Network Marketing Lead Generation Success in 2022

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What is the key to success with network marketing lead generation? Let me begin by telling you that generating leads for your network marketing business isn’t all that hard to do. I’ve found that most people struggle in this industry because they do not have enough leads. After all, selling is simply a numbers game. Have you shared your business with hundreds of people to find a few winners?

Failure vs. Success

Most new network marketers are clueless about marketing. They don’t have any prior sales, marketing or entrepreneurial experience. As a result, they don’t know what they are doing. They are taught to make a list of everyone they know and share the business opportunity with them. While this method is okay for people just starting out, most people run through their warm market in 2-3 weeks and don’t have anyone else to talk too. That’s when most people get frustrated and quit.


Network Marketing Lead Generation Success
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What separates the people who make it big from the people who quit this industry is the ability to generate leads. The top earners learn how to market their business effectively and generate leads on auto-pilot, whereas the failures don’t. If you want to succeed in this industry for the long-term, you need to get good at network marketing lead generation. You need to learn how to have people contact you, about your products and services, rather than you try to “sell” everyone you talk too.



I learned a long time ago that it’s much better to have a few people contact you each day than for you to personally cold call or prospect hundreds of people yourself. When people contact you, you are positioned as the expert. In many cases, they are often pre-sold on your offer. All you need to do is have posture and close the sale. That’s some of the best advice I can give you: Learn how to have 3-4 people call you each day!

Network Marketing Lead Generation Success

#Lead Generation Strategies

In order to get good at network marketing lead generation, you need a gameplan or strategy. You need to develop a simple marketing plan and stick to it. Some of the most popular lead generation techniques include:

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Prospecting face to face

Postcard Marketing

Direct Mail


Newspaper Ads

Sizzle Cards

Trade Shows and Job Fairs

Online Advertising

• And More

Getting Started

Obviously, any of these methods will work. I recommend you pick one method and become an expert with that strategy. Please know that some of these methods require a huge learning curve or significant capital requirements. Therefore, I think it’s better to start with a simple, low-cost strategy first. Once you build a profitable business, you can expand into other areas.

For newbies, I highly recommend that you pick sizzle cards or face to face prospecting. Both of these methods are practically free. Your only cost is your sizzle card and/or business card. To succeed with network marketing lead generation using these two methods, you simply need to set a goal and then do something about your business each day.

For instance, you could make it a goal to meet two new people each day and get their business cards. Another goal, using sizzle cards, would be to hand out 100 sizzle cards every single day. In order to succeed, you need discipline and consistency. You must do something for your business, minimum of five days each week, and preferably 7 days each week.

It isn’t much of a time requirement since you could schedule in these activities around your current schedule. You could talk to people on your way to work, on your lunch break, and on your way home, while doing errands. Additionally, you can’t expect instant results. In the beginning, you might not get much of a return on your investment. But if you are consistent, you will start to see results within a few months.

If you talk with any of the top earners in this industry, you will find that they are really good at one network marketing lead generation strategy. They might do a few different things to generate leads, but most of their leads come from one lead source. That’s a key point to remember.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, to succeed in network marketing you need a steady stream of business leads coming in each day. The best way to do that is to generate your own leads using one of the methods mentioned above. You simply need to develop a game plan and have the discipline to do something each day. You must be consistent. If you do that, you can become an expert with that network marketing lead generation strategy in 12-18 months. This will help you sponsor more distributors and make more money.

On a side note, I would love to hear from you. What network marketing lead generation tips work well for you? What strategies do you recommend for other network marketers? To share your thoughts, just fill out the web form below. Thanks.

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