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Top 7 Amazing Methods of Performance Evaluation

There are many methods of performance evaluation that the company owner or manager can use. Performance evaluation is very necessary for a company. This is to know how a worker is doing his job and to find out if he is able to meet what is expected of him.

7 Successful Methods of Performance Evaluation

1. Weighted Checklist Method

This is a very simple yet effective method for performance appraisal. This comes with several questions answerable by yes or no. When there are more negative responses, this means that the employee needs developmental training on such area.

2. Performance Ranking Method

This will be used to evaluate the employees working performance by ranking from highest to lowest levels. Comparison of one employee to the others is made when this method is used.

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3. Management By Objectives Method

In this method for performance appraisal, the managers make a list of objectives and they will assess the employee on a frequent basis based on this. Rewards are given according to the results achieved.

4. Graphic Scale Method

This is one of the common methods used by the managers. The performance of the employee will be assessed or graded on the scale.

5. 360 Evaluation Method

This will solicit performance appraisal from other workers or department heads that the employee regularly works with. With this method, the employee will be evaluated according to his or her effectiveness on the department where one belongs according to the job description.

6. Self-Evaluation Method

In this kind of method for performance evaluation, the employee will judge one’s performance by answering a form that requires answers of essay-type or multiple choice. This can be more effective if this is paired with performance review since this gives the manager the chance to compare the employee’s self-evaluation to one’s observation and performance appraisal.

7. Critical incident Method

This is the method of making a long list of good and bad incidents of the employee throughout the year. The information will then be discussed with the employee during employee performance review.

There are many other methods that can be used to evaluate the performance of the employees working in a certain company. The manager can make use of a single method for performance evaluation. However, utilizing more methods will give him or her a broader or better picture of the employee’s performance. If a more specific method is utilized, the manager will have an idea about the areas that the worker should improve on so that the employee can be supported on his or her development.

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