Why We Love MLM Business Marketing in 2022

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What is MLM business marketing? Simply put, it’s the strategy of finding potential customers, building a relationship with them, getting them to like you and trust you and want to do business with you. Marketing is a systematic process, whereas advertising is a means of self-promotion. If you want to succeed in MLM, you must become a marketing genius. After all, the word “marketing” is the most important word in “network marketing.”

This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation. Other terms used for MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. Many pyramid schemes attempt to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses Source Wikipedia

Why We Love MLM Business Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

The Best Way to Market Your Business

The best way to market yourself is to “brand yourself.” This is often referred to as attraction marketing. Your key to success is to provide tons of valuable information for free, and thereby brand yourself as an expert and authority in MLM. If you can do this, you will build a profitable business.

When you look at successful Fortune 500 companies like Wal-mart and Coca-Cola, you will start to notice the importance of marketing. For instance, Coca-Cola spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on marketing its brand. That’s why Coca-Cola is quite perhaps the most well-known brand in the world. Even young children can identify with the Coca-Cola brand.

In the MLM business, you must do something similar. You must establish your own unique brand. One of my favorite examples is Mike Dillard. He is the creator of “Magnetic Sponsoring” and several other successful MLM Training programs. He never pitches his business opportunity on his websites. Instead, he focuses on providing valuable tips and training programs that benefit all network marketers, regardless of the MLM Company they are affiliated with. Because he is a marketing superstar, Mike Dillard developed a huge downline. In addition to his MLM business, he also owns a profitable MLM training business.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

What do you want to be known for? For example, are you the “prospecting king?” Can you prospect complete strangers and easily acquire their contact information? If that fits your description, why not create a blog called “the Prospecting King.” You could write tons of articles and create helpful videos about prospecting and other related topics.

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As you create more and more content, the search engines will naturally find your blog and you will start to rank high in the search engines. At this point, people will find your website for free. In addition, you could also promote your blog or website with paid advertising techniques. If you provide great value, a good portion of your site visitors will contact you about your business opportunity. Or, they will buy your eBooks and other training products you create. Either way, it’s a win-win deal for you.

Marketing vs. Advertising

Most people in MLM follow a completely different path. Rather than focus on MLM business marketing, they spend their entire budget on advertising. They promote their business in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. Even worse, they use their MLM company replicated website. In case you don’t already know, this approach seldom works. The Internet is flooded with people advertising their business opportunity. Few people need a new MLM Business Opportunity. Instead, they need help growing their current MLM Business.

Your MLM Business Education

So, how do you become an MLM business marketing guru? I’d start by making a commitment to educate yourself about basic marketing principles. I’d learn how to create your own brand and develop a funded proposal to help you. In the example listed above, you could set up your own blog or website. You could write a simple 10-20 page report and give the report to everyone who joins your mailing list. Next, you could also write a 40-100 page eBook about “prospecting” and sell that on your blog.

During this time, you don’t really need to worry about pitching your business on your blog. Instead, focus on quality content and start Link building a following. Your following will subscribe to your email, become a fan on Facebook, purchase your eBook and so much more. Once you’ve built a decent relationship with your following, you can start to monetize. At this point, you can offer your products, services or business opportunity.

Doesn’t this make sense to you? I hope so. While you are doing this online, you should still focus on retailing products, signing up new customers and finding new distributors offline. By combining the online and offline techniques you can maximize your efforts.

What You Just Learned MLM Business

Once again, MLM business marketing is the key to success in our industry. You must develop your own brand, so you can become a marketing guru. You must commit yourself to personal growth by reading books, listening to tapes, and attending seminars about marketing. Next, you must create your own blog or website with a theme focused on your marketing message. This becomes your brand. You must provide this information for free to everyone who visits your site. Once you build a following, your next goal is to monetize your site by offering your prospects your products, services or business opportunity.

Final Thoughts For MLM Business

In conclusion, MLM business marketing is easy to do. The secret to success is to come up with a marketing strategy and follow it to the tee. If you can do that, you will succeed at MLM business marketing and you will build a profitable MLM business.

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