Google Voice Search’s Impact on the SEO/Content Marketing

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Due to the introduction of Smartphone devices, a lot of things have changed drastically around us. We have noted various changes in different fields of business marketing through a search engine. Now, the traditional search process is getting replaced with voice search. Voice search has become a reality due to the introduction of the Smartphone. Alexa or Siri will discover related data on products, your business, and services. Voice search is turning into a class in the SEO world. To see how to take into account new and advancing voice search progressions, you have to see progressively about how the technology functions and how each voice search assistant performs unexpectedly, similarly as various search engines do.

As indicated by the U.S. Census Bureau, a rise has been seen of about 324 million individuals in the United States today, and among those, 77% use Smartphone devices that have voice search assistant technology. The greatest tech organizations like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung are reshaping the browsing method with voice search technology that goes about as artificial intelligence extensions to their present search engines.

Let’s dig more about the voice search technology and artificial intelligence, and we’ll discuss how it works and the scope of the technology.

About the Google Voice Search

Voice search is an intelligent answer for a large number of content related things, performing multiple tasks and hands-free abilities. Voice search is transforming how individuals interpret or understand the web contents.  Voice search has been persistently rising, as more than 50 percent teenagers and 40 percent of adults have been noted to utilize it quite frequently. The progression of AI has tremendously enhanced voice search accuracy over the last couple of years. In recent times, Google had reported that the voice search technology had obtained almost 95% accuracy. Due to this reason, the traditional nature of Google search is getting changed. Voice search is time-saving, and at the same time, it lets people do other works while browsing Google.

Big Changes to Traditional Searches on Search Engines

The most notable thing is that voice search technique is getting upgraded in a quick time span. It’s a tool that has been embraced by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. This technique has a lot of benefits to offer. First of all, it saves time for people. With voice search, finding contents has become easier. Searching content in the traditional process has some limitations. People can convey their search terms to the search engine in a better manner than writing about it. So, the search results will get even more relevant for the user. Ultimately, it will bring high-end user satisfaction.

It has been noted that the AI-based search has been getting quick popularity these days. According to industry experts, in the near future, there will be an equal number of voice search users and traditional text typing search engine users. In fact, it is anticipated that the number of voice search users will soon replace the number of regular text-based search engine users. Now, in this scenario, business marketing experts and webmasters should update their techniques to get more attention from the people. Changed behavior of the customers will leave an impact on the search engine optimization process. So, the relation between voice search and SEO shall be discussed below.

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The relation between SEO and Voice Search

The advancement of the text to speech technique has changed a lot of things. You need to understand those things with perfection. Webmasters or business marketers should have a clear idea of the impact of voice search on SEO. It has been found that the search engine has a different mechanism for a ranking website when a voice search input comes from the user. If you go for the text-based search, you shall end up having a different result. This particular thing has been expected to have a huge impact on the search engine marketing process. The traditional content marketing strategy will become different from the growth of the voice search. A few tips are given to the content curators in the following section.

  • Length: Has the response coordinated the arbitrariness of the inquiry and give the actual context? Google is working on making drastic changes to cater to more accurate and appropriate responses to the users. So, content length becomes important. It should be precise as well as information; otherwise, Google may not find it worthy for showing up as a voice search result.
  • Detailing: Content marketing experts or webmasters have to focus on the detailing of the content. Detailing matters as voice search results will be concise or precise. There should not be any exaggeration of data or information.
  • Pronunciation: Different people have different kinds of pronunciation. Google is working on the accuracy of the pronunciation process. With different ethnic backgrounds, pronunciation also changes. Different people have different pronunciation. So, understanding the local accent, local SEO contents can be crafted.
  • Schema Markup: This is an important thing for the webmasters. This is a feature of Google which should be taken into consideration. Google, as well as Bing and other major search engines, have introduced this feature. You need to understand the feature, and you need to update the data for schema markup according to the voice search of Google.
  • Security: It is important to understand the correctness of information, as voice search result will give priority to the information which is correct as well as authentic. This is an important thing for the future of content marketing after the introduction of the voice search.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Today, there is no way than being mobile friendly, as voice search feature is mostly used by mobile phone users. So, you need to develop mobile-friendly contents, and that is a prominent way to gain the attention of Google.

Google Voice Search Conclusion

At the conclusion note, it has to be stated that business marketing through SEO is a common thing, though SEO has been noted as a dynamic thing itself. With changing technologies, a lot of changes have been found with the search engine optimization process. Today, SEO has become even more critical matter due to the introduction of voice search. How Google’s voice search will impact the search engine ranking for your website? Understanding the answer to this question is important. An SEO campaign should focus on this aspect in future days. With competitor analysis method you can analyze the position of your rivals in the industry and make plans to take the future actions accordingly.

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