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How to get rich? Well! many people asked me that how to get rich by the make money. One of the
Make Money most common methods of making money online with the best blog site by putting ads on an ad network. This allows you to not worry about managing advertisers and focus on writing quality content.

This post on How To Make Money Fast Blogging series focuses on making money with ad networks.

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Ways To Make Money Blogging With Ad Networks:

                    1. Getting Paid Per Click (PPC): Earning money online through the best blog site is so simple if you like to earn. You can get paid for clicks through Cost per click (CPC) and networks. When someone clicks your ads that showing in best place of ads and goes to advertiser’s website, you get paid. An example of CPC networks is AdSense and Bidvertiser. These networks usually add text-based ads to your best blog.

                    2. Earning money online from Page Views: CPM or Cost Per Mille ad networks pay you for every 1000 page views. Instead of text ads, they add banners to your blog.

                    3. Getting Paid For Sales: One common thing about CPC and CPM networks is that you need good traffic to make some serious money, else you will get paid in pennies! But making money from generating sales for others can make more money. A single sale can generate $10 to $300 or even more easily without ads click and this is the best for earning money online. CPA is also the most versatile method as you have a freedom to choose between text links, banners, and even articles.

CPA advertisement is by far one of the best payout advertisement program. In this advertisement module, when visitors click on advertisement and at the same time perform some action like buying an Ebook, buy a game , play a game or sign up for some course. The price range from cents to some 2-3 figure on dollars. Affiliate marketing is an example of CPA advertisement. You can see them in action at the sidebar. Source

Which One To Choose that is the fastest ways to make money?

These were the ways to earn extra money. Now, Choosing the best method of making money will require some answering from your side. So, dear reader, let’s get started and decide which method you want to use. Just answer following 7 questions.


1) Do You Have Lot Of Traffic?

If you get about 10,000 or more page views per month, your best blog site can easily “make money online with CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Month) ads. It is best to choose a network like Google AdSense because advertisers might not be interested at this time.

2) Do You Have Time?

If you have time to promote one product at a time, it is better to use CPA as these offers often require more than adding a banner to the sidebar. However, if you are short on time, it is best a reason to use CPC or CPM ad network.

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3) Are Your Readers Ready For Ads?

If you are planning to add ads to your best blog site after building a reader base, you need to make sure that your best blog site readers are ready for ads, and ads are not forced on them. You can start by adding small ads to sidebars and other non-distracting places.

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4) What Kind Of Ads Do I Want?

Google Adsense Ads or others have the lots of factors associated with them. For example, many CPM ads use Flash which is distracting as well as big in size. So, you might want to add text only ads. CPA ads give you the most freedom. They can be easily added as a banner or a link.

5) Joining The Ad Network

Once you have decided the type of ads you want to add, next is looking for a good ad network.

Here are some good ads networks you might want to join:

  1. Google AdSense: The biggest network around. It is contextual i.e. ads are targeted according to your content. However, they have pretty tough rules and you can easily get banned if you do something wrong like clicking own ads.
  2. BidVertiser: BidVertiser is a good AdSense alternative. However, it is not contextual and sometimes, ads might not be related to your content at all.
  3. Chitika: Chitika is another an AdSense alternative but also a companion. You can display Chitika ads alongside AdSense. Chitika ads show up only to the search engine traffic and don’t bother your regular readers.
  4. AdBrite: AdBrite is another good network that offers pay per click (PPC) ads.

You can also join any small network but make sure to read a bit about them online to avoid any frauds. In my opinion, AdSense is the way to go as the ads are targeted and even with small traffic like 5,000 page views per month, you can make $10-20 per month easily.

6) Placing The Ads

OK, so you have joined a good ad network and are ready to ‘make money quickly’. But you also need to add the ads to your blogs. Here are some tips for ad placement:

  1. Think About Readers First: Do not forget that the readers are the life of the best blog site. You irritate them, you lose your blog and money online. So, whenever placing ads, make sure that they don’t come between reader and content.
  2. Place On Prominent Spots: Place ads where they have maximum chances of getting attention. For example, top of the sidebar and at top or bottom of posts is a good placement.
  3. Do Not Overdo: Excess of everything is bad. Same is the case with ads. Add too many ads and readers will leave.

7) Keep Experimenting

Once you have added ads, do not stop. See where the ads convert best and where they do not. Emphasis on good places and remove ads from bad performing spots. Do not stop, keep experimenting.

That’s all you need to know about making money with ad networks.


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