Are You Trying To Learn Email Marketing Best Practices in 2022

Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

Are you trying to learn email marketing best practices? If so, I can give you a few tips. I’ve been successful with email marketing for a few years now. In the beginning, I did a lot of things wrong because I simply didn’t know what I was doing. Fortunately, I learned the ropes. I read books, took training courses, and counseled some successful internet marketers. Now, I’d like to pay it forward and share some of my email marketing best practices with you. Let’s get started.

Email Marketing Best Practices: 8 Important Tips

Learn Email Marketing Best Practices

#1. Communicate Often: When I first got started, I sent one or two emails per week. I thought that was the right amount. Since then, I’ve increased my frequency. At a minimum, I email people every other day, and I try to send one email per day. Although I do get a few unsubscribes (about 2%), I have a very responsive list that looks forward to getting my emails. I get very few spam complaints. You should communicate with your list, at least, five times per week, minimum.

#2. Send a Weekly or Monthly Newsletter: One of my favorite ways to communicate is to send a weekly newsletter. I try to provide a resourceful newsletter with a quote of the week, the tip of the week, and other helpful information. My newsletter also provides links back to my website.

#3. It’s Not the Size of Your List, It’s the Quality of Your List: Most people think you need to have a huge email list to make money online. You don’t. Instead, you need a responsive, quality list. If you communicate daily, you will have a responsive list. People who don’t want to hear from you will unsubscribe.

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#4. Don’t Share Your List with Anyone: I would never share my email list with anyone. In other words, I wouldn’t sell the names and emails on my list, ever. However, I would let someone pay me to send a relevant advertisement to my list.

#5. Focus on Providing Real Value: Every email should provide value. People hate getting sales messages in their emails all the time. I credit my success to educating my list. I try to send educational emails that teach people something helpful.

#6. The 5:1 Rule: As a rule of thumb, I try to send five educational messages for every sales message. Since I communicate daily, I send about one sales message per week. The rest are educational.

#7. Send People Back to Your Website: My # 1 goal is to send people back to my website to get more information. In every email, I provide a link back to my website where the person can visit to learn more.

8. One Thirds Two-Thirds Rule: If you have ten minutes to write an email, I recommend you spend one-third of your time crafting the message and two-thirds of your time crafting the subject line. The subject line is very important because you need to (1) get past the spam filters and (2) get your prospect’s attention.

These are my email marketing best practices. I’m sure there are some other great tips out there too, but these are what have worked for me.

In conclusion, email marketing is a very powerful way to grow your online or offline business. What key to success is to always build your list, focus on providing real value, and keep in touch with your list often. By following these steps, you will build a responsive list that will generate sales for many years to come. Thanks for reading my email marketing best practices.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Trying To Learn Email Marketing Best Practices in 2022”

  1. Great post, great tips… the subject line is very imp. Looking at magazines can be an excellent resource for getting ideas, and notice how short they are. In the world of “short attention spans” grab your readers quick with a short headline. 🙂

  2. Hi Muhammad,
    Great information, it is very important to craft a catchy headlines if you want to have a high conversion.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • @Emi

      Oh! Hi Emi, how are you?

      Thank you for appreciating. And, of course! headlines are very crucial parts of an article.
      According to a study, “readers continue reading an article after reading headings”.
      You can use Thrive-Headline-Optimizer-plugin

      Thanks a ton for sharing your very important fact with us as ever.
      Take care….! see you gain 🙂


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