What is MLM System? Best Solution in 2022

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What is MLM System? Simply put, it is a standardized way of prospecting, recruiting, and training new distributors in your downline. There are many different systems in place throughout our industry.

Just about every MLM Company has several different online systems within its company of distributors. Usually, three to five of the top earners establish a training system for their respective downlines, based on their experiences and what they did to succeed.

Amway World Wide Dream Builders System

Amway World Wide Dream Builders SystemFor instance, during my time in Amway, I was part of the World Wide Dream Builders. Also known as WWDB, the World Wide Dream Builders was a successful group of Amway Diamonds who achieved financial success. The group of them formed a system to educate new distributors.

They created a series of training tapes, books, and seminars to train their downline. They put their heads together and determined “best practices” they used while building their business and then standardized these “best practices” into a 9-step system. I don’t remember all the steps, but here is what I do remember:



Ten C.O.R.E. Steps

  • # 1 Show the Plan 10 Times Each Month or Sponsor 2 – Present the Amway business opportunity to 10 new prospects each month or sponsor 2 new Independent Business Owners
  • # 2 Read Every Day – Read 15 to 30 minutes every day; preferably from a book on the Amway book list.
  • # 3 Listen to a Tape Every Day – Listen to a WWDB training tape every day. That way, you can learn what the successful diamonds did to succeed.
  • # 4 Use the Company Products – Become your own best customer. Replace every product in your home with an Amway product.
  • # 5 Attend Every Seminar – Attend a local seminar every month and attend one of the major seminars every quarter.
  • # 6 Only Take Counsel from Your Upline – When you have a question or are upset about something, counsel with your upline. Don’t take advice about the business from people not in your up-line.

Once again, there are a few more steps in the process, but these are the steps I remember. Looking back, the steps still make sense to me. You should educate yourself about the industry and become your own best customer.

And you should strive to sponsor two or more reps every single month. I must admit, I learned a lot about our industry and entrepreneurship in general, from the World Wide Dream Builder system.

#MLM Lead System Pro


MLM Lead System ProAnother type of MLM System is MLM System Pro. I belonged to this system for about six months, a couple years ago. The purpose of the system is to brand yourself, instead of promoting your MLM Company. Instead of pitching your business opportunity to people online, you promote yourself as an authority in the world of network marketing and offer to coach, train and mentor failing MLM distributors.

You get access to an automated database of affiliate products you can promote while you are branding yourself. In fact, you can earn up to 19 different checks from different affiliate companies, while you build your MLM business.

The system itself is automated with an auto-responder, which sends out pre-written email messages to people who “join your email list” on your capture page. The system offers low cost, generic MLM training products on the front-end, which some prospects purchase. The sale of these items offsets your advertising costs, so you can build an email list and reduce your advertising expenses.

Once people type in their name and email in the OPT-IN form on your capture page, they receive a series of pre-written emails every day or every couple of days. The purpose of the emails is to train your prospects about how to succeed in the MLM industry while establishing yourself as the expert. In addition to branding yourself, you are ultimately promoting the MLM Marketing System Pro System.

A fraction of everyone who joins your mailing list will decide to upgrade and join the MLM System Pro System. Once they join MLM System Pro, they will enroll in the affiliate programs, so they too can purchase and promote the system and its affiliate products. You earn commissions from these sales and also get a commission from MLM System Pro each month. And, you can pitch your business opportunity to everyone on your email list once you’ve built a relationship with them.

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Overall, it’s a good deal. Especially, if your MLM Company doesn’t have a training system for you to follow. On the downside, the MLM System Pro company grew so fast, that there are thousands of people online promoting MLM System Pro. Most MLM distributors have visited one of the standardized capture pages. Therefore, you must find creative ways to differentiate yourself from every other person promoting the system.

The Purpose of an MLM System

What I described above is two examples of MLM Systems. The purpose of any network marketing system is to standardize everything about the MLM Business. At a minimum, a good system will:

The Purpose of a MLM System

# 1 Teach new distributors how to prospect

# 2 Teach new distributors how to follow up with prospects

# 3 Educate distributors about the MLM Company and its products

# 4 Teach new distributors how to get started in their first 30-90 days

For a system to work well, it must be effective and affordable. If you remember nothing else, remember that point. For a MLM System to work well, it must be effective and affordable.

Many systems are still teaching “old school,” outdated MLM techniques, such as hassling friends and family. They teach you to make a list and contact everyone you’ve ever known. Although this method might work for some, overall it’s very ineffective.

Another problem with network marketing systems is that many distributors make money off the “system,” than they do with their MLM Company. That in itself doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is when they lie about it or pretend it’s a small revenue source. Before you join or participate in any system, you should know how much it cost, whether or not it works and how much money the person referring you to the system gets.

In my opinion, it’s vital to have a system in every MLM company. You must have a “footpath” you can follow to achieve success. You need an established, proven way to train new distributors so you can maximize your time and help new distributors achieve success in their first month.

Remember, most new network marketers have never been in the industry before. Therefore, they don’t know anything about marketing or entrepreneurship. They’ve never had MLM Training before. It’s your job to teach them what they need to succeed. The best way to do that is with an MLM system.

What You Need in a System

What You Need in a System
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Like I said earlier, I’ve participated in several different systems. Each had its pros and cons. If I was starting all over again, I’d create 20-40 pre-written emails in an auto-responder. When someone joined my downline, I would add their email to my auto-responder to make sure they get the email training.

I would cover every aspect of training in a different email. This includes topics such as: getting started, finding customers, product orientation, recommended readings, and so forth.

They could receive an email each day automatically, and learn what they need to do to get started. Also, they could share the auto-responder messages with their downline, who in return, could share it with their downline. I think you understand how powerful that is.

I’d also have a list of 20-40 helpful books and tapes that new distributors could purchase or get from their library. That way, new distributors would know exactly what they need to do to succeed.

Finally, I’d have a website that had everything outlined for them. The website would have instruction videos, audio training, product information and tons of other helpful information. Each new distributor could visit the website and learn what they need to do to succeed.

Final Thoughts For MLM System:

In conclusion, having a MLM system in place is vital to your success in this industry. If your upline doesn’t have a system in place, you have three options. You can create your own system, you can use a generic system or you can find a new company with a training system in place.

I want to hear about your MLM system. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to share your system with others. Share what works, what doesn’t, and what you like about it. If approved, others can read and comment on your post. And if this doesn’t interest you, just scroll down anyway to see what others are sharing! Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “What is MLM System? Best Solution in 2022”

  1. I started online with an MLM system, but came to find out it wasn’t a good fit for me. But during that journey I learned many things. I do believe that we have to create our own system, especially if our up-line is not a good leader.

    I would suggest that it takes a good system like MLSP in order for one to join. The biggest expectation people have sometimes is that everything will just work out. No…We reap what we sow, so we have to be always learning. And this applies in any business we are in.

    Fantastic post!


    • Hey @Donna,
      Thanks for kind words and for sharing your story with us. Your story is worth of quoting. Yeah we have to build our own system, and MLSP is hell good for it.


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