How To Get Business Engagement By Network Marketing Recruiting in 2022

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by Muhammad Tabish

What is network marketing recruiting? In my opinion, it is the lifeblood of your business. It is the process of meeting someone, building a relationship with them, gaining their confidence in you, sharing your business opportunity or products with them, and sponsoring them into your business. Simply put, it is a process, not an event. Most people won’t describe network marketing recruiting that way. Instead, they treat people like a number.

Most distributors are so focused on sponsoring people that they forget to follow the process. They show someone their business plan, and if the person doesn’t join, they never talk with them again. They act as if their “business opportunity” is the greatest thing since chocolate cake and anyone not interested in joining must be an idiot. In addition, most network marketers don’t take any time to build a relationship with someone before they try to recruit them. As a result, they get horrible results.

Although network marketing recruiting is vital to your business, there are the right way and wrong way to do it. In my opinion, it should be a process, not just a single event. One of the key ingredients for success is relationship building. People will not join your downline if they don’t like you or know you (not normally anyway). In addition, you must have a strategy to recruit someone.

Killer Network Marketing Recruiting Tips To Get Customer

Network Marketing Recruiting

Best MLM Recruiting Strategy

For instance, if you are trying to recruit people that you meet in everyday life, you should:

1. Meet the Person: If you prospect in everyday life, keep your eyes open for sharp people. Initiate conversations with people.

2. Exchange Business Cards: If they are willing, get their business card, or give them yours. Whenever possible, don’t hand out business cards. Instead, collect business cards and follow up with them a couple days later.

3. Schedule an Appointment: One key to success is to simply schedule an appointment, rather than try to explain everything over the phone.

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4. Conduct the Appointment: At the meeting, you should introduce yourselves to each other to break the ice. Next, ask some questions to find out their goals, desires, and background. Once you do this, share the business opportunity and products with them. If they have questions and concerns, answer their questions. If they want to get started, sponsor them. If they don’t want to join as business owners, try to get them as a customer. And if they aren’t interested in either method, ask them if you can follow up with them from time-to-time.

5. Thank Them: After the meeting (regardless of their decision), send them a thank you card for their time.

6. Follow-Up: If they said you could call them in 3 months, make a note in your appointment to call them on that day.

7. Never Stop Following Up: Stay persistent. Follow up with your prospect a couple times each year. Always stay in touch. Remember, people’s lives change. Two years from now, they might call you to join your business!

By following this approach, you will get better results. It’s also important to remember that when people say no to you, they aren’t really saying no to you. Instead, they’re saying no to your business opportunity and/or products. So, you shouldn’t take it personally. And whatever you do, don’t disrespect them or belittle them for not wanting to get involved. Be a professional. Be a leader!

MLM Recruiting Online

On the other hand, if you are doing your network marketing recruiting online, you could follow a similar approach. It would just be automated via email instead. If you are using online recruiting techniques, don’t forget to pick up the phone and give your prospects a call. Automation is never as effective as human interaction.

Recruiting Success Tips

Although recruiting is typically a numbers game, you can improve your chances of success by following a step-by-step system. Your goal is to meet people, build a relationship with them, gain their confidence, share your products and business opportunity with them and then sponsor them into your Home Based business. Even if they don’t join right away, you should always keep in touch with them and be professional. By doing so, you always keep the door open and have the opportunity to sponsor them later down the road.

On a side note, if you have some good network marketing recruiting advice, I would love to hear from you. What do you do to successfully recruit new distributors? What works best? What doesn’t work at all? Please share your story with the rest of our online community by filling out the web-form below. Thanks.

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