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Importants Things to know before building backlink

The most effective way of improving a business website rankings is to get high quality backlinks free. But we know that all backlinks are not effective for your website rankings. If you want to get backlink then you need to make sure that they are high quality backlinks. If they would not be high quality backlinks then they may affect your website negatively.

What are the high quality backlinks?

This is a completely different subject because each SEO consultant will have a slightly different opinion about it. However, they all would definitely agree upon several factors of high quality backlinks. You can never expect that all the backlinks made are the perfect ones. But this is certain that if the most common factors are followed and fulfilled then it will provide you perfect backlinks.


Relevant source:

When you are evaluating backlinks for your website then this is certain that you provide relevancy. As we know that search engine aims to show relevance in search results again each query made on it. It is a primary factor that affects the site rank. A search engine considers relevance as a key factor and differentiates it into following levels.

  • Relevancy of the overall site that is linking.
  • Relevancy of a specific page that has the link.
  • Relevancy of all the content that is linking the your website.

Trusted source:

The backlink that is linking to your website should be from a highly reputable website. It should have high PR and should be listed in the trusted sites zone of search engines. If the number of links going out from a site to others is low, then the Trust Rank of that site would be higher. The link from that site would definitely benefit you more and provide you a high-quality backlink.

Sends traffic:


We often forget about this method while creating backlinks. Before a search engine starts considering a backlink as a factor in its algorithms, the main focus is to redirect a visitor to the page topic keeping its relevance in mind. That’s why still visitors click the links to get relevant answers to their queries. Thus in this way it generates a web site traffic that is valuable in ranking a site.

Anchor link text used matches exactly:

The word that has the link on it should be similar to those words on which you wants to rank your site. It is considered as an unnatural way of linking if you are using same anchor text again and again for linking. Hence, you should use plenty on variation in anchor text.


The links within the content are valued most by the search engines. If you use a link in the start of content then, it is considered as if you are valuing it more. That’s why the text you are using in the start of the content for linking, is considered to be more important than those which are used after it. That text used in the start of a content, for linking is considered as high-quality than the others.

Page Rank:

If you are trying to assess the quality of a backlink then Page Rank is the basic and obvious measure for it. The link is worth of high-quality if it is located on a page that has higher Page Rank (PR). PR is generally a varying factor, it keeps on changing on the application of each Google’s update and algorithm. So this can also be a misleading factor that’s why always checking the latest PR of the site before posting your link on it.

Next to backlinks to authority websites:

If your business’s websites link is posted on the high PR website of the same niche as yours then this benefits you more. It indicates to the search engine that your site should also be categorized in the same page rankings of the search engine. But keep in mind if the other links present on that high PR site are of low quality then search engine may not consider this factor for ranking.

Different source to your existing backlinks:

It is a better way to have links from different websites like you should not have 100 links coming from 3 websites. If you want that the link to your website should be considered as high quality then you should not have a link from the site that is already providing you the link.

Not reciprocal:

What are Reciprocal links?

A reciprocal link is an agreement between two webmasters to provide a hyperlink within their own website to each other’s web site. Generally this is done to provide readers with quick access to related sites, or to show a partnership between two sites. Source 



You should not use link reciprocals because they have been used to great abuse in past. Search engines still consider back linking but if you want that the links you get are considered as high quality then you should not create a reciprocal link for your site.

Backlink on the page:

If the website has a lot of links on it then its trust gets diluted and divided among them. The website that has fewer links on it is considered as of high quality. So always try to paste a link, on such a website that has less outgoing links.

Easily acquired:

If you can easily acquire a backlink free then it has surely less value. As you can get it easily then it is a surety that many other people can also find it, and click it. So always paste your link, on the site that can’t be easily acquired.


If you fulfill all above conditions then, you are surely going to get high-quality backlinks free for your site. It will benefit you long term, and help you in ranking your website high in the search engines.

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