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Ultimate Event blogging Secrets Those Blogger Never Share

Yeah! I finally decided to write an article on topic Event Blogging. What you heard is correct. Nowadays, this money making method is making millionaire to many bloggers overnight (looks like a scam!).

Not at all!!!

It’s not any kind of shit scam. But It’s also not that much easy as you can analyze secret ranking factors data of your blog’s competitors or eat your breakfast daily. To get success in event blogging you have to work a little bit hard but only for few weeks.

What! Less time work,,, That’s sound good!!!

event blogging secrets

What Exactly Event Blogging Is?

In simple words, Event Based Niche Blogs are the blogs created by Event bloggers on the upcoming events. And their main focus is to get high targeted traffic as much as possible before the event dates. Sometimes at the night before that event, especially when the celebration of that particular event starts from night. Example: New year (people celebrate it from 31 Dec. night).

They set a target of local traffic, earnings, articles, etc. and start working on it just before 1-2 months. It’s not mandatory, Its depends on the capabilities of the blogger’s works.

Best part…

So, event blogging is not like a permanent blog, but you have to work only for few weeks in return you will get $$$$ of income. This income is equal to what you work for month or months on your personal branding blog (long term blog).

Event Blogging = 1-2 weeks = $$$$

Permanent blog = hardship (as compared to event blogging), though some bloggers fixed it as their primary income source.

Many of my blogging fellows have tried this quick money method (Event blogging) and I have seen with my own eyes of their Real-time traffic and CPC Conversions.

Bloggers mainly focus for event blogging on Keyword research, Keywords stuffing, Link building, indexing their blogs on various search engines, etc.

It’s really booming man……

One of my friends “Iftikhar Ahmad founder of”, a very sharp blogger with attractive looks and he’s one of the India’s top bloggers, and the master blaster of event blogging.


  Important suggestion:

  • I highly recommend you to follow him. Believe me or not he’s a very humble behavior guy…
  • Subscribe my blog’s VIP Newsletter by filling your name and email in the subscribing box by clicking here, I’ll update more and more regarding event blogging.

So now you wanna makes a try of event based niche blogging then there are some rules to follow or tips which pro bloggers have given who already succeed in this event blogging money making method.

Because some of my friends tried but they didn’t get success.


They didn’t follow the strategy as I have written in this post, so they failed. Before you do event blogging there should be a perfect “Event Planner Blog” (every time should for anything). If you don’t do then face the failure (and learn from them… Lol). Don’t waste your precious time; take full advantage of event bloggers.

You Might Have Got These Doubts About Event Blogging!

  • How to start event blogging?
  • How to get traffic on event blog?
  • How to create backlinks for event blog?

Don’t worry I am going to share everything from start to end which I follow, but make sure that you are very serious about this event based niche blogging.

Promise me (Me: Ok).

Well, If you are new here, I mean at event based blogging,  then you must first learn out the right ways to get started your own money generator, “event based niche blog” for the upcoming such as New Year 2017 or Valentine day 2017. I shined this blog post totally regarding event blogging and I’ve some very interesting methods to get set go an event blog for Year 2017 or Valentine’s day 2017 in an effective manner. Surely, I will guide the best from my side (Insha ALLAH).

Most of you were busy in the celebration of the New Year or Valentine’s Day and having the best time you could ever have with your boyfriend or girlfriend or love or life partner (whatever you call them). But active bloggers had something special ideas! No, it’s not at all about Sexual relationships of bloggers or love! Neither about GF nor BF! It’s about Blogging!!

From the last events like New Year 2016 and Valentine’s Day 2016, it turns for us a lot in terms of event blogging experience and yes, in terms of income mainly.

How To Setup An Event Blog Step By Step?

1 Importance Of Team Work In The Event Blogging (700% more profit):

Before you start or plan to do Event niche blogging make sure you have to form a team to work out. Because while you do event blogging, you’ll be having lots of work to do.

You might be thinking if I have a partner then whatever I get income through this event based niche blogging then I must share it with my partners.

Don’t misunderstand me, human beings are like that.


As I’m studying Inspiration Engineering, (Yes! I’m a Mechanical Engineering.) that’s why I’m very well aware from Team Work, Quality Circle, Six Sigma, and all those Japanese Case Studies for productivity.


So, that’s what I prefer this team work for long-term blogs also. Take a real example of this blog in which me (SY Abuzar) and Mohammad Tabish are equal partners. Well, you can do slowly and rank your blog on search engines without Team Work (So that you don’t need to share your income. :p).

When it specifically comes to event blogging I tell people to build a team and do hard work (Highly Recommended). There is much work to do in the event blogging. I can bet doing It alone before few days is a headache (If you comment what is that, bet I’ll tell).

Finally, form a good team and start your work on targeted event. To get $$$$, do work hard (work like you need money very badly). 

2 Select An Awesome Event (Planning):

The very first thing before getting started into the event niche blogging is to plan everything yourself. After planning, you have to select a perfect niche that should have more searches and low competitions.

Did you know: Targeting low competitive keywords can drive high traffic?


Whether the event is worldwide famous or targets your local area traffic only. Because some bloggers believe that only World famous events give Good output, that is not true. Believe me, it really doesn’t matter!

The only most important thing you have to do is to select a rich famous event to do event nice blogging (more searches and low competitions).


To do free keyword research use Google’s keyword planner tool (It’s enough no need of any premium tools). In case, if you like to get perfect very high CPC keywords then you can use KeywordSpy full access account for 30 days free of cost (It’s my 2nd favorite spying tool after SEMrush. [I use both tools.]). Get KeywordSpy’s full access 30 days account free of cost (I’m using KeywordSpy tool from more than 3 years.).

Top Events To Adopt:

  • Valentine’s day
  • T20
  • IPL
  • HOLI
  • apple event live blog
  • microsoft event live blog

#Complete Practical Tutorial For Creating An Event Blog Step By Step:

Now suppose that we are gonna create an event blog for the upcoming New Year 2017. So finally, we have planned everything and target this event.


My next step will be by using Google Keyword Planner tool (GKP) picking up the all low competition keyword with their monthly searches. Then, I will save them into a notepad or MS Word file.

3 Buy A Right Cheap Price Domain:

Once you have finalized event then the next most important step is to buy a brand new domain related to the ‘event cinemas’. Try to buy EMD (Exact Match Domain). EMD makes easier to index soon and generate high traffic as well as to rank on search engines.

Some new bloggers go with sub-domains to do event blogging. I say please don’t repeat it again because it doesn’t work (to results a high impact of spam).

Do you know: what’s the cost of a right EDM (Exact Match Domain)?

It is equal to the cost which you invest to have your lunch ($0.99 or Rs 66.46).

1&1 Hosting

Examples Of The Best EMD:

If I am doing an event blogging based on New Year, then I will buy a domain name like: or

Note: If the domain is not available you’re looking for then you can do little changes like:

  • By selecting other extension (.com, .net, .org, .pics)
  • By adding or removing a letter such as isn’t available then you can add a letter “s” like this
  • By adding year or date like com,,

4 Create A Blog And Attache The Domain:

Now it’s time to give a birth to a niche blog. Choose whether blogger or WordPress platform (Choose the best on which you are perfect). It is an important step to make big money 😉

Note: Not only me, everybody force to choose blogger platform. Because, As soon as the event will end, then there will be no use of this blog (Just as waste paper). Who have done this event blogging have chosen to blogger platform because it is very easy and simple to understand (user-friendly).

Best part…

You don’t need to buy a hosting, as blogger offers its free unlimited hosting. It means blogger saving your extra hosting expense and you can manage high traffic at the same time without any issues because it is offered by Google Company (Hurrah!).

I have observed a thing when compared to Blogger and other platforms that the Blogs those are hosted on blogger will get index very fast. And the best thing is Blogger’s blog always have better attention to Google SERP (Main advantage). So, I feel if you are going to start event blogging better to choose blogger platform.

5 Blogger’s Responsive Template:

What do you do when you have to impress a girl on the first date? I know you’ll wear your nice cloth, shoes, hands watch, etc. and do little makeup. 😉 Similarly, make your blog looks cool with an awesome design.


And if you don’t have this stuff then, you’ll buy impressive cloth, new shoes, hand watch, etc. from Amazon. If you do mistake while choosing the Best Blogger template then, you will be out of the “Eventbrite”.


Because it is Smart-phone time and quantity of mobile is more than desktop. So, Mobile-friendly Template is necessary for either temporary or long-term blogging.

Pick up a well SEO optimized template as well as that should AdSense optimized template with well-coded design structure. Do search in Google and select the best template for event blogging.

Recommended: Better to go with ATB Template which is well SEO optimized blogger template. It’s featured with SEO optimized Title, Meta Description and much more.

6 Write Low-Quality Content:

Are you shocked?  …?………?………?………?.… Writing Low-Quality Content!!!

Yes, you read correctly (Low-Quality Content). Yes, you have to write fast.

Chill Guys!

I’m also talking about good articles within a minute…

As I promised I will share every secret that Experienced Event Blogger use but they do not like to share it with others.

But why you?

Because I know the pain of not earning money even I did 6 moths hard work and Adsense rejected my request 3 times. LOL! 

But after that, I made approx. $65 in just 2 weeks (regular blog). Event Niche Blogging is really cool.

But, it is 100% true. Okay! Let’s move towards Hidden Secret of Creating Content for the Event niche blogging within a minute.

Well, writing high-quality contents always better than writing good (normal) or Low-quality contents either blog is temporary or permanent. But technically it doesn’t matter with the Event niche blogging.

Secret That Event Blogger Hide: 


Mostly event blogger shows the Google that his/her blog is a better place than others blog regarding this events by updating with new content more and more frequently by using Content Professor – The World’s Easiest Web Based Article Spinner.

Q. Is it just a fact?

A. No, it is 100% reality.

=> From the recent study of Search Engine Visibility (SEV) proved that:

  • Brands that create 15 new blog post per month get average 1,200 new leads per month (that’s terrific).
  • Posting new blog post frequently brings 55% more visitors.
  • It helps to index more pages by 434% and all links by 97%.

Here is Proof:


Alert: I highly suggest to use CP Article Spinner only for event niche based blogging not for your brand blog.

Note: Not entire bloggers community hide their best strategies/secrets but, most of them do. And we all know that very well.

You can trail this Article Spinner free for a Limited time. No need of Credit Card for trail sign up.

Q. So, what types of content you’ve to post on the blog?

APublish blog post as many as you can relevant to the event.For our case New Year 2017. So, find and collect some best Happy New Year wishes, pictures, motivational quotes, greetings cards, Facebook status, WhatsApp status, Facebook and WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp jocks and much more use of funny stuff for marketing related to New Year 2017.


7 Keyword Researching:

Keywords research is like a heart for a blog. It is a very important factor for both long-standing blog and temporary blog (Eventhubs Blog).

Make sure that you have selected the best high search keywords with low competition and high CPC conversion rates. For this, you can use Google’s keyword planner.


There are many alternatives for Google’s keyword planner tools. KeywordsSpy is always better keyword research tool. Use 30 days trail of KeywordsSpy. No need of Credit Card for trail sign up.

After selecting best keyword research tool start list building of keywords which you want to rank for that particular event into an excel sheet or normal notepad file (Your wish).

Quick Checklist Keyword Stuffing (for placing keywords at the right place):

  • Use Keywords in Title of the Blog post.
  • Use keywords in 1st Paragraph of Blog Post
  • Use Keywords in Subheadings like H2, H3 tags.
  • Use keywords in Meta Description.
  • Use keywords in blogs posts images alt tag.

8 Search Engine Optimization:

As you know SEO is the main part to generate traffic. If you do SEO perfectly then you can expect something from your blog. If you fail to do perfect SEO then you will be out of the circle.


  • You are not a single niche blogger.

You have some competitors who are working hard to rank for your keywords so focus on search engine optimization.

According to the best Blogging Gurus that, “if you don’t do off-page SEO no need of worries but, if you are bad at on-page SEO then you will be kicked by someone”.

So, write for readers on page SEO perfectly with responsive design, etc.


Did you know after spinning: How To Make An Attractive And SEO Optimized Article For Readers That Search Engine Loves To Rank?

9 Link Building:

Alert: This is the main part of event Brite blogging…

There are many methods to build backlinks but here we will discuss only less time-consuming backlinks building techniques

Every blogger avoid’s event blogging because of this link building strategy. They think every successful event blogger has his own link building secret which he never shares with anyone.

Today you have to change your thought after reading this article.

Do you know what will happen if we create some bulk links for a new blog?

Google just penalize your blog.

Most of the bloggers think that more backlinks = more traffic.

Ya! You are right but not in the cost of spamming. You will be treated as accordingly. You just have to create some quality backlinks rather that quantity.

Quantity is worthless but the quality is worthy.

Read also: 5 Killer Ways To Get Backlinks Within Less Time

1- Blog Commenting:

Create a list of blogs which are ranking on your selected keyword then visit those blogs and start commenting so that quality exists as well as you will get referral traffic from those blogs.

Note: Did you know one guy made $400 just by commenting on a single blog


He got referral traffic from that ranking blog which he selected to rank on that particular keyword.

Just One Comment made $400!!! (Cheers guys you can do it).

Utilize mainly targeted keywords like “Happy New Year messages” “Happy New Year wallpapers” and also “Happy New Year Greeting Cards” on your link building task. These are few examples and you can use various more related to your event

2- Directory submission:

There lots of free article directories where you can submit articles with links pointing back to your blog. Again creating articles for directory submission is time-consuming, but do not worry you can use CP Article Spinner to create many quality articles with one click. 

You pay a low amount of money to a same niche blog’s owner to add your blog link to his/her blog sidebar. It also called widget paid links and sticky links. It is very famous techniques for both long-term and short-term blogs.


Follow steps to get it:

  1. Find the blogs of the same niche and save them in a WordPad file.
  2. Collect Email id of all those blogs if possible it can help u send them an email for paid links.


Contact them individually and ask for paid links.

Did you know Google only index your 25% backlinks?

Yes, it is 100% true.

A few weeks ago I was talking with one of my friend who is a very active blogger in the Pakistan’s blogger community. He recently awarded for correctly pinpointing up to “four big SEO mistakes those can make your blog zero” live within 5 minutes in a blogging event. Three Contestants tried but only he could spot the knot correctly. He is a very fast backlinks builder.


So, we were discussing on backlinks and he told that “He experienced that all backlinks never index by google easily as he made a lot of backlinks but few of them say 67% are indexed”.

He analyzed backlinks indexing system deeply and get that you have to do something if you want to index your all backlinks.

I suggested him to try Backlinks Indexer System for free.

To know how exactly Google doesn’t show your left 75% backlinks watch the below short video:

So here is what I am trying to tell you that you need a this backlinks Indexer to index your al backlinks to rank better and fast.


Take a free trail of Backlinks Indexer especially for our blog readers. Yes, Backlinks Indexer is one of our favorite tools.

10 Monetization Methods:

The main target when you do event blogging is to make bulk money from that event blog. So it is very important to choose the best monetization method for your event blog.

There are many methods available to monetize your blog, but I recommend you to use Google AdSense first.

Read Also: 15 Things to Do Before Applying To Google AdSense

Why because Google AdSense gives high CPC rates where no other network provides you.

If you have an approved full Google AdSense account then go for it. Some of them might don’t have, then for you guys there is no option you have to choose some alternative method like:


It is a very best alternative of Google AdSense for event blogging as it also gives high CPC rates after Google AdSense Program.

Nowadays mobile devices are more than desktop so it has highly mobile optimized ads units.



4- Chitika

Finally affiliate marketing.

All the above are Google AdSense alternative methods which are similar to it but not equal

Most of the users feel annoying when the blog is placed with all the above ad networks. The behavior of ads is not same as In Google AdSense.

But, if you don’t have Google AdSense then, this only the way no option.

Event Blogging Checklist:

Most Important Tips to Rank your blog on Event Day:

  1. Start event blog before 1 month of an event.
  2.  Event Blog Design should be responsive and easily navigable.
  3. Event Blog domain name must contain event name keyword.
  4. Interlink post with relevant posts in event blog.
  5. Link Building from Auto Approved Commenting Blogs and CommentLuv blogs.
  6. Use free blogger platform (free hosting).
  7. Write posts frequently with proper On-Page-SEO.
  8. Comment on already ranked event blog to build backlinks.
  9. Don’t forget to Get Sitewide links from same event blogs before 2-3 days (keep safe).

Event Blogging Conclusion:

So, guys, this is the Secret revealed behind event blogging which can definitely boom your earnings overnight. While choosing an event, do some Proper Research and finalize it.

Select Low competition keywords and write lots of articles related to niche so that you can Rank easily on search engines.

Do share this article with your friends if you feel worthy of reading also comment any to add more if you have experience in event blogging.

Check your domain ranking

So, This is another Boring Author Box Below Each and Every post, Where I have to write about Myself that I am a Blogger and all that. Lets make it simple, Visit About ME page to know About Me. Circle me on Google+

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  1. Robin khokhar

    Hi Sy,
    It was really a interesting post. Thanks for sharing the secrets about Event blogging.
    You did a great job.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week ahead.

  2. Abdul Samad

    Hello Abuzar,
    How are you man? I hope you’re fine and shine as always 🙂
    Coming to the article, exactly these are the secrets of Event Blogging, there is no rocket science to do event blogging.
    The best part of event blogging is to work with team of bloggers (not that much professional but blogger with some knowledge).
    I was planning to do event blogging this year on 2017 but unfortunately I can’t because of time management!
    The one secret tip I wanna share with you guys is:
    Buy the domain 1 year before event and EMD (As you said above).
    Don’t start link building from the very first day, write as many articles as you can (you can spin too).
    I suggest you to spin or write atleast 500 articles in a year!
    Before 2 months of event start the link building practice and update the blog rapidly.
    I swear sky will be your only limit if you follow Abuzar and these tips ( in nutshell ).
    Thanks buddy for the mention, it is really surprise as you don’t told me before 😛
    And thanks for suggestion backlink indexer tool! 😉
    Hats off to you man!

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      I’m very well Alhamdulillah!
      Thank you so much, Abdul Samad for appreciating in such a kind way. Yeah! working with a team of bloggers play a very important role in the event blogging as I mentioned.
      And I hope you will rock your upcoming events blogging!
      Thanks again for appreciating and sharing your tips regarding event blogging. All tips you shared is totally correct.

      Next time when I’ll mention you again I will sure inform you (It was a surprise).

      backlink indexer tool is necessary for indexing our backlinks and save ton of time and effort.

      😀 Have a Good Day

  3. Joy Healey

    Hello Sy,

    Interesting topic. I actually tried event blogging once when the world was supposed to end on a certain date in 2012. As we discovered the world didn’t end LOL.

    Some of your techniques I implemented, but most of them I hadn’t a clue about, so it wasn’t a profitable exercise. However I can see that had I known about those extra tips it would probably have been a more profitable venture.

    If I were to try this again I would choose a recurring event rather than an specifically year based one because I didn’t like the thought of my work being totally worthless in 2013. I would certainly implement the rest of your tips.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      @Joy Healey
      Yeah! I totally agreed with you that selecting a recurring event helps more than ever as you can put the brand in it, but again it turns back to the point that targeting exactly what is going on is always matters for ranking.

      I can understand that, why that time it did not turn into some $$$ for you. Yup! we may fail as we are not alone in this field.
      And as I said it doesn’t take time and effort likes a regular blog. I mean we can use a spinner, buy backlinks, etc.

  4. Jack will

    Hey Dear,

    Awesome post written here actually once i read same and detailed guide on a blog OnlyLoudest so again it’s here which is another awesome guide for me.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      @Jack will
      Thank you so much Jack for stopping here.
      Yes, Event blogging is really less time-consuming part of blogging to make $$.
      keep tuned I will update more regarding Event Blogging Secrets…

  5. sportvivocom

    Hi Abuzar,

    Your interest is in event blogging which is good thing for earn money it is easy to manage instead of
    regular website. in the end of post your told some seo tricks which are very helpful for getting back links

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      Thank you so much for appreciating!
      Backlinks are the main key of success in the event niche blogging. I shared some event blogging secrets those will surely help you to get your goal.
      Keep coming again and again as your feedbacks are valuable and I will update more and more.

  6. Sushil Thakur

    Thanks for sharing your opinion about event blogging.
    I really like these techniques and also appreciated.
    But I have a little confusion regarding Adsense, If I published low-quality content then Adsense banned chances are high. So how I safe my Adsense account?

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      @Sushil Thakur,
      Very good Question!
      Actually, when you use this free article spinner which is free to use for a limited time, will make your content good quality content..
      Don’t be confused!
      Let me clear!!!
      The articles won’t be low-quality content according to search engine as this world best article spinner makes article totally unique but we all know when you write yourself you can add everything that can bring what actions you want from visitors, right?
      but the quality of content by this spinner isn’t that much quality content.

      P.S. It means the article from this spinner is quality content and grammar error free.
      P.P.S. That’s why it won’t harm your Google Adsense.

      ………………………………………………………………. Last but not least:- Glad to know you like it.

  7. Muhammad Usman Ghani

    Hello Abuzar!

    Thanks for sharing Event Blogging in such a detailed form. I heard about Event Blogging about a year back but no one was ready to describe it properly, means domain buying, blog type, backlink building and monetizing.

    Yesterday night I saw your post on Facebook but remained unable to read it because of University Assignment. Today I searched again on google writing your blog name and found it, read it.

    In short I say you’ve written all core points of Event Blogging which Prop Bloggers always try to hide.


    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      @Muhammad Usman Ghani
      What a pleasure I feel while reading your feedback. Thank you very much for giving such a lovely feedback.
      Event blogging is really amazing for earning money in a very short span of time. And, yes! it is true that bloggers never tell their secrets normally.

      Keep coming for similar secrets and much more.

  8. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Sy,

    Event blogging is a cool idea. If you find your groove with it you’re gonna rake in traffic and build a solid rep through this strategy. I’ve not delved into it – yet – but you laid a solid outline down to work off of. Thanks a bunch bro!


    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      @Ryan Biddulph
      Hi Ryan,
      Yup! You are completely right. Event blogging is a killer way of generating money in very less time. But it always needs working techniques that usually some blogger never share with anyone, which I shared here.

  9. Manidipa Bhaumik

    Hi Abuzar,

    This is indeed a very useful article on event blogging.

    Event blogging is one of the most tiring yet most profitable types of blogging. And selecting the right event plays the key role in succeeding in this.

    Most of the top events are recurring in nature. So opting for EMDs without the year can save us from putting all the efforts once again.

    Thank you for sharing these event blogging secrets. Have a great day, everyday 🙂

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      Hi Manidipa,
      Thanks for appreciating!
      Yeah! Event blogging is very first and simplest techniques to earn money in which EMD play a big role but keeping blog update is better than having EMD.
      Thanks for your lovely feedback.. keep coming for such secrets.

    1. SY Abuzar Post author


      No, Adsense won’t ban your account as your articles will be spun, not copied paste.. they are totally different terms, remember Adsense will only ban your account when you do illegal activity and according to googles spinning (low-quality article that aren’t low-quality in actual because they are clone of good quality articles.. yes, it is naked truth that normally blogger never tell) is allowed…

  10. Sathish Arumugam

    You have clearly mentioned all the topics related to event blogging. For all the works teamwork works a lot, but for a game, blogging partnership is a big thing we need to give more importance for that.But I didn’t understand the concept of low-quality content. Can you please explain it briefly.

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      @Sathish Arumugam,
      Thank you very much! Satish for such a lovely feedback.
      Yes, teamwork works is a master key for difficult tasks and time economy.. And the concept in that you are confused is that if an event niche blogger running an event blog such as Valentin day 2017 which is coming soon and will end quickly in such case couples generally used to swap romantic pictures and Valentin day greeting cards so, he/she doesn’t have to write deep informative articles even for sports event blog , I mean just he/she can spin little text from other blogs and use it in his/her event blog.

      Bold voice: In such kind of event blogs in which

        pictures or quote play the main role then there is no need of long text event in the sports event blogs..
    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      @Lydia Brown,
      Your honey feedback bring so much joy to my day!
      You know, when I read such kind of feedback from my readers they inspired me like a Dog Inspires A Rabbit.
      You have to give event niche base blogging a try due to it is low costly and heavily profitable if done correct..

  11. Pavitra Kumar

    Awesome Article. I want to do Event Blogging. Your Guide helps me a lot and inspired to do and gave confident..Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! Happy Blogging 🙂

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      Thank you very much brother for spending time to write your feedback 🌺
      Yor feedbacks also make us do more with our level best. ⛑
      Keep coming!

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      I glad you like it.
      Keep visiting… You can subscribe our blog VIP newsletter to get updates of new post and much more from footer forum…

    1. Muhammad Tabish

      Hello Sohail Shaikh,
      Yes, you can use if it works fine. But I don’t know about it and the spinner that SY Abhuzar mention is world best and the only one that We use. 🙂

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    it’s so important topic of blogging for beginners should follow this post.
    Thank you, bro, for the post.

    1. SY Abuzar Post author

      Awww! Most Welcome @Shaon adnan,
      Thank you for your feedback! It means a lot to us…
      Keep in touch and I’ll share such more article.

  13. Manthan Sharma

    Hi, I really like the article, Thanks for sharing this. I have a question Is Adsense is safe while doing event blogging ?? Plss let me know coz many of event blogger result with the ban of an Adsense account !!

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    I really appreciate for writing such a great article, I wonder, I was searching for event blogging and I found this one. I am new to blogging so I learned many new things. Thank for sharing with us.

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