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Madonna’s 5 Top Secrets to About Blogging Success

Learning from successful people who have been able to achieve something big is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to succeed in anything. And how many people have achieved what Madonna has in their life?

I remember when I listened to Madonna’s album Ray of Light over ten years ago for the first time and couldn’t stop wondering how it is possible that one artist can make popular music for three decades by not making the same album over and over again.

Whether you like Madonna’s music or not, the fact is that she has been one of the most successful pop music artists in the world for about three decades now and is still going strong.

She has got many traits and habits that have made that kind of success possible for her, and I believe those things can and should easily be applied to blogging as well. They are all something any blogger can relate to as well.

1. Never Give Up

When Madonna was a young girl, she didn’t have any money. What she did have was an endless amount of persistence and an incredible drive for success. Even for her, success didn’t happen overnight. For the first years after moving to New York to build a dance career, she had to work in low-paid jobs to support her.

It might take ten years to get a break in the music business, but blogging business is much easier compared to the music business. Many successful bloggers have blogged for a year without any big publicity or huge traffic, but then at some point, their persistence has been rewarded and they have been able to make their living just by blogging.

Most bloggers probably give up after just a few months because of low traffic that leads to frustration and loss of motivation.

Modonna Never Give Up

Don’t be that person!

Never give up. If you are not getting enough traffic to your blog right now, find out what the reason is and work more. Maybe you are not marketing enough, or maybe you have to write better content. There is always something you can do better.

Success follows the ones who never give up.

2. Be Limitless

Even before Madonna became popular in the music business, she tried to make a living by dancing, photography, art modeling, acting, and founding two bands, in which she played also drums and guitar.

During her career, she has also written books for children and done a numerous amount of other things, so she has definitely not set any limits to what she can or can’t do.

 Madonna Be Limitless

If Madonna had decided early on that playing drums is the only thing she is going to do in her life, she probably wouldn’t have succeeded this well, so don’t do the mistake in your business either. If you try something and you find out that it doesn’t work out for you, don’t hesitate to take a new direction.

However, taking a new direction every three months is usually not wise. It takes a time to get a momentum, no matter what your business is, and even if you gain success by blogging, it is a little bit risky to have only one income stream.

Always think about new ways of making the passive income after one of your ideas takes off, just like Madonna did.

3. Collaboration

Her album Ray of Light made me wonder already twelve years ago how it is possible for one artist to continuously make popular music. It is also possible that the albums are always influenced by the newest and coolest genres but still sound like they are Madonna’s albums.

Now I know that it is not Madonna alone who is behind her enormous success. If you get to know the music industry a little bit, you realize quite fast how important a great producer and good songwriters are for an artist.

Madonna Collaboration

Most of Madonna’s songs are not written nor produced by her. She has right from the beginning understood that she must find the most talented producer every time she makes a new album, and it has worked out beautifully. She then focuses on what she can do best – performing and entertaining.

The same thing applies for blogging really well. If you try to do everything alone, you make things very hard for yourself. Always try to find the best people to cooperate with. Don’t try to be an expert in everything, but instead, focus on what you are good at and find skilled people to do things that are out of your expertise.

Also, getting to know smart and influential people can save you years of the time when you try to get a break. There are always plenty of opportunities for cooperation that will benefit you, your partner, and your customers. Keep your eyes and your mind open.

4. Know What Sells

Whenever I think of her, I always see those sexy outfits and crazy acts she’s done. She has clearly decided to have a sexy image, and we all know that sex sells. Sexuality is one of the most powerful driving forces for human beings.

But as her career went on, she chose to change her image a bit. But, she has always done controversial things, such as kissing Britney Spears publicly which make people talk about her and remember her.

The best blogs have always had something unique about them that separates them from other blogs and makes you remember their blog after your visit.

Maybe what makes you come back to most blogs you read is the personal touch of the blogger or the great information they offer. It could be because of their controversial opinions, or even the other resources they offer. But the point is, there is always something that makes a blog appealing for you.

I believe that Madonna has thought about the things she is passionate about and then searched for the opportunities to follow her passion by doing something that people are ready to pay for. That’s why she is a filthy rich pop music artist instead of an average art model.

No matter what your passions are, there are always possibilities to find a niche that you can write about, that people are also interested of and willing to pay for some of your products. You must find that niche first. The good thing about blogging though is that you can usually quite easily tweak your blog’s niche as you go, especially if the name and the brand of your blog are not too limiting.

5. Evolve

I bet that Madonna wouldn’t be as successful as she has been if she would have kept repeating the success recipe that worked for her in the eighties. She has been able to change her looks, her image, and the style of music she sings during all these years. That is one of the biggest reasons why she has been able to be successful for all these decades.

Every business idea and the product have a lifespan, and nothing lasts forever, so even though everything might look perfect for your blog or your business right now, always be ready to evolve if you notice that consumers’ preferences are starting to change.

Evolving also means learning new skills and becoming better at what you do. Life changes and those people, who can change with it, can ride a wave of success for the longest.

What Have You Learned From Madonna’s Success?

But more importantly, how do you plan on using the lessons she has taught you today for your own good? Just because Madonna isn’t exactly blogging doesn’t mean she can’t teach you the most important things about blogging.

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