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Targeted Traffic From StumbleUpon: Drive Heavy Loads Now

Let us first examine what StumbleUpon actually is before discussing the ways to get more targeted traffic from StumbleUpon. Why so? Because, even though it is gaining a reasonable following, it is still widely unheard-of by the online community.

StumbleUpon is constructed based on a social network service, and a research service. Participants view websites according to their interests and are tasked with evaluating them.

Targeted Traffic From StumbleUpon

In the U.S. more than half of the social media platforms have traffic from StumbleUpon.

There is a common belief that many of new Facebook visitors come from StumbleUpon. However, such statistics may be inaccurate due to a variety of factors.

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The basic idea of StumbleUpon is to look through websites and rate them with a like or a dislike marker.

You are able to see what other people feel about websites too, and you are able to look through some of StumbleUpon’s highest rated websites.

How I Entered StumbleUpon?

The first time when I saw the StumbleUpon logo in some ads I really liked it and entered to know what it is (Yes, that was Google Adsense’s Ad).

And then used it for some days…

I was amazed to see the results. 😀

It really brought a lot of targeted traffic to my blog. That’s the day when I fell in love with it.

Points to Get Targeted Traffic From StumbleUpon:

Now let’s talk more about StumbleUpon and know ways to drive targeted traffic from StumbleUpon

Understanding the algorithm behind StumbleUpon:

The algorithm behind StumbleUpon defines three vertices about the nature or the content of sites over which the user “stumbles”.

To drive targeted traffic from StumbleUpon you should know these general things…

  1. The first vertex is the one that the user sets by selecting his/her “Interests.” These interests are what the user considers to be relevant.
  2. The second vertex is derived from the nature and content of the websites that has reviewed the other users with “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down,” and the algorithm compares this with other users who have shown a similar voting patterns.
  3. The third criterion is derived from the behavior of the users of the site, which becomes more complex as the user rates more and more websites. Until you have tried StumbleUpon and experienced what the website has to offer, it is hard to figure out what it does and what are its benefits. Suffice it to say that being an active member of StumbleUpon may gain you more targeted traffic to your website.

The StumbleUpon Does’nt Use SEO:

So it’s a plus point for those who don’t like to work with SEO every time in order to drive targeted traffic. Thus, the best way to gain more targeted traffic from StumbleUpon is to be an active user.

You need to participate in the community and spend a fair share of your time liking or disliking websites through their thumbs up and down system.

Make Friends to Get Traffic from StumbleUpon:

This is also a part of being an active user in the community but also has the added benefit of sharing content between users.

This will encourage people to follow you and will encourage them to StumbleUpon your website and rate it, which means more users will be inclined to look at it.

So go and use the StumbleUpon search to find some like-minded people to share your stuff with them, and thereby get targeted traffic from StumbleUpon.

Buy StumbleUpon Targeted Traffic:

The recommendation process can be influenced if you are willing to pay for it.

There is no SEO function within StumbleUpon so you can advertise away as merrily as you please. However, if you do, you will notice that you get a lot of thumbs down.

So, if you want to drive targeted traffic from StumbleUpon then you must make your marketing efforts subtle and pay for targeted traffic.

If you have a poignant content piece, you should be working on StumbleUpon advertising; they will charge you five cents per stumble. Each stumble will hopefully bring a thumbs up, which will help your website rise in popularity within StumbleUpon.

And give you more targeted traffic from StumbleUpon.

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Following StumbleUpon Users:

This will help you to make friends, and because friends share niche information and have collaborative views, it makes it more likely that they will stumble your website too.

This gives more exposure to your postings and brings more targeted traffic from StumbleUpon to your blog.

Follow StumbleUpon Users Who Follow You:

This is an old trick that is reminiscent of a pyramid scheme…

If you are someone who follows others because they follow you, you can flip that around so that everybody follows everybody.

If you automatically follow other people because they follow you then there is a distinct advantage to following you. If two out of five people did this then you need to follow only twenty-five people in order to get ten followers.

The more followers you have the more you get targeted traffic from StumbleUpon.

Download StumbleUpon toolbar, add-on, apps etc…

In the site, you can get StumbleUpon toolbar for your browser so that you can explore it at any time. You can also download StumbleUpon Addon for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. StumbleUpon app is also available for devices like iPhone, Android phone etc… And you can also download the StumbleUpon App for Windows 8 from the Windows Store.

So what now? Just signup and login to see your blog flooded with loads of targeted traffic from StumbleUpon. 🙂

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Mohammad Tabish is an addicted Blogger and a Professional web developer. He is from Pakistan. He started his first blog (SEO Tech) in 2012 and then, he never look back. He is managing lots of blogs.

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    Hey Tabish,

    StumbleUpon is one of the leading social media networks which can show the realy magic. People are trying to find out the concept StumbleUpon uses.
    The similarity in the concept of thumbs uo and down is what people should focus on.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Sue Bride

    Before FB, Twitter, etc StumbleUpon was my main social media platform. I was part of a large community on there and it was a huge source of blog visitors for me. Even though I rarely visit, I submit my posts and still get blog visitors.

    I think it’s time for me to develop my presence on there further again. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Niladri Sekhar Das

    Never heard about this and now I feel StumbleUpon can be very beneficial to me.

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    I’ve not yet visit Stumbleupon. This post prompted me to log in with my FB account. So far, loving the simplicity of the Thumbs up/down concept. Thanks for your ideas,

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