested more information about dog breeding. Does that make sense?

Another tip for success is to check and double check the message. Make sure it is grammatically correct and make sure all links work. If possible, create an HTML message that is professionally designed, too.

Before you start renting out your own list, do your due diligence and find out what people are charging for similar related email lists. That way you can charge a fair amount. If you are renting someone else’s list, make sure you shop around first. I caution you that cheapest isn’t always the best. As always, you must test your results with several different list companies until you find the best one.

Final Thoughts On Email Marketing List Rental

In conclusion, you should consider an email marketing list rental if you are looking to make money online. Whether you have your own email list to rent out, or you want to use someone’s list, you can make a good income by forming joint ventures with other online marketers. This creates a win-win situation for both parties involved.

If you have experience with an email marketing list rental, I would love to hear your story. How much did you charge for your list? How much did you pay to rent someone else’s list? What type of results did you get from the email marketing campaign? To share your story, simply fill out the web-form below. Thanks. 🙂


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