Top 6 Steps for Getting Started with Mobile Marketing in 2022

Last Updated on October 25, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

The use of mobile phones and gadgets has gone rampant in recent years. And as a result, an increasing number of businessmen have used mobile marketing Strategy to their advantage. But how does mobile marketing work?

Mobile Marketing

#1. The Beginnings of Mobile Marketing

The practice of marketing using mobile devices began around the year 2000. Small Business Advertising became viral because users forwarded the messages they received to other mobile phone users on their phonebook. Eventually, the practice became more widely used for the mass promotion of events thru message alerts.

#2. How To Be Successful with Mobile Marketing

The very first thing that you need to do in order to achieve the results you want is to understand your audience. It is highly recommended that you learn more about the needs of your target audience and what information they frequently look for. And more importantly, you have to know that majority of mobile phones have the capability of receiving SMS but not all can access the applications that are limited to smartphones only.

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#3. Set Up a Mobile Website

Basically, a mobile website is just a copy of your original website but only rewritten based on a mobile markup language. This step will allow WAP phones to be able to access the internet using a less complex browser.

#4. Making Ads in Google

You have to remember that the steps in making Google ads for smartphones and WAP mobile phones are different. Look for a guide in creating the two or you can hire someone who is technology-savvy to do it.

#5. Combine Your Effort With Other Marketing Initiatives

You cannot rely fully on mobile marketing alone. Your efforts will yield better results if you will use other methods of promotion along with mobile marketing. For instance, you can use social media channels to make your mobile marketing go viral.

#6. Create a Set of Metrics to Measure Results

Just like any form of marketing strategy, you are going to spend time, money and energy to do your mobile marketing. In order to gauge whether you are getting the results you want, you can use different criteria like the following:

  • Number of activations and registrations
  • Number of users who unsubscribed
  • Repeat?? usage
  • Number of text messages opened
  • Number of downloads
  • Feedback from customers

These are just a few items that you can include in your metrics and you could add much more to this list. Always remember, mobile marketing requires careful planning in order to become a real success.

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