MLM Software – Multi Level Marketing Information in 2023

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What is software for MLM? Simply put, MLM software is the computer software used to manage your MLM business. The software is used by MLM Companies and by many successful distributors. For the purpose of this article, we will provide a brief overview of both types of software.

MLM Companies:

Best MLM CompaniesMLM Companies need software to manage their business. This includes software to track sales, manage distributors, track commissions, create emails, etc. Rather than create the software themselves, many MLM Companies team up with software companies to utilize their expertise. These software companies provide business-to-business solutions for the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies.

If you have ever considered starting your own MLM Company, you will need proprietary software to manage the tasks listed above. Some of the popular MLM Software companies include MLMsoftwarePRO, Envex Developments, and

• MLM Distributors:

MLM DistributorsAll distributors need MLM Software. Examples include lead generation systems, autoresponders like GetResponse is one of the top autoresponders and it is my best one), capture pages, customer management programs and so forth. Systems are important because they allow you to manage your time better.

Without systems, you will be busy and overwhelmed, yet unproductive. With effective systems, you can achieve greater results, with less work, in less time. Let’s talk about each type of system below.

Lead Generation Software:

Lead Generation MLM SoftwareAt a minimum, you need a website, blog or capture page for lead generation. You can also use Thrive-Leads-generation-WordPress-Plugin. You can “do it yourself” by purchasing a domain and hosting from companies like GoDaddy and BlueHost/InMotion 

respectively. BlueHost and InMotion are top hosting companies. And,  GoDaddy is the very best place to buy a domain name.

Once you get your domain and hosting, you need to create your own customized site. If you’ve done this before, it’s quite easy to do. If you haven’t you will need to learn HTML or use a website builder program. You can use the best builder and maintainer that is better than WordPress or blogger called Sell Your Website On Flippa .

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However, keep this in mind. Most people don’t know how to create their own capture page or website. Therefore, it might benefit you to find a company that offers “company replicated sites” that you can promote to your downline members. This method is more duplicatable and will provide great value to your downline members. It will also benefit your business too, because when your downline succeeds, so do you.

Necessity of Auto-responder:

Auto-responderYou won’t stay in business long without an autoresponder. An autoresponder like AWeber allows you to pre-write messages and upload them into a program that automatically manages your emails.

Think of it as an automated email program. Once you upload your messages, you set a sequence to determine how often the emails are automatically sent out. This allows you to keep in touch with your leads on auto-pilot, even while you are sleeping. Popular auto-responders include GetResponse and Aweber.

Contact List MLM Software:

Contact List MLM SoftwareYou need an MLM Software program to manage your contacts. Many people use a simple Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to manage their contact information. This method works great and is free. Other people use Microsoft Outlook to manage their contacts. Either method is fine. Just find one that works for you and stick with it.

Another thing I’ve found in the network marketing industry is that many top earners use MLM Software to create customized capture pages and storefronts for their downline members. Here’s how it works. The top earner contacts an MLM software company to create a standardized capture page. In many cases, the software company provides the hosting too.

The top earner promotes this capture page as a “turn-key system” to his or her downline members. Each member contacts the company (or the top earner himself) to set up their own capture page. When this happens, the top earner gets a commission from the sale.

On the other hand, another type of MLM Softwares are MLM System Pro and MLM blaster.  Both of these programs give you a system to use to generate leads. I hardly recommend you to use AWeber or Thrive-Leads-generation-WP-Plugin get more subscriber. They provide customized capture pages for you. They also allow you to create additional income streams by promoting their products or services, in addition to your MLM Company. When you join their program, all you need to do is sign up for the affiliate programs and get your own domain name. Once that’s done, you simply forward your affiliate link to your domain.

Also Recommended to read Magnetic Sponsoring the great book:

Conclusion, For MLM Software

there are many different types of network marketing software. Whether you are an MLM Company or Distributor, you need systems to improve your effectiveness. Rather than creating your own system, it’s a lot easier to form a joint venture with an MLM Software Company. When this happens, it’s a win-win situation.

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