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How To Get A New Blog Indexed and Optimize Blog Ranking

This guide is going to show you the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will also provide with the steps to Optimize Blog for higher rankings. Above all, it will give a basic understanding of SEO and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for your blogging success.


At the initial stage of Blogging I never cared about the importance of SEO & optimization of a blog, but later I had to learn.

Why I learned SEO To Optimize Blog?

As without learning them, no one can achieve success in the blogosphere. Learning of these things is important because they help in bringing the right audience to your blog. Search Engine Optimization can double the no. of visitors or even triple it.

Benefits of doing SEO To Optimize Blog:

If an Internet user needs something then he will usually search it on Google & other search engines Being & Yahoo. And now let me tell you that results on the first page get more clicks as no one likes to go to the 9th or 10th page to search his need. And here SEO can help you to rank your blog links on the first page.

Hey! remember, If you don’t optimize your blog all the visitors will go to other blogs. So try to learn the SEO basics..!!

Now if you’ve read till here then I think you might be interested in improving your blog rank & doubling your blog visitors.

How You Can Index Your Blog In Search Engines?

>> This is the First question which a blogger will think after making a blog having some juicy content for the readers.
See, indexing your blog in Search Engines is very important as it will help you in spreading your blog all over the world…

It is what that helps you in reaching the right audience who is wanting to enroll your hard worked content…

So, here are the ways to get your blog indexed:

The effective way of getting indexed, but requires a little effort:

Now if you are interested in getting your blog indexed then you may have sometimes heard about “submitting blog links to search engines.”

Here I want to tell you that it’s an old idea…

Before there were less no. of blogs so submitting a link worked and the search engines used to add the links to a new blog. But now with the increase of blog’s that function has become slow.

So if you submit your blog link today then your blog will get indexed after a week or too. The period may increase to a month too.

The best way to get indexed is linking your blog to another blog which has a good reputation in front of Search Engines.

You can start writing 1 or 2 articles for some good Guest Blogs so that you can link your guest post to your blog. This will then tell the Search engines that your blog is a new one which is not indexed yet and by seeing the reputation of the guest blog the Search engine crawlers will come and index your blog links.

Alternative, but still it’s an effective way to get your blog indexed:

Writing for guest blogs need some good hard work as they will accept only the best things submitted to them and you will also have to wait some days to get your article accepted by the guest blog.

So, if you want an alternative way then you can start commenting on some reputed blogs…

By doing this you can also get your blog indexed by the search engines as they crawl the comment links too.

There are also many other benefits of blog commenting…

These 2 methods are the most famous ones at this time as it takes only a few hours to get indexed in the search engines. To check if you are indexed or not; you can either go to or and copy paste your blog link.



If you get search results of your blog then you can confirm that your blog is now indexed.

How to Optimize Blog Rank in Search Engines?

Now after you’ve got indexed you will get a general ranking in the Search Engines, i.e., if someone searches for content present on your blog then there’s no doubt that will get it in the search engines but he may not visit your blog as your competitors may be ranking higher than you. Hey, I’m not telling that you’ve low-quality content but you’ve to think about these. See, if your competitor has taken certain optimization steps then he will surely have a better rank than you, so you’ve to count these factors too. You’ve to take some steps in order to optimize blog reputation /ranking in search engines.

If you have a blogger blog then better check this: The Ultimate Guide To Optimize Your Blogspot BloG.

Steps To Optimize Blog Ranking in Search Engines:-

1. Good Content.

It is the foremost thing that will increase the quality and reputation of your blog. And it is what people search for. Always remember the saying ‘Content is King’. So, write what is best in quality; what people search for and enjoy good ranking. Write things which are not only beneficial but also unique.

2. Guest Blogging.

As mentioned above, guest blogging helps in indexing your blog in search engines within a short time. Secondly, it’s a cool way to get good ranking in search results.

The benefits from Guest blogging which help in better ranking are:

  • DA & PA.
  • Quality Backlinks forever.
  • Indirect Search Engine Optimization.

3. Keyword Research.

Nothing can go well without research. I’ve written some posts on SEO and it’s not that only I’ve written, many other bloggers have also written. They also have some good things to say about SEO. So, if a user searches about SEO then he will get many results, along with mine.

Example:-If a user searches for ‘SEO tips and tricks’ then he will get many results. And the results which he will get will only be relevant to his keyword.

So, if you want to get a good ranking with that type of keyword then you’ve to perform some keyword research. You’ve to find some less competitive keywords like this. You’ve to edit your permalink as- “” (or something like this) in order to optimize your post with that keyword.

Check my new post Soon: Keyword Stuffing: Why I always wanted to do? (Black hat technique)

4. Blog Commenting.

I’ve already mentioned above that this is also an easy way to get your blog indexed. But I also want to tell you that it’s a good way to optimize blog as well. But, remember to comment something good in reputed blogs. Never spam..!!

Also Read: 7 Proven techniques to avoid WordPress Comment Spam

So, those were the best ways to Optimize Blog. These steps are taken by almost all the bloggers. There are some more steps too, but I think the above ones are the most effective and genuine. So, at last, I’ll tell only one thing- Work hard and keep patience; continue your creative work; expected results will come for sure…

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Mohammad Tabish is an addicted Blogger and a Professional web developer. He is from Pakistan. He started his first blog (SEO Tech) in 2012 and then, he never look back. He is managing lots of blogs.

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