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What is Internet Multi-Level Marketing?

What is Internet Multi-Level MarketingWhat is internet multi-level marketing? It is a strategy of using the internet to build your MLM business. The internet has changed our industry for the better. In fact, the internet has created a level playing field for anyone looking to succeed in our industry. No longer are you limited to your salesmanship skills or personal sphere of influence?

Today, more and more people are building a global MLM downline by following the principles of internet multi-level marketing. In today’s world, people use the internet to generate leads, sponsor new distributors, sell products and create multiple streams of income.

In my opinion, anyone could get started in our industry today and within one to three years build a substantial six figure income. The secret to success in internet multi-level marketing is to follow the footsteps of the most successful network marketing distributors. The easiest way to learn how to do something is to learn from someone who has already done what you are trying to accomplish. I’ve been fortunate to learn everything I know about internet multi-level marketing from a few of the industry’s most trusted leaders. What I’m about to share with you can change your life. 🙂 😛

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation Wikipedia Source:

That being said, here are some tips for success with growing your MLM business online.

What is Internet Multi-Level Marketing?

# 1: Use Attraction Marketing

Attraction MarketingLet me be honest with you. Attraction marketing is the way of the future in internet multi-level marketing. Most of the top earners don’t even promote their business opportunity online. They’ll never hound you about joining their business opportunity. Instead, they take a different approach and promote themselves. They establish themselves as an expert or authority in internet multi-level marketing.

They help others succeed. They provide valuable, free information to help anyone currently involved in the industry. As a result, people come to them for help. Simply put, they become the hunted instead of being the hunter.

# 2: Create Your Own Blog or Website

create-your-own-websiteTo succeed in internet multi-level marketing you need your own unique blog or website. Stop promoting that crappy company replicated website that everyone else in your line of sponsorship is using. To be effective, you need to be unique. You can’t do that promoting the same website that tens of thousands of other people are doing.

For instance, take this website as an example. It is unique and one-of-a-kind. The ultimate purpose of my website is to make my money. My strategy to make money is to provide lots of helpful information for free. As people read my web pages and need additional information, they contact me. Some even ask to learn more about my business opportunity. Others purchase different affiliate products that I recommend like I always suggest SiteSell(SiteBuildIt) for building and maintaining a site(Note: is it paid) If you can not want to invest then WordPress and blogger are good. Either way, it’s a win-win for my visitor and for me. They get what they want (more information) and I get what I want (help people and earn income). You need to follow that same concept to succeed an internet multi-level marketing. 🙂

# 3: Focus on Multiple Streams of Income

Focus on Multiple Streams of IncomeIf you think your MLM Company is the answer to your financial problems, think again. It’s not. Instead, it should just be a source of revenue. It should not be your only source of revenue. The top MLM earners all have multiple streams of income. That way, if one source dries up, there are still another five to ten revenue streams.

When you have your own blog or website, you should find five to ten different income streams that work well with your site. On my site, I use Google Adsense and Yahoo & Bing ads. My World Plus and several different affiliate eBooks from Click Bank. I promote all of my revenue streams on my website and therefore I don’t have to worry about how many people join my business opportunity. 😀

# 4: Build a Huge Email Subscriber List

Build a Huge Email Subscriber ListHere are some words of wisdom. The money is in the list. The people who make the most amount of money in internet multi-level marketing have the largest email subscriber list. They focus their time, money and energy building a list. They place an opt-in form or web-form on their blog or website to collect visitors’ contact information.

This information is automatically uploaded into their auto-responder. Once this happens, pre-written email messages are automatically sent to leads on a scheduled basis. These email messages promote different affiliate products and provide valuable information to the leads. This creates additional income for the internet marketer. It’s also a great way to get people to re-visit your website. 🙂 😛

And I always say there are nothing better than AWeber and Thrive-Leads-generation-WP-Plugin for getting more and more subscriber by offering some free stuff.

# 5: Become a Marketing Guru

 Become a Marketing GuruMarketing is the most word in internet multi-level marketing. You see, anyone can build a website or blog. The world-wide-web is bogged down with network marketing websites and blogs. But very few of these websites get lots of traffic. Just because a website is good, flashy and pleasing to the eyes doesn’t mean that it will generate traffic.

Most of the top earners I know are less worried about what their website looks like and more worried about finding effective ways to drive traffic to their website. Don’t forget that. You need to become a marketing guru. You need to take courses, read books and attend seminars about pay-per-click advertising, video marketing, article marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. You need to become an expert at free and paid marketing techniques. 🙂

Remember, network marketing is a numbers game. Who do you think will make more money: a site owner that gets 100 visitors per day or a site owner that gets 10,000 visitors per day? The answer is the site owner who gets 10,000 visitors per day. 🙂

Conclusion: Of internet multi-level marketing

In conclusion, internet multi-level marketing is the way of the future. Although you can still build an MLM business the old fashioned way, I highly recommend you follow the steps outlined above so you can build a large a profitable MLM business using internet multi-level marketing strategies. If you do so, you will generate multiple streams of income on auto-pilot. That means you can make money, even while you sleep.

On a side note, if you are successful at internet MLM, why not share your success story with the rest of our online community? Do you have a secret system or strategy that works for you? Share it with others. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and type in 150+ words and click submit. If approved, your story will appear for others to read. It’s a great way to promote yourself. Thank You 🙂

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  2. Sue Bride

    There’s a large range of different types of products and services that involve MLM and I can only see it getting larger. It can be great for extra income to supplement a job or for stay at home parents, those at home caring for others, and the retired. Unlike the offline MLM that involve holding parties, and often trying to co-opt family and friends, you can attract people worldwide.

    1. Muhammad Tabish Post author

      MLM is really a great opportunity for those who are retired, house wife, etc.
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