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Top 10 Best On Page SEO Optimization Techniques

How On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques are important The success of any blogs or web pages directly depends on the off page and on page optimization of the posts. On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques are usually followed at the time of creating the posts. Perfectly written and fully optimized posts are working like a rocket in the search engines. Perfectly applied On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques are always made the web pages search engine friendly, So search engines can refer your content in front of users for their search needs. In this way on page work complete around 50 % of SEO work by following simple steps below.

On Page SEO Optimization Techniques

Top 10 On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques to Follow –

1 – Title of The Post –

Make sure that title of the post should contain the keyword in it and the title should start with the keyword.

For Example – In this post keyword is On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques and the title is starting with the keyword.

And there should be minimum 3 words in the title and maximum characters in the title of the post should be up to 66.

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2 – URL of the Post – 

Keyword in the URL of the post is the major part of On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques. This makes the web pages more search friendly.

Example – If your keyword is technology

Then your URL must be –

3 – Meta Tags and Keywords –

There should start meta description with the keyword and the description must be up to 160 characters. And Keyword meta tags must contain keywords in it. This is most Common On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques.

4 – Use H1  tags –

Use a keyword in the H1 within the content. This attracts the readership and helps in describing the content and makes the content search engine friendly also. This is very important On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques.

5 – Size of Content –

The content of the post must be minimum 300 words long. I personally suggest the users write the content 500 – 700 words. Which is good in size and not boring for the readers.

Perfect Size of Content – 500 – 700 words

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6 – Keyword Density –

Proper keyword density is the On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques which are a most considerable thing to follow at the time of writing the content.

7 – Keyword in between the post –

You should use a keyword in between the post is very necessary to add by the bloggers. I always prefer to follow this strategy for my post. I personally use this on page SEO optimization techniques.

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8 – Keyword in Bold / Italic / Underline –

  • Your content should contain the keyword in minimum 1 bold format.
  • The minimum 1-time keyword should be Italicized in the post.
  • Just remember to at least underline the keyword once in the post.

This on page SEO optimization techniques makes the content more beautiful in watching and reading. This makes the keyword noticed by the readers of the post.

9 – Keyword in Image ALT attribute

Adding any related image and using the keyword in the image as alt text makes the content more lovable by the Search engines and readers both.

10 – Internal and External Linking

These techniques encourage the user to visit more pages of the blogs.

Don’t Forget …..

  • Add keyword in anchor text of at least one internal link…
  • Use of the keyword in anchor text of at least one external link…

After Following above On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques – 100 % Done 🙂

All the above mentioned On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques are always followed by me at the time of creating the post. I feel that after following these on page methods My written content is more searchable by the search engines. And there is a good ranking of my web pages in searches after applying these on page SEO optimization techniques. That’s why I strongly recommend the new bloggers to follow these On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques in your blog posts.

Thank you very much. 🙂

Mohammad Tabish is an addicted Blogger and a Professional web developer. He is from Pakistan. He started his first blog (SEO Tech) in 2012 and then, he never look back. He is managing lots of blogs.