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Top 10 Amazing Low Budget Wedding Ideas

Thinking of ideas about a low budget wedding is a challenging thing to do, yet it is a great idea after all. With the status of the economy these days, practicality should always be practiced; it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go all along with cheap items for your weddings. There are wonderful wedding ideas you can definitely use that are low in budget, which you can surely afford.

1. Wedding Organizers

Wedding Organizers

Why would you hire a wedding organizer if you can plan our own wedding? If you are just planning for simple civil weddings, not a fabulous church or garden wedding, wedding organizers are not any more important. Just make sure that you know how to budget the finances as well as how to look for affordable items to be used.

2. The Guest List

One of the most expensive parts of weddings planning is the guest list. The more guests you have, the more invitations you need to print, the more mouths you need to feed, the more head you need to count to the Wedding reception area, and the more people you need to dress. Why don’t you invite all significant people in your life as well as your partner’s life only?

Guest List

You can start by counting both of your parents, both grandparents, and both siblings. If there is no sibling, you can surely invite your best friend as well as your partner’s best friend. To avoid any conflicts with your extended family, never invite them at all.

3. The Reception Hall

Finding an inexpensive reception hall is a difficult task after all. But there are things you can consider before renting a specific space. Remember that reception hall cost more expensive if you avail them in weekends like Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. What you can do is to book your wedding day in weekdays instead.

Reception Hall

Another great idea for reception halls is renting a place which is not known as a wedding spot. You can try renting an opera house, private halls or even in fire stations with elegant structure and appearance. You will surely not spend thousands of dollars just for a one-day event.

4. The Wedding Invitations

Printing out more copies of your wedding invitations will surely be expensive. As part of the ideas for your guest lists, if you will only invite your immediate family members, no need to print out invitation cards; just give them a call or invite them personally so a greater effect and bonding.

Wedding Invitations

If ever you have a guest list of more than 10 or 15 people and you need to have some unique and wonderful invitations, asking help from a friend or family member who has creativity and keen to details is a great way to save money on invitations. All you need to do is purchase Inks for computer printers, and presto, you can have wonderful invitation cards for your simple weddings.

5. The Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

You don’t need to hire a wedding cake baker just to have three to five layers of cake for your big event. You can ask someone from your family or friends who knows how to bake to do some delicious yet appealing cake for your wedding. You can also try wedding cupcakes, instead of the traditional layered weddings cakes.

6. The Food

Getting your own caterer instead of hiring wedding caterers is the lot cheaper. You can save hundreds of dollars and eat foods that are more delicious. Ask your favorite restaurant if they can do the catering for you and tell them it is your wedding day. They may even provide you some discount or even free dish.

7. The Wedding Song And Music

Having a weddings singer and disc jockey (DJ) is surely expensive. Hiring a professional DJ can cost you more than $300. Save your money, instead of by using the technology brought my MP3 players. Download your favorite romantic and loves songs for free, save them on your MP3 player then plug and play. You will surely have the best music you can surely enjoy your special day.

8. The Wedding Flowers

Choose and buy flowers that are grown locally. These flowers are way cheaper that those flowers who are available in far places and need to be delivered to your doorsteps. You don’t need a fabulous weddings bouquet, just some simple nosegays will do.

With regards to flower arrangements and decorations in the reception hall, you can simply choose flowers that match the motif and theme. You can try deeply colored dahlia for table arrangements, which can save you about $4 each flower.

9. The Wedding Pictures

Capturing this perfect moment of your weddings through perfectly captured photos is extremely important. These photos will become your gateway to the past in the future. What you can do to save money in your weddings photos without sacrificing the quality is to hire professional photographers that offer digital copies of your photos instead of expensive prints and albums.

10. The Wedding Car

Limousines with the phrase “Just Married” will surely hurt your wallet and pocket. Try renting a unique car or lending a car from a friend. You can also save money from paying the driver.

Having low budget weddings doesn’t mean that your wedding is cheap. Remember that the most important part of the weddings ceremony is the sacred bond you and your partner will share for the rest of your lives.

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