Top 10 Profitable Mall Kiosk Business Ideas

Kiosks, also known as small booths with retail items, are now popular in shopping malls and chain stores. These business avenues offer all kinds of services and products that is why they have remained within high demands despite economy’s ups and downs. If you want to start your own kiosk business, here are a Ten of the most popular mall kiosk ideas.

Mall Kiosk Ideas


Running a food kiosk is a good idea most especially when you personally enjoy all kinds of foods. The preparation process will include what kinds of foods you’re able to prepare, what your consumers like, and what foods are popular and profitable. Consider selling combo meals which include beverages in order to invite customers.


Make your personal balloon bouquets and displays for special events as wedding Reception, anniversaries, and parties. Franchise options, actually, are now available; however, this is not needed. This kind of kiosk could be operated the whole year. You can generate an increased income during occasions as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.

#Vending machines

These have gained its recall in the market due to its versatile attribute. Your vending machine could offer a wide array of Avon products where clients could pay by way of a debit card, credit card, or cash. Electronic vending machines are able to attract clients because it is functional and modern.

#Exotic supplies and pets

While you need to bring home pets or keep them in safe storage units during the night, pets as hermit crabs and tarantulas will most of the time startle customers. The idea is to offer unique products. Generate additional income through add-ons. Sell animal clothing, pet collars, and dog tags.


With just the right lighting technique, jewelry kiosks will attract people who have this desire of looking at sparkling things. Charm bracelets, for one, are the great opportunity for shoppers to invite jewelry enthusiasts of all ages. Offer charms of different designs.

#Novelty items

These kiosks will feature just anything from nail polishes to ball caps to embroidery and even portrait paintings. One good idea is to put up a kiosk for family names. Provide a service where families could print their family name together with their family history on varied kinds of mediums like stationary, mugs, laminates, and plaques. Other ideas could be phone accessories, toys, skin care items, belt buckles, and sunglasses.


Have a kiosk where people could sell their old gold items. Customers could sell their rings, coins, and gold chains in your profitable yet small establishment. The idea of having this kind of kiosk is instead of getting the item pawned in some particular pawnshop, the whole business transaction is done in an open space making customers more relaxed throughout the process.

#Gift Baskets

This could be excellent as a seasonal business. Thanksgiving towards Christmas will bring in the most profits within the entire year count. Crackers with jelly and cheese are famous; however, you could personalize your merchandise with having your own creative designs. You could make Christmas items specially packaged in wonderful baskets full of greens and reds.

#Snacks and coffee

If the mall near you has carousel or skating rink, set-up a coffee kiosk. A beverage or food kiosk could be put up for $20, 000. But the estimated profits are worth every penny of the investment. Put up a kiosk with a few stools and a tiny counter. Provide varied coffee flavors. Also, you can sell bottled mineral waters as well as chocolate snacks.

#Pipes and cigars

You should first check the local ordinances and mall management before starting a business that involves pipes and cigars. Once these are cleared, acquire all licenses needed for operation. You can now offer low-end cigars and pipes for people with small income.

A kiosk within a mall is one of the best ways to put your products’ profitability attribute to test. Regardless of the products being sold, mall kiosks are the excellent way to generate continuous income with an increasing number of customers.

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