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Would You Join A New MLM Companies?

What should you know about New MLM companies? Let me start by telling you that it’s probably a good idea to avoid them. Although many people get excited about new company launches, I tend to be a bit skeptical.

Each year millions of new businesses are launched. This includes traditional businesses, new MLM companies, franchises, and mom and pop businesses. Unfortunately, most of these new businesses fail within the first five years. This happens for a variety of reasons to include lack of knowledge, lack of capital, poor product, stiff competition, etc. Read: Wikipedia List of multi-level marketing companies

MLM Companies are no different. They face the same struggles traditional businesses do. And you would be amazed at how few network marketing companies stick around for more than five years. And even less make it ten years in business. Sure, some companies might start off with a bang, but that’s no guarantee of long-term success.

That being said, there are a few things you should know about new MLM companies. We will cover these in more detail below.

Reasons to Join New MLM Companies

Join New MLM CompaniesAll successful MLM companies were new companies at one time. I understand that. It’s hard to predict whether or not a network marketing company will be successful five or ten years from now. If you can find a good company with a good product and exceptional company leadership, you might consider joining a new company.

I think the most important thing is the company leadership. Try to find out if the company’s leaders have experience in the network marketing industry and have launched other companies with success. Another thing to consider is the financial backing of the company. For instance, if the new company is publicly traded, that might help the situation.

Another reason to join a new company is to get in on the ground floor. If you study the most successful network marketers, you will find that 60-80% joined a company within its first few years of going in business. When you join a new company there is a lot of hype and excitement. Sometimes, this makes it easier to sponsor other distributors into the business. 🙂 Read Also: Network Marketing Advertising

Reasons Not Join New MLM Companies

Not Join New MLM CompaniesThe biggest reason not to join a new MLM Company is that it hasn’t proven itself yet. It hasn’t worked out the kinks yet. You are taking a huge risk of placing your entire financial well being with a company that has stood the test of time. You don’t want to build a huge downline, only to have the business shut down a few years later. On the other hand, when you join a reputable company that’s been around 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years, you know the company is stable and prepared for future growth.

Another reason not to join new network marketing companies is that there aren’t always systems in place to help you grow your business. Unless a top distributor from another company joins the company, most of the distributors are inexperienced and no little about lead generation, prospecting, internet marketing, etc.

My third reason not to join a new MLM Company is the products. You don’t really know the quality or value of the products. Are they a fad? Will they stand the test of time? Are they great quality at a reasonable price? Will customers buy the products and keep buying the products? It takes the time to find out the answers to these questions. 🙂

Final Thoughts Of  MLM Companies

In summary, new network marketing companies are launched every month in the United States. Most of these companies won’t be around five years from now. This means that people who invested their time and money to build a downline with these companies will be left empty-handed when the company folds up. That’s why I think it is always a good idea to partner up with a company that has been around five years or more.

Older companies have had time to work through the kinks and develop processes and systems. They also have sufficient capital and are positioned for future growth.

On a side note, if you have worked with one of the new MLM Companies, I would love to hear your story. What company did you join? Why? What was the pre-launch like? Did you achieve success? Is the company still around today? To share your story with the rest of our online community, just fills out the web-form below. Thank you. 🙂

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