What You Should Do To Create An Effective Global SEO Strategy?

SEO is a great leveler because businesses of all sizes from the smallest ones to large corporations all benefit from it. Companies must create not only an online presence but also ensure its high visibility for which global SEO Strategy is a necessary step. For small businesses, SEO is the most cost-effective marketing technique, and for bigger ones, it can help to drive traffic from across the world by overcoming language barriers. If your business has the potential of going global with a proper global SEO Strategy, you must support it with a robust, comprehensive SEO strategy that helps to reach out to people across the globe including those who do not speak English, even though you create your website in English only.

Companies with a global perspective can do very well in marketing by leveraging SEO to attract customers worldwide as it gives access to a vast pool of consumers that can generate more revenue.

Reaching Out To The Non-English Population


It is not at all difficult to go global with the right global SEO Strategy because the largest population of the world uses English as the primary language, which is also the case for the majority of websites. Therefore, it is no big deal to reach out to consumers in any part of the world. But the most important consideration from the SEO perspective is the extent of traffic generated.


On analyzing the traffic that reaches your website from different countries of the world, you would observe that the English-speaking countries are the main contributors while there is very little or no traffic coming from countries that do not use English as the primary language.

It means that your global outreach is only partial and a large portion of consumers remain untapped. However, there is an enormous potential of generating traffic from the countries that are not on your focus provided you create global SEO strategy in the real sense.

Making The Business Grow Globally

Should you really consider your company having a global vision if you can reach out to consumers only in selected countries? The idea of going global is to expand the reach and access markets across all continents covering the majority of both English and non-English-speaking countries.  By reaching out to non-English speaking countries, you not only connect with a new audience but also face less competition as compared to English speaking markets.

Your business can grow many more times and much faster by tapping consumers in new countries as many companies have experienced. To expand the reach, you must translate the content of your website so audiences in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, etc. can all become your customers.

Countries To Target For Organic Traffic

Knowing countries by the language it speaks and its population should help to make a list of countries to target for generating organic traffic. Getting the population figures of countries based on its spoken language like Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Russia, Malay, etc. will help to prioritize your translating objectives.

People speaking Mandarin Chinese tops the list with 1.1 billion followed by 983 million English speakers and 544 million Hindi speakers with Spanish, Arabic, Malay Russian and others totaling to a huge number.

Translating your website into one or two chosen languages should help you test the waters. While translating the website content opens the doors for a new audience in a specific country it hardly helps to guarantee any success with SEO.

The population figures might be good when considering the market of the region but to ensure heavy traffic flow it requires doing something more besides just translating the website into the local language.

Things to Consider in Global SEO Strategy:

Besides translating the content, you must make it adaptable to the local conditions of that country with proper optimization with a focus on the local market. Doing keyword research for popular terms is necessary to bolster the SEO campaign.

And most importantly you must work for establishing the brand and generate brand equity so that you can reap the benefits of brand queries that increase the traffic flow many more times. From a global perspective, the power of brand queries is immense, and you cannot afford to ignore it when creating a global SEO strategy for your business.

Doing the things mentioned below will help to turn your global vision into reality as your business can truly become global by reaching out to people who speak in different languages.

Give a local flavor to Global SEO Strategy

The exercise begins by translating your content and adjusting it to adapt to the local conditions of the targeted country. The task is not always easy because it requires good knowledge and understanding about the local market together with a good grasp on English as well as the spoken language of that country and lastly a proper understanding of your business niche.

It means, hiring somebody only to make a literary translation of the content will not help to drive traffic because it would fail to make an emotional connect with the audience that can generate a favorable response for business.

The editor whom you engage must understand your goals and the importance of quality content just as much well as the targeted market.

Keyword Research Value=? >> in Global SEO Strategy

You must have done keyword research when creating your original content, but the same keywords may not hold good in some other language. Since the market is new, and so is the language and the people, you have to understand which keywords would work well by doing keyword research with the help of some keyword research tool that is compatible with the language.

By discovering new keywords, it becomes necessary to create new content instead of restricting to the translation of original content only. This should help to target keywords that are relevant and have high search volume.

By identifying gaps in the quality of the content by comparing with your competitors, you can produce the right quality content that ranks well.

Create High Domain Authority Backlinks

The principles of link building are the same even when you are doing it in some regional language, but the task is often easier than what you might have experienced when building links with the English version of the website.

Hiring a person conversant with the local language and who understands the culture of the country will make it easy to generate the right outreach message that receives a good response from the audience. However, you need to train the person and provide guidelines for adhering to white hat practices in link building. You must tell him or her how to keep away from spam sites, avoid building rich anchor text links and never pay for links but acquire it organically.

According to the SEO experts at Advantage Golden Search, an SEO company in Seattle, getting good ranks in these markets should not be difficult because of the low competition as compared to the bigger markets of English-speaking nations.

Subdomains or subdirectories?

To give muscles to SEO, you must rely on the elements of the website that help to build authority and ensure that more juice flows through your site.  In this regard, a lot depends on your decision to use subdomains or subdirectories. Although the general perception is that subdirectories are more helpful for sites it does not have much truth in it because seasoned SEO experts have tested it for themselves that subdomains are much more effective than subdirectories.

Not only does it ensure better ranking but does it quickly too…

What’s Hreflang in Global SEO Strategy

Translating content does not have any risk of attracting penalty because Google does not consider it as duplication. Translating your content would not automatically make it appear on the landing pages unless you tell Google which version of content to show for which country or language.

You can tell Google about your choice by using hreflang.

Redirect users to the right browsers

Your server receives the surfing data of users when they log on to your website by capturing information about the browsers they are using together with their countries and languages.

You must use this information to redirect users to the translated site of their choice by setting up your hreflang tags.

Consider the country of the user and the preferred language and by using the built-in settings of the website you can redirect them to the respective translated site instead of the original English version. And more specifically, you can direct them to the exact page that they are looking for and not just taking them to the home page.

Search engines can also redirect people to the desired version of the website but will take much longer time.

When you are going international with SEO, the brand building must be foremost in your mind, and you must develop resources that you can use to stay interactive by timely responding to comments and reviews in the native language.

Thinking from a global perspective is the only way to venture into less competitive markets that are remunerative enough. And this is why adapting global SEO strategies with a proper understanding of globalization is so important.

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