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What is a Network Marketing Forum?

What is a network marketing forum? Let me start by defining the word forum. According to my recent internet search, a forum is “a public meeting or assembly for open discussion” (source, Princeton University’s Therefore, I define a network marketing forum as a place where network marketers can talk with other network marketers. Simply put, it is a community. It’s a place where network marketers can share their struggles, their triumphs, and their questions without being bullied, pressured, or teased.

Forums can happen in person, via telephone calls, conferences, or online via blogs, websites, and chat rooms. The method you use is based upon your comfort level. Personally, I enjoy online network marketing forums. Regardless of what method you choose, your goal is to participate with a mastermind team of successful network marketers to improve your skill-set. The method (i.e. online, blog, chatroom) is the least important thing.

what is a Network Marketing Forum

Networks are crucial parts of any action taken in a marketplace.[1] Peter Drucker [2] even described the future economy as one of a society of networks. Companies embedded in such networks stand to gain a lot.[3][4] There are a number of different network models, which have distinct relevance to customers,[4] and marketing initiatives. A network in marketing can be formed either strategically (e.g. Business networking) or completely randomly (e.g. Referral economy). Marketing channels and business networks have been referred to, by Achrol & Kotler [3] as: Source Wikipedia:

Here are a few examples of topics to discuss in a network marketing forum:

Lead Generation

• Recruiting Techniques

• Sponsoring Tips

• Phone Strategies

• Advertising Strategies

• Selling Retail Products

• Motivating People

• Systems

• Your First 30 Days

• Business Education

• Product Details and Information

• Presenting the Business Opportunity

• Closing the Sale

• And much more!

Simply put, the options are endless. Good forums are organized well. They have a clear purpose and rarely deviate from that purpose. They encourage open, two-way communication from all participants.

When it comes to network marketing forums, you have two options. You can join someone else’s MLM forum, or you can create your own forum. If you decide to join someone else’s forum, make sure there are no hidden agendas. Make sure the participants have your best interest in mind. Make sure the leaders are trying to help you, not just make money off you. Simply put, you want a forum that has your best interest in mind. You want a network marketing forum with the sole purpose of helping its participants achieve success.

If you decide to create your own MLM forum, think about what you want to accomplish. Here are a few questions you could ask yourself:

• What is the Purpose of my Forum?

• Should my Forum be Online or Offline?

• Should my Forum be for Distributors in my MLM Company, or any Company?

• How will I Get People to Participate?

• How will I Promote my Forum?

As you can see, there is a lot of work involved to create and maintain a forum. If you’re actively building your multi-level marketing business, I think it’s more conducive to participate in someone else’s forum so you can keep your focus on building your Home Based business.

One of the reasons I created this website was to establish an online MLM forum. I wanted to create a website where network marketers could ask questions, share their success stories or product testimonials, and interact with other network marketers.

Nearly every page on my website allows my visitors to ask questions, share ideas, and give their opinions. You will see web-forms on the bottom of many of my pages. My goal is that you will ask questions or share your personal story with the rest of my site visitors.

Although I do offer my business opportunity on the navigation bar, my PRIMARY purpose is simply to provide a safe place for network marketers to hang out, share their opinions, and educate themselves. So, if you haven’t done so already. Leave comments to other posts and share your opinion with others. It’s such a great way to learn and help other people succeed.

In conclusion, a network marketing forum is an online or offline place where network marketers can learn new things, share their stories, ask questions and interact with other network marketers. The best forums provide quality information and help develop their participant’s skills.

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